Americans Are No Different Than Germans Were (and Are).

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at

Daniel Goldhagen blamed the Holocaust on “the Germans” (by which he meant the German people), and said that they perpetrated the Holocaust because they positively enjoyed murdering “the Jews.” But, as has long been well understood by historians (except when they fail to point to it as being a disproof of Goldhagen’s bigoted and indefensible anti-German thesis), Hitler had to work long and hard in order to bring about a consensus, first amongst his own leadership group, and then in the population as a whole, favoring the extermination-option. Hitler, Der Fuehrer, “The Leader,” clearly was the catalyst turning the chemical mixture into the chemical reaction known as the Holocaust. Without Hitler, it would not have taken place. Thus, the issue that has always been failed by ‘historians’ is not why “the Germans” did it (which Goldhagen botched), but why the Nazi leadership did it, and ultimately why Der Fuehrer did it.

David Bankier, in his 1992 The Germans and the Final Solution: Public Opinion under Nazism, documented this — that the Holocaust came from the top of German society, its leaders, not from the bottom, the masses (such as Goldhagen said). Bankier showed the difficulties that Hitler had to overcome in order to bring the public with him on his anti-Semitic policies. While Goldhagen did deal cursorily with Bankier’s evidence, he never really came to grips with it, perhaps because Bankier brought Hitler back to center-stage and Goldhagen was committed instead to viewing German cooperation with the Holocaust as having been essentially spontaneous, which Bankier proved not to have been at all the case. It really was a Fuehrer-state. It really was not a democratic state. The Holocaust was a dictatorial phenomenon, not a democratic one. Aristocrats hire and fire the ‘historians’ (such as Goldhagen), but blaming things such as the Holocaust upon any public, is not history; it is myth.

In my own 2000 book about the subject, Why the Holocaust Happened, I addressed, in more detail than has elsewhere been done, why Hitler did it; I documented, from his own statements, the gradual development, in Hitler’s mind, of his idea for the Holocaust-to-come, beginning from the motivation’s original inception in the Fall of 1919, through to the closing words of his final statement, his “Political Testament,” at 4 a.m. on 29 April 1945: “Above all, I enjoin the government and the people to uphold the race laws to the limit and to resist mercilessly the poisoner of all nations, international Jewry.” Even when about to commit suicide, completing the Holocaust was his main concern. For Hitler, WW II was a means to an end: a Jew-free world. Even at his suicide, he still hoped that, somehow, the job would be completed successfully. He now recognized that he would lose the war, which war he had always thought would be the essential means in order to achieve his ultimate goal, but he did not lose all hope for that goal. Hitler’s goal was not merely that Germans would control the world (victory in WW II), but was also that the world they would control would have no Jews in it. At first, he had to deceive almost everyone about what his goal was; and part of the reason for this was that (unlike Goldhagen) he understood quite well that the German people needed to be manipulated toward this end — only a small minority of Germans would have voted for him if they had understood what he really had in mind.

This same misconception exists today with regard to Americans, though in a modified form. America’s shames are instead that America is today the world’s most aggressive, rabidly invasion-prone and coup-perpetrating country; and, in our past, slavery used to be accepted here. But, likewise, here as there, the shames are not against the general public: slavery was brought to this country and enforced by King George III, and polls generally show that the American public is far more inclined to avoid invasions than to seek them. In this country, just like in Germany, the atrocities come from the leadership-class, not from the public (regardless of what the aristocrats who own the publishing-houses might prefer to publish as constituting ‘history’ on the subject).

The most invasion-and-coup-perpetrating of all of the major U.S. Presidential candidates was Hillary Clinton, who received overwhelmingly more money from America’s billionaires than did any other candidate: “Whereas Hillary got 53.27% of her total appx. $775M as direct individual donations of $200+, Trump got only 13.94% of his appx. $425M that way.” And Bernie Sanders (who would have won the general election if Hillary’s DNC hadn’t sabotaged the primaries) was even more of a “grass roots” candidate than Trump was. The U.S. aristocracy craves to conquer Russia, and toward that end has one-by-one overthrown the leaders of governments that are at all friendly toward Russia, but the public need to be dragged into the invasion-mode by the owners of the ‘news’ media and by the aristocracy’s many agents in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate — the American public don’t want World War III, but the top stockholders in corporations such as Lockheed Martin do.

