Building A World Beyond War: What Will It Take? — David Swanson in Vermont

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  • anderson.c

    Very naive, when you not in absolute power. Gain absolute power first, or 73 % or something like that, by the people joining forces of cource.

  • anderson.c

    You must rule right and righteous all the time, no over population, no (not too many) people that do not meet the required norm. And the socialist- humanists destroyed that a long time ago with their seemingly bleeding hearts. Like a Cloward – Piven strategy. They absolutely killed the society from within, it is called the FED.

  • anderson.c

    Without the FED they could not have WW1, WW2. Do we want a WW3?

  • anderson.c

    The central bank of banks is the problem, it is not better not at all that China and Russia (the BRICKS) continue the same system. The system must die, the people must live.

    • anderson.c

      Technically it is the BIS in Switzerland, without the FED it is nothing, only a controlling cord to the priesthood in Switzerland. (pharos of what dynasty?)

  • anderson.c

    You know when they go for mind control in all of the kinds, then you know all is not right.
    Ultimate Red Pill_Ronald Bernard Whistle Blower Testimony.

  • anderson.c

    Did you know you are the counterpart of this?

  • Dr Mindbender

    Nothing will ever change until people learn to respect all life as they do their own. God has been trying in vain to teach this to mankind for ages. He Failed. Jesus … ” and, whatsoever you do to the least of them you`ve done to me.” Now, think about that the next time you call someones labor Worthless!

    No Inequity can exist or it will fuel war. Only when mankind learns this discipline would peace even be possible. Hell, if mankind ever even showed “some promise” I think God would bless you all by giving you your brains back, and it would transform this dimension of existence completely.

    • Don’t bring religion into politics, it all goes wrong.

      Just look at Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Deash, they did and look what a mess it makes.

      Fictional characters have no place in politics.

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      • Dr Mindbender

        If you do not understand the religions, (all) you do not even have a Prayer. Most of the World believes in God. Those of you who do not believe, are a minority, and therefore, you should keep silent.

        • Fictional characters have no place in matters relating to government,

          Politics and religion should never be mixed, government should be dedicated to the health and well being of people and that of the environment including farm animals.

          Like you’ve just so clearly demonstrated, you only know how to deal with an opposition by silencing them, non Christians are to be regarded as ”unpeople”.

          That reminds me – The Discovery Doctrine 1458

          Five Hundred Years of Injustice – Origins of the Doctrine of Discovery

          Under various theological and legal doctrines formulated during and after the Crusades, non-Christians were considered enemies of the Catholic faith and, as such, less than human. Accordingly, in the bull of 1452, Pope Nicholas directed King Alfonso to “capture, vanquish, and subdue the saracens, pagans, and other enemies of Christ,” to “put them into perpetual slavery,” and “to take all their possessions and property.”
          [Davenport: 20-26] Acting on this papal privilege, Portugal continued to traffic in African slaves, and expanded its royal dominions by making “discoveries” along the western coast of Africa, claiming those lands as Portuguese territory.

          Thus, when Columbus sailed west across the Sea of Darkness in 1492 – with the express understanding that he was authorized to “take possession” of any lands he “discovered” that were “not under the dominion of any Christian rulers” – he and the Spanish sovereigns of Aragon and Castile were following an already well-established tradition of “discovery” and conquest. [Thacher:96] Indeed, after Columbus returned to Europe, Pope Alexander VI issued a papal document, the bull Inter Cetera of May 3, 1493, “granting” to Spain – at the request of Ferdinand and Isabella – the right to conquer the lands which Columbus had already found, as well as any lands which Spain might “discover” in the future.

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          • Dr Mindbender

            You are all murderers in reality. So, why should I not be realistic? Most of mankind, if not all, ( including me) should be silent. Ancient script is outdated, so I can throw away my Bible, as I do not need it, but can you throw away the poison taught to you by generations past?

            Can you part with Capitalism that is Euphemism for Satanism? Greed is One of the Primary faults of all mankind and it will be the cause of the end of mankind.

            You cannot name a good government or society because you ( WE) are all flawed. Now, if you want to have a government than it better remember “Equality,” because if it ever forgets it will be erased by the people.

            You would also be “wise” ( if it is at all possible) to understand that YOU, and all of mankind understands approximately:
            .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the “structure and order” of the Universe, alone, forget about dimensional theory; therefore, to declare God “Fictional,” well, that would only be to your demise. Besides, if you are Angry with God, Ignoring Him will not help your cause.

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