Mercury Dental Amalgams Are Linked To Chronic Illness, Fatigue, Depression And Anxiety

mercury dental amalgamsBrandon Turbeville
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It might seem surprising to some but in 2017 there is still debate in the medical community as to whether or not dental mercury amalgams are safe.

Despite voluminous amounts of evidence suggesting that mercury fillings are incredibly toxic, many dentists and medical doctors maintain that there is no major side effects from their usage. However, an article published in Neuroendocrinology Letters back in 2014 shows that the mercury filling hold outs are standing in stark opposition to the evidence.

The researchers for the article set out to review the evidence surrounding a possible link between mercury exposure from dental amalgams and certain chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression and suicide.

Studies had already previously shown that chronic mercury exposure is directly associated with a variety of health issues, especially depression, anxiety and fatigue. Interestingly enough, these are some of the main symptoms associated with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Other studies have shown that the [careful, staggered] removal of dental amalgams have shown an improvement in these symptoms.

As the authors of the study stated,

Although the issue of amalgam safety is still under debate, the preponderance of evidence suggests that Hg exposure from dental amalgams may cause or contribute to many chronic conditions. Thus, consideration of Hg toxicity may be central to the effective clinical investigation of many chronic illnesses, particularly those involving fatigue and depression.

The fact that there would still be some hold outs despite the wide availability of viable alternatives, calls into question the sanity of some medical professionals. Even the World Health Organization – not known for its revolutionary or natural approach to health – has clearly stated that adverse health effects from mercury include impaired vision and hearing, insomnia, developmental deficits during fetal development, developmental delays during childhood, attention deficit, emotional instability, paralysis and tremors.

DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
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  • David S

    The American Dental Association holds the patent on the use of amalgam fillings. The ADA controls the curricula of EVERY dental school in the nation. With the collusion of EVERY state government in the nation, the ADA controls who can practice dentistry and who can be licensed as a dentist……you do the math. No better on the doctor side as the AMA has colluded with every state legislature to destroy medical freedom as well over the past 100+ years.


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