If the U.S. aristocracy succeed in bringing about a war with Russia, the blame will rest upon the Americans who have purchased and are occupying their luxurious mulitimilliondollar nuclear bunkers (such as here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here), and not upon the Americans who had been given only a fake ‘choice’ between the fascist Hillary Clinton and the fascist Donald Trump, and who had ‘chosen’ either the one or the other poison.

German democracy ended up being taken over by Germany’s aristocracy, and now American democracy has been taken over by America’s aristocracy, but in neither case is it the fault of the public, in either country. In neither country did the public want this — the aristocracy imposed it upon the public, in both cases. Bigotry pre-exists, everywhere, but genocides and other such atrocities are always the end-product of extensive organized and planned campaigns to deceive a mass of people into empowering some tyrant who is leading the dirty-work of his aristocracy. Almost all wars are between aristocracies; the public on the invading side need first to be deceived into invading — it’s not something that most people, anywhere, actually want to do.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • Zartan

    One of the Massive Problems, where people fail to understand the Holocaust, was Total War. The Holocaust did not begin in killing Jews, until 1942, which coincides, with heavy allied saturation bombing campaigns on German Cities. Also, The Eastern Front had gone south. The war was Total. When people do not distinguish between “civilians and military” ( us bombing) than there are no more rules. No Prisoners were taken on the East, Without Major Atrocities Committed, by both Sides. Human life had no value. This primed the Holocaust to happen.

    Hitler may have spewed anti-Jewish rhetoric, many did, but it was the War that made the Holocaust Possible: Cities were burning and Millions were being killed. Hitler was known to blame the Jews for the War. He warned, in a very famous “Televised Speech,” if, war breaks out, it will not be the end of Germany, but the end of the Jewish Race.” Prior to the War, the SS was dealing with Palestine and the Arabs to relocate Jews from Germany- Eichmann, was the Chief Negotiator.

    Hitler may have been anti-Jewish, but without that WAR, there never would have been a Holocaust. Hitler needed willing participants, and they could only be found in that environment, with cities being bombed and entire army divisions being destroyed. If the US ever faces such, TOTAL WAR, you will see Extermination Camps in the US too. Hitler was not Evil; actually, He was Just Human. Gitmo is the US Dachau.

    Who can Judge Hitler with a Straight Face? I cannot. What would I have done? I am smart enough to understand that reality. Sadly, most Americans are not, which is why History repeats. So far, everything the US government is doing is almost Identical. Those who know History know that reality.

    • Eric Zuesse

      Your “without that WAR, there never would have been a Holocaust” is false. For Hitler, as he viewed things, entering politics was essential in order for him to get the power to eliminate Jews, which he considered to have descended from the snake, Satan, in Genesis 3; and only by means of a global war could he even possibly eliminate “the international Jew” meaning exterminate all Jews in all countries. For a while, he played along with the hope by Hjalmar Schacht and a few others to transport all of Germany’s Jews to Palestine, but Hitler was brilliantly playing along while making impossible that type of ‘final solution to the Jewish problem.’ Furthermore, late in the war, when Hitler’s generals were pleading for the trains to be repurposed away from the Holocaust to what they viewed as the essential war-effort to prevent defeat, Hitler refused. For him, WW II was necessary in order to ‘cleanse the blood of the Aryan people’ (the purebred descendants of Adam and Eve) of ‘the blood-poisoning of the Jews’, and the Holocaust was not a means toward winning WW II. You’ve got it backwards. Until 1937, he took the Bible literally. Afterwards, he tried to find the ‘Jewish bacterium’ that would explain what he was convinced was ‘the blood-poisoning by the Jews.’ He was deadly serious about criminalizing ‘miscegenation’ or ‘mixing of the blood.’ He aimed to purify ‘the blood.’ He had no understanding of genetics, everything for him was ‘the blood.’ Starting in 1919, he was obsessed with purifying it, getting rid of ‘the blood-poisoning by the Jews’. He interpreted Genesis 3 in light of the New Testament.

