Don’t Be a United Airlines Passenger

Do not sit still like a United Airlines passenger in a video when an injustice is happening. If the other passengers had simply blocked the aisles, corporate thugs could not have dragged their fellow passenger away. If everyone on board had demanded that the airline offer higher compensation until someone volunteered to take a later flight, rather than being violently “reaccommodated,” then it would have done so.

Passivity in the face of injustice is the greatest danger we face. This fact does not mean I’m “blaming the victims.” Of course United Airlines should be shamed, sued, boycotted, and compelled to reform or “reaccommodate” itself out of our lives entirely. So should the government that has deregulated the industry. So should every police department that has come to view the public as an enemy in a war.

But one should expect corporations and their thugs to behave barbarically. They are designed to do so. One should expect corrupt governments that lack popular influence or control to abuse power. The question is whether people will sit back and take it, resist with some nonviolent skills, or disastrously resort to violence themselves. (I’ve not searched yet for proposals to arm airline passengers, because I really don’t look forward to reading them.)

The one nonviolent skill that seems to be advancing most encouragingly is videotaping and livestreaming. People have got that down. When police blatantly lie, such as by claiming to have carried a passenger who fell, rather than dragging a passenger whom they assaulted, video sets the record straight. But we often lack video of events far away that the U.S. military blatantly lies about, events locked out of sight that prison guards blatantly lie about, and events that happen over long periods — such as the willful destruction of the earth’s climate.

When it comes to those injustices that can’t be videotaped or sued in court, too often people fail to act entirely. This is extremely dangerous behavior. We’re collectively being dragged down an airplane aisle, and we’re failing to act. A U.S.-Saudi war is threatening millions with starvation in Yemen. In Syria, the U.S. is risking a nuclear confrontation with Russia. The Pentagon is considering attacking North Korea. Baby steps toward slowing down the destruction if the earth’s climate are being reversed. Warrantless spying, lawless imprisonment, and presidential drone murder have been normalized.

What can we do?

We can educate and organize. We can confront Congress members while they’re home. We can pass local resolutions. We can divest from horrible businesses. We can build global alliances. We can go and stand in the way of deportations, of weapons shipments, or of the broadcasting of corporate “news.” We can put a stop to injustice wherever we see it and require diplomatic negotiation and resolution from dying domestic industries and killing foreign service officials alike.

Civil disobedience is not something we should shy away from.

Civil obedience should horrify us. There is an epidemic.

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  • K. Chris C.

    Tyranny is submission. Liberty is a demand.

    “I did not beat my wife. The couch was overbooked, so she was ‘re-accommodated.'”

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    • Mencken’s Ghost

      “There is one thing in the world more wicked than the desire to command, and that is the will to obey.” ~ William Kingdon Clifford (Miss you at Zero Hedge, KChrisC.) };^D

      • K. Chris C.

        Hey Menchen’s Ghost, at least I made one impression–Good I hope. Great quote. I don’t know much about Clifford though.

        Commenting on Zero Hedge was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the banter, and learned much. I still read ZH, as there is much to learn there, but when I became Zion-, and then
        Khazarian-wise, my days were numbered as a commentor.

        I still can’t get over how some folks on ZH knew that a bargain had been made to bring
        down oil prices (2013?) and that the Khazarian fifth-column was going to try and hobble Russia via the Ukraine. There are some very attuned people out there.

        I don’t read the comments there much anymore though, as Trump as America’s next savior makes me physically ill. It is not personal or political, as I don’t reside anywhere near the false dichotomy of left and right, but people just seem to be delusional that he is not a Khazarian puppet like the rest before him. I guess Plato was right, cave wall shadows as reality are more comforting to most.

        The reason he was put in the Egg-Office is to act as host of 9/11 2.0, “The Iran Did It Tour of the Dancing Mossad.” Look up the Brookings Institution’s, “Which Path to Persia,” document. Among the strategies outlined to engender a war with Iran is the use of a deal with Iran that will then be slowly undermined with propaganda (Sound familiar?). The goal being to condition the American people for the use of their children once again as cannon fodder for “Greater Israel.”

        Beyond the details of America’s descent into poverty, war, and despair, I weep for my country and countrymen. So sad. So tragic.So ignorant.

        Well, probably too long, but I do enjoy writing, or at least the process.

        Cheers to you and yours.

        An American citizen, not US subject.

      • K. Chris C.

        On another note, only God could help those that perpetrated such a crime against a loved one of mine like that which took place on that United plane the other day.

        Not out of revenge, but retribution and justice. These thugs, their backers, and enablers are just not held to account by anyone. I am not only my family’s protector, but its “accountant” as well.

        “Accountability,” THE real lessons of the Stanford Prison and Milgram experiments. Those that expect not to be held accountable will become barbarous toward their fellow man. Not all that surprising that the Khazarians that conducted the experiments spun the results toward humanity as a whole and away from accountability of authority.


        An American citizen, not US subject.

  • f-united

  • andrew1212

    It was a CHICAGO POLICE OFFICER who treated the passenger like a sack of potatoes.
    CPD even released a statement claiming the man FELL.

  • Dr Mindbender

    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness … Not in America. There are Millions of laws that restrict all of that nonsense. Over 100,000 criminal laws, 75,000 pages of tax law, and endless Statute, Code and Ordinance. Then, You have DEA, FDA, EPA, Traffic Law, Commodity Law … Endless Law! Try working and you have to be licensed by the State to do anything, even emptying a bedpan! USA has the worlds largest prison Industrial Prison Complex and its all paid for and supported by the Slaves! A cop on every corner just waiting for any slight breach of the above massive!

    So … Why stay? I hear this nonsense from people ” the tragic american heroes” all the time. First, I am 5th (or 6th) generation and I do not take kindly to such, because nobody has any right to speak to me that way, not even the President of USSA. God put me here. I certainly did not put myself in this hell. Second, in USSA, WE pay over 50-percent in total tax, and that is impoverishing to the point where 50-percent, or more, of Americans have ZERO savings! It takes money to leave this godforsaken hell.

    Now, people want to fight over a airlines seat? Come on … I have been trying to get you to fight ON WALL STREET, So you could get some control over your government. Airlines? If you want to hurt the airlines do not fly, besides, with TSA molesting You, well, it is a denigration of desperation for slaves to fly. Get some dignity people … If you were all like me, USSA would be bankrupt and begging for forgiveness.

  • MyWikiDisQus

    How hard would it be to boycott United Airlines for a month or even a couple of weeks?