Has Van Jones Lost His Mind, Or Are Sane People Missing the Point?

A rational and moral person might think of the recent U.S. raid in Yemen this way. Here’s one small incident out of a war consisting primarily of a massive bombing campaign that has slaughtered innocents by the thousands and is threatening to lead to the starvation of hundreds of thousands. In this one incident some 30 people were murdered, some 10 of them women and children, one of them the 8-year-old sister of a 16-year-old American boy whom President Obama had earlier murdered just after having murdered his father. There wasn’t some Very Important Thing accomplished, such as learning the cell phone number of someone suspiciously Muslim or whatever, that an immoral hack could try to claim justified this incident. This was mass murder.

In the course of this mass murder, one American taking part in it was killed.

The first paragraph above is of virtually no interest to the U.S. media. The second paragraph above is of intense and passionate interest. But there is a very different point that this interest misses. Much of the media coverage suggests that the One American being killed was a very negative thing for Donald Trump. I’d suggest that it was a very negative thing for the man killed and his family and loved ones, but not necessarily a bad thing for Donald Trump or Lockheed Martin. Here’s why.

When Van Jones appeared to lose his mind and declare Trump some sort of deity because of his Very Solemn treatment of the death of the One Person Who Mattered, Van Jones was following a long tradition of treatment of the sacred sacrificing of lives to the God of War, the feeding of troops to the Holy Flag. Only lives that matter can be used in this ritual. Only lives that have been lost and that mattered can be used to justify hurling more lives after them. President Polk knew this when he got U.S. troops killed in Mexico. So did those war propagandists who remembered the Maine.The mast of the Maine still stands at the Naval Academy in Annapolis as a monument to the fundamental rite of lying about dead people who mattered, in order to remove all constraints on behavior.

As Richard Barnet explains, in the context of Vietnam:

The sacrifice of American lives is a crucial step in the ritual of commitment. Thus William P. Bundy stressed in working papers the importance of spilling American blood not only to whip up the public to support a war that could touch their emotions in no other way, but also to trap the President.[i]

Who was William P. Bundy? He was in the CIA and became an advisor to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. He was exactly the kind of bureaucrat who succeeds in Washington, D.C. In fact he was considered a dove by the standards of those in power, people like his brother McGeorge Bundy, National Security Advisor to Kennedy and Johnson, or William Bundys father-in-law Dean Acheson, Secretary of State for Truman. The war makers do what they do, because only aggressive war makers advance through the ranks and keep their jobs as high-level advisors in our government. While resisting militarism is a good way to derail your career, no one seems to have ever heard of a D.C. bureaucrat or CNN news reader being sidelined for excessive warmongering. Pro-war counsel may be rejected, but is always considered respectable and important — even proposals to murder Americans directly, like Operation Northwoods or Dick Cheney’s scheme for Iran.

How can being responsible for getting People Who Matter killed trap a president into killing lots more of them?

This is not about logic. You have to stop thinking, and start observing the behavior of Van Jones’ audience. When People Who Matter have been killed, it becomes important to kill more of the Enemy even — or perhaps necessarily — through means that also kill many more of the People Who Matter. The flag’s appetite has awakened.

This is not the only way in which the U.S. media is treating this Death That Matters. Some commentators are even suggesting that it was a life lost in vain. Not in mass murder, but in vain. We should be aware, however, that the insanity Van Jones is tapping into is a powerful current with a long record of horror and destruction behind it.

[i] Stavins et alia, Washington Plans an Aggressive War, p. 206.

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  • Lily Lee

    I still don’t trust Jones. One comment does not a change make. It’s a facade, phoney.
    This is just a pretense at objectivity or neutrality. The leopard spots are,still there!

  • cityspeak

    I was on a site where they were screaming about Trump’s failures that led to the Nave Seal’s death. The site made a point to say how the plan even though hatched under Obama called for caution and should have never gotten this Navy Seal killed.
    Under the comments section I bought up why aren’t people screaming “What is the USA doing in Yemen in the first place?!” I pointed out that Yemen has never threatened u and that our actions there constitute a international crime.
    I was responded by someone that made little sense but as we were responding back and forth he “came out as a topic troll”. He stated that I needed to reread the article and stay on topic.
    So it was a pile on Trump story to gin up outrage about the Navy Seal’s death and lay the blame on him but it seems that questioning our policy in Yemen was forbidden.

    My we do live in interesting times.

    • Ol’ Hippy

      I still question why the US has been militarily involved to the extent they are, and the sanctioned killing of countless civilians. Is Israel that damned important?

      • cityspeak

        To follow our assaults in the Middle East you have to understand the game isn’t being played so much for Israel as much as it is for our other B.F.F. in the region Saudi Arabia.

        Look into the Sunni Shiite split and what the “grand plan” the House of Saud has for the future of the region. The USA is just doing the heavy lifting in the area and providing cover for the most despised monarchy in the modern world.

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  • “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe,”



  • Joseph_Jones

    Well put. I agree with every point in this article, though I might have said it a little differently for more clarity.

    The USA is a secular religious state, meaning one particular religion appears to be more closely than other religions connected to and in concert with the government. In the case of the USA, a pagan version of so-called “christian evangelism” is the preferred religion, with status above other religions.

    The phenomenon of so-called “christians” hopping in the sack w/the emperor traces its roots back to the alleged “conversion” of Constantine of Rome. Prior to Constantine’s alleged conversion, Plato and the Emperor had established that Christianity was outlawed because it broke Plato’s Law which forbade “conventicle,” being the private practice of religion. Plato’s Law mandated Romans practice one of any number of pagan but publicly-certified religions. Plato’s Law forbid any private practice of religion because such practice weakened the state, while public religion increased public cohesion. The US Founding Fathers also encouraged public religious practice for the same reason, to increase public cohesion and make it easier to control the masses.

    Plato’s punishment for conventicle was death. Plato also required everyone to turn in to the public magistrate (fink) on anyone found in violation. The same punishment applied to persons who refused to fink. If they did not immediately repent for their crime and promise to obey, they suffered death.

    Post Constantine’s conversion, the Law was inverted. The only legal public religion was Christianity. All other religion was illegal and punishable by death. The Emperor and the Pope were in the same sack, scratching each others back.

    Christ’s first two English letters are CH, same as the Latin letters P and X. One Roman Church symbol for Christ is the letter P w/elongated stem, w/an X intersecting the bottom of the stem. These letters PX are still seen today on the back of the Priest’s special robes.

    Constantine’s first usage of the letters PX was in the form of a metal staff carried by Rome’s troops into battle against Rome’s enemies. Constantine’s apparent interest in Christ was to find a better warrior-god to lead Rome’s troops into victory to slaughter the enemies of Emperor Constantine.