  • Charlie Primero

    If Hitler wanted to exterminate Jews, why did he hire Jews as Generals?

    If Hitler wanted to exterminate Jews, why did the work camps provide prisoners with health clinics, swimming pools, soccer teams, and theaters?

    • Army of Addicts

      As a backdrop for his next propaganda film, maybe? To display to the Jews that they were in fact safe, to put those who heard disturbing rumors at ease? To throw you off the scent?

      • Charlie Primero

        Have you seen any German propaganda films for international release featuring those things?

        I have only seen films depicting Hitler’s efforts to help Jews establish a homeland in Palestine with the

        • Army of Addicts

          I didn’t say he ever had the chance to make the films. As far as I know, his desire was to eliminate the entire race. Anyone who was unfit(non-Aryan, sickly, of mixed race, Jewish) was going to be exterminated. Hitler was dead set on ridding humanity of the blood poisoning that he surmised was caused by the Jew back when God first created man. This was going to be this fundamentalist Christian’s ticket to heaven.

          • Charlie Primero

            LOL You “know” quite a lot for someone who has never investigated these things.

          • Army of Addicts

            Apparently, neither have you? Or, you’ve been lead astray as I suggested before. This isn’t a subject that Christians like to talk about since it reflects upon their religion. And history books will follow suit in this regard since those who respect religion are there ones who buy the books. The same is true in many other fields in Western Civilization. It’s much simpler to believe that the Holocaust was a result of anything other than religion. It much easier to swallow.

          • Charlie Primero

            I guess that’s why the German National Socialists used so many symbols of the Jewish Risen Christ in their regalia. Good to know. Thanks.


          • Army of Addicts

            Hitler was the leader, he lead the people. His troops believed in the guy. That doesn’t necessarily mean they were privy to his motives. Anti-Semitism was widespread. It’s part of Christian Scripture. Who cares what the people think, as long as they obey they can believe what they like.

    • cettel

      What a line of bull!

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    Um…Time to WAKE THE HELL UP, America! The “Holocaust” is a HOLLOW HOAX ! READ THIS:

    Holocaust Hoax Exposed (The): Debunking the 20th Century’s Biggest Lie, ($25 incl. s/h) here:

  • DebL.

    True, but the fact is that most Americans will not give a crap about what the aristocracy that they voted for does, one, as long as it’s “over there” (the old “we have to attack them over there so won’t have to attack them over here” argument), two, as long as our good buddies in Israel–with the backing of more than half of American “Christians” (aka Christian Zionists), of course–are leading the US in this regard (since they are), and three, until the machinations of the aristocrats lead to utter death and destruction of the US, whether they have underground bunkers or not. My advice? Read the Book of Revelation–those “bunkers” won’t withstand the Wrath of God, for (Rev. 11:18) God will destroy those that destroy the Earth; and also, see the Sci-fi movie from the late 50s/early 60s, called “World Without End” to find out the ultimate results of living in underground bunkers…a weak, pathetic, and completely unprepared populace of wealthy folks and scientists who can’t handle the “dumbed down” but irradiated mutants above ground.
    Do the elites truly think they will get away with what they are doing? No wonder they will come up with anything to “refute” the existence of God! They couldn’t handle it!

    • awb22

      DebL., I prefer the term “correct” over “true” as it regards the accuracy of facts. The only truth is the truth of God’s word, which is eternal and never changes.

      I also dispute whether Eric’s article is factually accurate, especially as regards his specious claim of Trump being a fascist. He’s previously called Trump a “racist and a bigot”. I understand Eric can’t stand Trump for ideological reasons, and it’s hilarious, pun intended, that the only other choice was a murderer.

      Eric wants it both ways, criticize without offering any solutions of this own, has his own agenda, and refuses to state his religious beliefs. All of which leaves one to only conjecture what might motivate a liberal zionist jew. My supposition is Liberals and Jews hate God, which is the only way how they can rationalize their sympathy with the intolerance of Islam, which as it turns out is the means to drive a dagger into the heart of Europe. Well done. The US and the rest of the world should take notice and cast these Ashkenazi non-Jews into the deep from which they crawled.

