How Military Decisions Are REALLY Made

Here’s how the U.S. actually makes decisions on when to go to war:

First. Decisions are made based – not upon defense – but upon gaining economic and geostrategic advantage.

For example, America has a policy of using the military to contain China’s growing economic influence – and of considering economic rivalry to be a basis for war.

And many recent battles are really pipeline wars.

Second. A massive propaganda and demonization campaign is launched in order to drum up support for the war.

There doesn’t need to be a shred of truth underlying the campaign. The p.r. flacks just have to come up with catchy slogans, and the mainstream megaphone is guaranteed to trumpet it into every living room in America.

Third. We pull the trigger, reap whatever economic/geostragetic benefits are to be gained, and ignore the rest.

If this sounds over-the-top, remember that reducing terrorism and increasing our national security is pretty straightforward. It’s not rocket science.

The fact that we’re doing the exact opposite shows that there are other motives in play.

Postscript: I’m not picking on the U.S. I would imagine that all late-stage empires make decisions of war and peace the same way.

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  • Bhakti Socrates

    Simple explanation – yes. Accurate – hardly. Misses too much of the basic details to be useful information. Leaves people still unable to understand the primary problem and how to address it’s solution.

    The United States military is currently used as the enforcement arm of the Global Corporations, which since they are virtually all controlled by the same small circle of individuals, are really just a disguise to deflect the true identity of these individuals. If these people acted openly we’d soon decide to take them out, but they hide behind their corporations and the layer of puppets they put in positions of leadership to enact their wishes.

    Who are these people? Look to the families of finance and royalty. Most are not Americans, and those that are Americans bear the task of selling out the interests of America and Americans to the European masters. The Rothschilds with their Zionist plans for one world government are the most powerful interests among these.

    When you understand that the interests of these people dictate the decisions of the American military, government and especially the shadow government then you can truly understand how and why these decisions are made.

    You should ask yourself, why doesn’t this site every speak openly about these facts? In fact, you should pose that question to every source of news from which you take your information. Why do they fail to mention these most significant of facts? Agents for these powerful people influence virtually all spheres of our life, and especially the sources of news, information and knowledge. If your source isn’t mentioning these people then you can be certain the source is controlled by them.

    To free yourself from their grip, first stop ingesting their information as though it was fact. This begins with seriously questioning all of your sources.

    • cstahnke

      Yours is, indeed, the more complete assessment though the author made some good points.

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      • Carl_Herman

        It’s one thing to state a theory, and a totally different one to document and prove objective factual reality.

        If what Bhakti states is true, then provide that documentation to show all of us. Without this documentation then it “misses too much of the basic details to be useful information” (with all respect for the work it takes to provide such documentation).

        • Bhakti Socrates

 does an outstanding job of documenting the most important of these facts. G. Edward Griffin, and Eustace Mullins provide great back history.

          • Carl_Herman

            Ok, and with all respect and professionalism, it’s not enough to provide a website and names. We in alternative media are providing professional standards to explain, document, and prove what happened (and/or refute “official stories”).

            Therefore, I hope you appreciate what you’ve stated would then require literally hundreds of hours of background research to understand, verify, and command facts, then appreciable more hours to synthesize the facts into a public brief/article. For example, if any interested reader explores the links in this article, it would take a person dozens of hours to fully appreciate and verify all the information therein.

            I appreciate your providing interested readers with further information. I respectfully suggest you’re missing some appreciation of our contributions to public understanding of our factual conditions.

          • uh…clem

            VeteransToday pedals a “respectable” kind of anti-semitism. Eustace Mullins is a notorious anti-semite. So no wonder Bhakti Socrates talks about the Rothschilds and Zionism. He or she is obviously a follower of the flake by the name of David Icke—otherwise known as a Neo-Nazi, according to the New Statesman (google it). Can I show you where to get some good hemlock, Bhakti?

      • Patriciaecombs

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  • cstahnke

    I think strategic situations and Imperial ambitions etc. are important but secondary. The main impetus of the permanent war political reality we face is that every piece of munition, every movement of ships and planes, every weapon developed aims primarily at making money for the contractors. You have to know the world of contracting in Washington to fully appreciate how this all works. For the most part, only money matters, ultimately, in Washington. Wars are primarily fought to be fought and secondarily to achieve some strategic objective. This isn’t blind speculation. If you examine, in detail, the course of, say, the Iraq War/Occupation you see utterly absurd policies often working against each other causing chaos in Iraq. The corruption was extraordinarily thick and legitimate policies were ignored or half-carried out. In other words, there were clear reasons for failure in Iraq which was prefigured in Vietnam and the equally corrupt Afghanistan venture. The reason the U.S. seldom wins wars that last more than a couple of weeks is corruption. This is why Trump insists on a great expansion in spending–the U.S. military with its wasteful practices (waste make money) is not as capable as most people think.

  • Charlie Primero

    There needs to be massive Anti-War protests NOW, before the NeoCons get large numbers of boots on the ground.

    Remember history. After U.S. Troops commit, Joe Public is far less likely to support peace.

  • Dr Mindbender

    Picking on the US … Who Cares?

    The US is a Big BOY, dropping “BIG BOY and FAT MAN” bombs on the poor! There are no Terrorists in Afghanistan because they were all killed a decade ago! The fighters there are freedom-fighting to out the US occupation. Now, the US spits in the face of its own people by dropping 16-million dollar bombs on a “couple” demonized so-called terrorists; but they will weep and howl if the poor in America ask for a food stamp! Hey, if the poor of America were not being hosed in tax for rip-off Tall Boys ( British WW-2 era BIG BOY Bombs) well, the poor, would not need food stamps in America.

    How long, until people see the full scope and horror of the Evil that is the US government? I will say, that GOD will not deal peacefully, ( its all in the Bible) with the US government, because it does not deserve peace! Therefore, all who want peace are Traitors. You do not cast pearls to swine. And, I am so RIGHT in my Earthly Observations that I know I simply cannot be wrong. US government could be checkmated, easily, on wall street if the US population had a Pulse!

  • ICFubar

    Under the ‘First’ reasoning I would absolutely add that the defense of the Federal Reserve Note (USD) as the world reserve currency is of prime consideration. The fact it is backed by the enforcement of its sole use in the buying and selling of petroleum energies as the life blood of modern civilization is only second but integral to the western banking elite’s control over the issuance of money and credit as a world wide control mechanism. The very fact that these western banking elites can print up any amount of money they desire to maintain their imperial quest for world domination under their auspices such as the USA LLC and its managerial U.S. Federal government with all the enforcement capabilities under its command is the keystone of western imperial power. Remove this keystone and the whole edifice crumbles very very quickly.

    As a sidebar, when elections are held for office in the U.S. Federal government those voting are actually voting for persons who will sit on the Board of Directors of a commercial entity with the corporate designation United States of America – Limited Liability Company as registered and given its many Dunn and Bradstreet corporate numbers and listings. All departments held by corporate entities, including State and Municipal corporations, will have a Dunn and Bradstreet number designation and listing the chief members of the BoD and their place of residence just like any other corporation. Sure enough I looked up our local school board in this corporate registry and there it was listed along with all its corporate sites or schools and head office. Each corporation is capable of incurring debt unlike other entities such as non profits and other societies which must have their books adhere to strict guidelines concerning debt and how they spend money in their operations. This exposes the reach and control of modern day banking right down to your local school board.

  • Justin Thought

    I like your explanation. But I think it could be simplified a little bit. Here’s how the decision of who to bomb today is REALLY made:

  • Black Swan

    ” The trick of the psychopath’s trade, make us believe that evil comes from others.” Henry See