POLL: Americans Support Military-Industrial Complex Above All Else

Eric Zuesse

A new Morning Consult/POLITICO survey, published on 26 April, indicates that most American voters support the military-industrial complex more than they support any other recipient of U.S. federal government spending. The military-industrial complex includes almost all federal contractors, the top ten of which, in the ranking of the “Top 100 Contractors of the U.S. federal government”, are all military suppliers: 1: Lockheed Martin. 2: Boeing. 3: General Dynamics. 4: Raytheon. 5: Northrop Grumman. 6: McKesson. 7: United Technologies. 8: L-3. 9: Bechtel. 10: BAE. Those ten firms would be the likeliest main beneficiaries from today’s America’s extremely pro-military-industrial-complex public, which is clearly revealed in this poll.

2,032 American voters were asked in the poll a list of objectives that might be so important as to justify “the government must shut down.” Only one single objective was close to being supported by an absolute majority of the respondents, so that the government’s going to shut-down would, in those respondents’ view, be justified for Congress to do in order to achieve that given objective, which was stated as: “Increase funding for defense and homeland security.” 47% of respondents (just shy of an absolute majority, which is 50+%) chose that goal as being so drastically important; 39% chose instead the answer, “NOT important enough to prompt a shutdown.” 14% chose “Don’t Know / No Opinion.” In other words: 47% were in support of any member of Congress who refused to vote to fund the government unless the proposed legislation to keep the government going would “Increase funding for defense and homeland security” (increase funding that’s going mainly to those ten firms). Increased spending on the military-industrial complex (which is incontestably the most corrupt portion of the U.S. federal government) is so extremely important to 47% of America’s voters, according to this poll. Those 47% are like a huge cheering section for those ten corporate stocks: they’re willing to shut down the federal govenment if the taxpayer-money going to those ten firms isn’t increased.

The second-highest-supported listed objective, “Continue to make cost-sharing payments to health insurance companies,” was supported by only 42% of respondents. Exactly the same percentage, 42%, chose “NOT important enough to prompt a shutdown.” So: only “Increase funding for defense and homeland security” was supported, in this poll, by more people than opposed it — and it was supported by 47% and opposed by only 39%; so, it was supported by 47/39, or 1.21 times as many respondents, as the number of respondents who opposed it. The proponents of increasing the military-industrial-complex don’t merely dominate; they clearly dominate.

The third-highest-supported objective, at 35%, was “Provide health care benefits to retired coal miners.” 44% said that that goal isn’t worth shutting down the government in order for it to be attained. I.e.: more think that those miners should be left to die than think that continuing to provide for their black-lung treatments (etc.) is essential.

The lowest support of all, at only 27%, was “Fund a wall along the Mexican border.” Donald Trump’s alleged support for that is shared by far fewer Americans than oppose it. 61% of respondents on that say it’s “NOT important enough to prompt a shutdown.”

In between was the 32% who wanted to shut down the government unless it would “Decrease funding for domestic programs.” By contrast, 48% said that that goal was “NOT important enough to prompt a shutdown.” In other words: congressmen who would vote to shut down the federal government unless the proposed budget reduces “funding for domestic programs” would be opposed by a very large majority (48% to 32%) of America’s voters: 50% more Americans oppose than support it.

Americans, according to this poll, very strongly, by a 47% to 39% margin, absolutely demand “Increase funding for defense and homeland security,” but by an even stronger 48% to 32% margin, they do NOT absolutely demand “Decrease funding for domestic programs.” (This poll did not inquire regarding whether there is more support for increasing domestic programs than for decreasing those programs.)

Retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who, as the Chief of Staff to U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell had been deceived into believing the military-industrial-complex’s hired allegations in 2002 about Saddam Hussein and “WMD,” became afterward an opponent of that very same operation which had deceived him, has since said (at 11:06- on the video here) about that operation which had deceived him:

It is a corporate complex that is growing and it surrounds everything else, including what I call fateful decision-making. … You are serving the ulterior purposes of the leadership of the country. … You are serving corporate and commercial interests, you are serving the interests of people who bureaucratically are seeking power within the structure, and you are serving the interests of what is basically an incompetent governing process.

This latest poll makes very clear that the majority of the U.S. public are satisfied with that situation, or else don’t know that it’s even the case. Of course, if they don’t know the reality about this matter, then they’ve been deceived by the newsmedia they’re being exposed to, and/or by whatever other sources have influenced them regarding it; but, otherwise, they really do love the military-industrial-complex, and they authentically demand that more and more of their tax-dollars go toward paying for it.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Dr Mindbender

    Why be shocked?

    Americans have long been made fun of as not being too bright. This only confirms what has been known.

    Who can have pity for such people? Who can even try and help them?

    NO, simply, they are the result of what the BIBLE said thousands of years ago, “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be with the coming of man.” They are Rebels: Wickedness is everywhere! These people support their murderous government, and indeed, they will be held accountable for every murder. They better love War, because Real War is coming and they will be called upon the alter of Sacrifice.
    No more kids Gloves. No more easy killings of poor people … No, Russia and China are coming. I cannot wait to see how they love their military then!

