Antiwar Movement: What Can We Do? | David Swanson

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  • Marko

    I recommend using the RootsAction app – it makes sending letters to all your reps painless :

    I suggest adding to or entirely replacing the message. It’s all too civil , and we’re well beyond the point where we should remain civil with these psychopaths. Tell them what you really think. I did , and believe me , it wasn’t pretty.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Send your money to George Soros´s NGO peace movements, or send your gold coins to Rothschild´s NGO freedom foundations.
    Then you have done everything you can for peace……and freedom :-D.
    Or if you care for starving and bomb traumatised children and still have valuables left, send them to NGO children care organisations to pay their CEO 400 000 $/yr for their great speeches at cocktail parties.