Costa Rica: Wildlife


Notes: My family just got back from a week long trip in Costa Rica. I took all of the pictures with an iPhone.

The last frog shot is of a critter trying to sleep while we were shining lights in his eyes taking pictures. The white mesh on his eye is his eyelid.

The ants carrying bits of leaves and flowers are called leaf-cutter ants. There are two-lane highways of ants in the jungle going up trees, harvesting leaves, and then coming down the other lane and back to their nest. The ants mix the leaves and flowers with saliva, in order to cultivate a specific type of fungus. They are farmers: they eat only the fungus.

The scorpion is a glow-in-the-dark critter. The picture was taken at night.

The pictures of crocodiles were taken from a bridge 30 feet above the river. The crocs are huge. The largest is literally around 20 feet long.

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  • andrew1212

    Thanks for such a refreshing break!!!


  • Carl_Herman

    May the beauty and diversity of all Earth’s inhabitants be treasured so as to end our .01%’s attacks upon them.

    I was a friend of Bucky Fuller the last three years of his life, and embraced his passion for applying human intelligence and creativity to realize solutions for all our perceived problems. It wasn’t until the end of life for Bucky when he appeared to realize what we today communicate in alternative media: we’re intentionally controlled. Bucky attempted to allow us insight into what he saw in “GRUNCH of Giants;” his last completed book (GRUNCH: Gross Universe Cash Heist).

    So here we all are today on this beautiful and dominated planet. Will enough of us choose Life soon enough?

    Another day. Another creative opportunity for virtue, as we best imagine. Game on.

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    • Silverado

      Great pictures Carl of exactly the same thing that interests me – the flora and the fauna of a particular place. Did it smell good too like Hawaii did the first time I went?? That will put the humanity back in one, won’t it?? Or at least it should. Some of my best…moments are the ones I spend alone in my garden exercising my green-thumb and my mind talking to my plants.

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