      Hitler was an anti-christ, there seems little to raise any question regarding the level of evil to which he rose. Even so, the devil has to maintain some semblance of normalcy. Making jews a scape goat is as close to legitimacy as he came. Not only is anti-semitism now culturally unacceptable, but it allowed the bankers to lay waste to the whole of Europe and nearly the world and make it back in their image, even as they now proceed in the migrant invasion of Europe. Everything, after all, is about control.

  • awb22

    Now we’re calling Trump a fascist? What possible evidence can you cite to support such a fantastic accusation?

  • Esmerelda Kerr

    Having read extensively first person German personal histories of WWII, I agree completely with your assessment. I would like to mention a few more points which I believe are purposely overlooked, left out and used as propaganda for the elevation of the Chosen People who can not be criticized.

    The World watched and was kept ignorant of the true intentions of the Bolshevik Revolution paid for by Zionist Banksters. The slaughter of ethnic Russian Christians to turn the Soviet Union into communist atheists with situational selective ethics was the purposeful plan of world Zionists.

    WWI was initiated to continue the destruction of ethically based religious populations with the Vatican being already compromised by Zionist money. Germany made peace initiatives to GB shortly after the war started. New York Banksters then funded GB to continue WWI and politically orchestrated America to enter it.

    Balfour Declaration written by GB in 1917 obligating GB to deliver Palestine to the Zionists as “Israel.” WWII orchestrated for this purpose. After WWII, GB “delivered” “Israel” to be populated by Holocaust survivors.

    Germans after witnessing the continued slaughter of Russians under communism certainly understood the threat for German society. During the chaos of post WWI Germany, purposeful altering of conservative German society to undermine religious and family culture.

    Many if not most German soldiers were fighting to prevent the destruction of communism taking over their country and culture. Jewish interests dominated German businesses and discriminated against ethnic German hiring.

    The killing and imprisonment of Government declared untermenschem was enforced through totalitarian military force upon the population. Not only was it necessary for the Military leadership to deal with the individual soldier’s personal horror of murdering civilian untermenschem woman and children, but the Death Units attracted the most brutal soldiers whose actions were not psychologically supported by nationalist soldiers fighting for their country and way of life. It was a Catch-22 for all with conscience who were the majority. Survival for individuals and their loved ones necessitated cruel choices. While punishment for individual brutality was appropriate, the Zionists to this day who both funded and supplied BOTH SIDES continue to use the deaths of their brethren the SILENCE any criticism of Israel or Jewish behavior.

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Voltaire

    Americans need to become aware of the apocalyptic murals pictured in Denver and LA Airports and in the room where the UN Security Counsel is held. These are the depicted scenes for the future of the US. Look closely at the hidden elements in these murals. Investigate the symbols and ask WHY are these pictures being promoted and by WHOM?

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    • This article isn’t about Zionism. Take your Jew-hating Jew-baiting to the toilet where it belongs.

  • Zartan

    On an Interesting note, note that the Jews were chosen (super race) too. They claim to be Gods Chosen. Therefore, their claims are no different, Only, the NAZIS stuck with genetic theory rather than claiming God for themselves. I guess, the Jews must think they own God?

    I can understand why people would be offended, than You see some Abomination like Goldman Sachs? Well, anyone with a Brain can understand where Hitler was coming from; if not, than 1000 bomber raid over your home town would convince you that Hitler was Right, easy! Yes, and it is easy to Judge, but know “a fools Judgement has no Merit.”

    Again, if I -alone- had Godlike Powers, I could easily replicate the Holocaust in America, by their own free will, and it would be easy by comparison. Look what 9/11 Achieved … Now, Imagine, Daily 9/11s and Worse for 3-years!

    Would there be any Muslims Left on the Planet?

    Get my point?

  • I have to disagree with the major premise of this article, which is that only the ruling elites are responsible for military imperialism, not the citizenry. That’s the kind of thinking that keeps people passive and in denial of the responsibility we all share for our government’s actions. Every American citizen is responsible for the actions of the government, collectively. The less you speak out and engage in political dissent, the more responsible you are.