Paul Craig Roberts: “Adam Schiff Is A Traitor To Humanity”

By Paul Craig Roberts served as Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, Associate Editor for the Wall Street Journal, and Senior Research Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution.  A former economics professor, Dr. Roberts is listed by Who’s Who in America as one of the 1,000 most influential political thinkers in the world.  His website is

Adam Schiff is a traitor to the United States. Indeed, to all of humanity…. He is a traitor, because he is undermining American democracy and the forces for peace.

The Clintons and the Democratic Leadership Council sold out the Democratic constituency, that is, the working class and peace, because they were convinced that they could get more money from Wall Street, the global corporations, and the military/security complex than they could from the labor unions.

The labor unions were going to be destroyed by jobs offshoring and the relocation of US manufacturing abroad. This relocation of American manufacturing would destroy the budgets of the state and local governments in America’s manufacturing regions and result in fierce pressure on the public sector unions, which are being destroyed in turn.

In short, Democratic Party funding was evaporating, and Democrats needed to compete against Republicans for funding from the One Percent. George Soros helped the Clinton Democrats in this transition, and soon there was no one representing the working class.

Consequently, since Clinton the real median family income of the working class has been falling, and in the 21st century the working class has been buried in unemployment and debt.

But the Democratic Party has prospered, and so have Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Democratic Party raised far more money, especially from the One Percent, than Trump, who allied with the working class, in the past presidential election. Bill & Hillary have a personal fortune of $120 million at least, and $1.6 trillion in their personal foundation that supports their daughter.

Using Government to get rich is an old trick in America, but the Clintons took it to new highs when they flushed the working class and became the whores for Wall Street, Israel, and the military/security complex.

This is where the Democratic Party is today. The despicable Adam Schiff’s function is to discredit the presidency of Donald Trump by creating an atmosphere in which any interest in establishing normal relations with Russia, thus reducing the tensions that could result in nuclear war, is proof of being a “Putin agent” and a “traitor.”

What Schiff is doing is making it impossible for President Trump to reduce the dangerous tensions between the nuclear superpowers that the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes created. These tensions can easily result in nuclear war, as I have often emphasized.

It is extraordinary that Schiff, who endangers the existence of all life on planet Earth, is a hero of the liberal/progressive/left. The pressitute media whores love him. He always gets top billing as he urges on humanity to its final destruction.

How is it that Donald Trump, who says he wants to reduce tensions with Russia is portrayed as a threat, while the liberal/progressive/left, the CIA, and the Democratic Party are portrayed as the salt of the Earth for promulgating nuclear war with Russia (and China)?

I have no explanation as to why the peoples of the West, as ignorant and idiotic as they are, and their ignorance and idiocy are extreme, prefer nuclear war with Russia (and China) instead of normal relations.

But the utterly evil Adam Schiff prefers nuclear war, and that is where he is leading the insouciant West.

And you can bet your last cent that the media whores will continue cheering Schiff on.

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  • Man on the street

    No screaming by the presstitude to remove Schiff?

    • Nexusfast123

      They appear to all want to commit suicide by nuclear war.

      • cityspeak

        The’ve convinced themselves they can win because doesn’t the USA always win? Won’t the USA always win? What did Karl Rove say once about now the USA creates it own reality and our role in it is just to “catch up and write it down”.
        The criminal class has become unhinged as they keep pulling off bigger and bigger crimes untouched by consequences and in many cases rewarded for their law breaking.
        The older and wiser countries know too well that that thinking leads to ruin having all made the same mistakes in their collective histories.

      • Man on the street

        I thought only Muslims are ready to be killed for their cause. They will get 72 virgins? What about the Khazars and the neocons; what are they going to get rewarded with in hell?

  • Ing_R

    The only way for all of this to stop is to stop bringing nerf darts to a knife fight. Trump is going to have to enlist loyalists within the intel community to help target Schiff and the others doing the leaking. Must be prosecuted including Chuck “70 Billion Puerto Rico Bond Fraud” Schumer

  • teri

    Come ON. The Clintons need to retire already and get their filthy money-grubbing hands off the body politic. And off the rest of the world, too, as their foundation is simply a scheme to get Monsanto and the bankers’ micro-loans into every country around the planet.

    However, to think Trump is some kind of reasonable “answer” is childish at best and intentional disinformation at worst. Trump has shown his intentions to ruin life on earth for everyone through his anti-science, anti-environmental actions and through his ramped up military approach in the ME and Africa, which is currently killing more civilians at a more rapid pace than even Obama did. He is also threatening war with Iran and China.

    Denounce Clinton. Denounce Obama. Denounce Trump.

  • 5Erik5

    I agree with all except the bit about Trump “allying himself with the working class”. Trump is as big a back-stabber of the working class as the Clintons, despite being on the correct side regarding relations with Russia, as opposed to the Clinton/neocon faction, including John McCain batting for the Republicans, who want confrontation in Eastern Europe and encirclement of Russia. And despite Trump’s obvious reluctance to continue torpedoing Putin’s ally Assad, he is just as hot to go after Iran as any neocon or Christian Zionist around.

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