Costa Rica: Scenery

Costa Rica - La Fortuna FallsFullSizeRender(87)Costa Rica PoolFullSizeRender(85)FullSizeRender(81) FullSizeRender(83) FullSizeRender(21)FullSizeRender(71)FullSizeRender(48)FullSizeRender(74)Note: I took all of these pictures with an iPhone.

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  • Big Dave

    Great photos GW. thank you for sharing.
    AKA, RightLineBacker on ZH.

  • Nice pics! Is that Irazú (volcano) pictured there? I got to tour Costa Rica in summer of ’72 with a youth orchestra. I noted that the land was so fertile, that fence posts took root and grew into shrubs! And the trainride from San José to Puerto Limón took us through rainforests with colorful tropical birds, up close by our windows!

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