    • Army of Addicts

      Anybody can make a “doom and gloom” “prophecy”, put it down on parchment and canonize it, it’s not rocket science.

      Religion itself fosters bigotry on the largest scale with its exclusive membership, touting non-members as subhuman, savages, barbarians, etc.
      All of Western Civilization emerged from religion(Christianity), and maintains its moral base.

      You can thank God for getting us into this predicament.

      • Janetjclark

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        • Eric Zuesse

          Go to hell, Janet J. Clark, spammer!!!

          • imbroglio

            Block her !

      • Dr Mindbender

        Yes, I agree with your last statement, indeed, God is the Responsible Offender.

        However, why did he give us “babble for scripture” and wicked nonsense for people? Simply, It is all a test: A sick test, but a test nonetheless! It is real easy to see where the world is headed … Total War … and that, is so painfully obvious, that you actually have a people who are happy to have “nothing” ( Most Americans) so long as the blood flows to the tune of Hundreds of Trillions blown on the Military and Banker Welfare, while Millions are slaughtered. And, on a biblical note, you will see how they Just Cannot Stand the Poor getting “anything,” incessant wailing and bemoaning of a simple food stamp by Millionaires! They have no Shame! That is only because “They are Rebels”and Cannot Kill God, so they Kill the Poor in His Place. They can do noting for Good and are Sworn and Bound to do Evil.

        There is only one way out, ( Take over Wall Street and make them OBEY) but mankind will not put up a fight for anything, except to kill the poor; therefore, they are doomed to Total War. God has to pay it all Back, according to scripture, because “HE TOO” will be held to account: ” How Long, dear lord, do you hold back “our” Vengeance and not Judge the Wicked Inhabitants of the Earth”- The Elders, Revelation 6:10. Now, forget everything your pastors taught you, because they used God for their Vanity and to pick pockets! However, the tone applied to that verse is hostile and expectant of God. We have rights to Argue with God! Only a Fool would be happy with God, as we know him, today!

        All earthly Religion is screwed up, because the people are screwed up. Satan is their High Priest. And, accordingly, the biblical scriptures ( ALL Religions) are living scripture written in coded metaphor that Spirits ( good or evil) can Manipulate and use to lead men. The Major Religions are all being used to Stage the Last War. Soon, it will all be over. They chose Evil and Rejected Good.

        • Army of Addicts

          Your point about the poor is right on target.

          But there are also Jesus verses that maintain that, “those with nothing, even that shall be taken away from them”…and……”to those who have, more will be given”.

          So, who should I believe, Jesus or Jesus?

          • Dr Mindbender

            I believe the Romans overwrote lots of the Bible. I read the bible with spirit, wisdom and logic as my guide. However, there are parts that are metaphoric and encrypted so that their over-writing attempts would fail: Daniel, Revelation, Namely.

            Jesus has many problems, chiefly, this PIGSTY of a World that He Loves! He needs to come back down here and LIVE IN IT!

            You can see, that though I believe, I am furious with God. Only a Liar, Gold-Digger, or Fool could parrot all that “JESUS LOVE” nonsense! I am a realist. Besides, if this is all a “Test,” than it will be real easy to spot those who tried to Cheat with all their Glee and Happy Jesus Talk!

            God owes an Explanation for Himself, indeed, and Revelation 6: 10 says I am correct: “10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?” -The Elders.

            I stand with the Elders, because 2000-years and still “NOTHING!” Someone is thinking “way too much for themselves” and nothing for the POOR, Innocent, and those WHO DID NOT ASK FOR THIS BS!

            It is not a Godly Attribute to be Aloof, or lax in Judgement, and therefore, I too have Hard Questions for God when I see Him.

          • Army of Addicts

            Well, as the old saying goes, “Better to be pissed off than pissed on” 🙂

          • Dr Mindbender

            Yes, and I like: ” Don`t piss on me and tell me it`s raining.” reminds me of God. Nobody will ever say I was a KISS AXX!

          • Army of Addicts

            Yeah, kiss asses are as numerous as those rain drops these days.

          • Dr Mindbender

            They are the entire problem! They call good evil and evil good. and they rehearse that verse in every Sunday sermon, but they still cannot get it!

        • DebL.

          Right. Why blame people and the criminal psycho elites owned by Satan, when you can blame it all on God? You and Marilyn Manson should hang out together and rip up the Bible together as well!

          • Dr Mindbender

            Protecting God?


            He wont protect You, I know. Try asking God for a Loan, He will send you to Goldman Sachs to get Enslaved!

            If you recall your scripture, JOB criticized God, but God had issue with the people “who criticized Job” for criticizing God.
            JOB was Right and God knew it.

            First, it is hard enough to be human, and as much as I hate the Psychos in Washington, they do not need Satan (or Satanic Spirits) Peeing in their pitiful Brains! God would agree. If you knew the whole story, than you would be aware that God has his shortcomings too. Flooding the Earth- even He- regretted what He had done! God started this whole thing in a tit for tat with Satan over Man and it is all Childish! Read Enoch: There is a reason the church does not want you to read the book. There is a Reason for Satan`s Rebellion and none of it makes sense, until you read the Book.

            Now, I get tired of Cowards who try and Protect God, and keep things the way they are, because UNTIL people get SPITTING Angry With God, nothing will change! I know you are a Sheep, but Only Lions get Respect. Forget the Humble … People are being Murdered!

            Yes, I will burn Bibles … if that is what it would take to get the eternal Greedmonger ( he does nothing, so he must love it all) off his Throne! His children being murdered, wars of evil against the poor, and Billions Suffering to be in a HELL, that they never asked for, or deserve, while the goldman sachs steals from “everyone” playing God. I have Authority to be angry with God. Simply, it is my JOB!

            What do you have to be Happy about with God?

            Are you looking for something?

            Are you afraid you might not get into the Magic Kingdom?

            Want a Shiny new Car?

            Thinking about Self?

            Try thinking for the World and all the Suffering in it. God will see right trough all of the Happy BS and it will not go well for the Happy Folk. God has Angels to praise Him, He does not need the praise of man. God offering mankind up to Satan … Sorry, but that deserves a good …….. !! How would God like if HE were given to Satan? Treat others as you want to be treated, applies!

            Sorry, but, I am not your pastor trying to tell you HAPPY things that you want to hear in order to pick your pocket or something else. I tell the Truth and the Truth is not Happy! I was Created in Gods Image, to Question, HIM, and Challenge, because God is doing horrible things, or allowing them, and if we act HAPPY … JESUS CHRIST, He will Judge us as Demon Possessed, because HE knows we should be ANGRY!

            Good luck with Your happy, because in this Demon Possessed world if you are not spitting Angry, than it is Dangerous. -John 2:15.

          • Dr Mindbender

            Additionally, do not even try the personal responsibility BS, because GOD will not even try that BS on me! None of you are responsible! None ( not one) of you can do anything Right and that is Biblically known; therefore, mankind can only F things up! You were all given the Answers. The Earth is my Evidence and God cannot Defeat My Argument, because, actually, it is His Argument.

            You see, Pride, is your enemy and you were all deceived into thinking “you” ( a foolish thought indeed) could change things. Rubbish. You will be changed! There is way too much “against” way too few and nothing will ever change until God Changes it. So, rather than BE HAPPY, SHOUT OUT IN ANGER! I get more accomplished in Anger than HAPPY. I have had prayers answered. I Glean great insight from the spirit, Mostly in Anger, and people cannot say that and mean it. I can.

            I am sick of people trying to blame the “RAPE Victims” ( mankind) for the Crimes that have been perpetrated against them. God is the ONLY one who can fix things, and until mankind learns their place, God will let “everyone” suffer. I am sick of suffering for the slow people. “How Long, dear lord, do you hold back our vengeance and not Judge the Wicked inhabitants of the Earth.” -The Elders, Revelation 6:10. I am in good company! The Elders spoke that verse in a “Loud Voice,” which is highlighted in scripture!
            I wonder why?

  • Krungle

    Wait, we believe polls again? Come on, you’re smarter than this Eric and there is plenty of other non-fluff stuff to write about. Yes, a poll that was about 1/3rd people from the suburban US south showed that southerners prefer to murder brown people overseas. What a surprise. If we skewed it to being 1/3rd urban west coast people you’d get a different result, no?

    • Eric Zuesse

      If you have reason to criticize this poll’s methodology, present it; otherwise your comment is worthless.

  • ICFubar

    It seems the propaganda heavily foisted on the American public over the many decades or century plus has eventually been taken up in their genes to the point where Americans believe so strongly in their military and might makes right they haven’t noticed that those who rule over them are turning that military/militarized police on to the American public as the new terrorists. The coming shock of this will be resisted with denial even as the pharmaceutical handcuffs are applied and the RFID chips are injected or mushroom clouds somehow miraculously begin to appear over their heads. Those not brain dead will at some point emigrate if able to I suppose.

  • Zartan

    What is funny, is that for years, I can remember people (Americans) referring to other nations citizens as boot licks, but when you pay careful attention it becomes apparent that Americans are the Boot Licks! Sad. The Tragic Part is that they give almost 1-Trillion ( perhaps, even more), annually, for military entitlements alone! They do not even have healthcare, but they have a Military! Backwards People!

  • DebL.

    Good grief, Zuesse, would you please tell the truth for once? Supporting wounded vets is not supporting the military industrial complex, and you do know that many join the military because that’s the only way to secure a job in this economy…and so you really expect thinking individuals to believe polls? Are you serious? Every thinking individual knows the polls are rigged—now your buddies in Israel, whom you really represent–now that’s a group of people who love the military industrial complex! (as long as it is used against Palestinians and other “goyim”!)

    • Eric Zuesse

      My article isn’t about “wounded vets” except perhaps as cannon-fodder. And if you have any reason to criticize this particular poll’s methodology, state it, don’t just post bumper-stickers here such as “the polls are rigged.” A brain would help you lots more than your existing load of mere bumper-stickers does.

  • Dr Mindbender

    “Those who are so beholden to the Military will perish by the Military.”