Leaked CIA Document: CIA Uses “False Flag” Cyberattacks to Blame Russian Hackers

We’ve previously documented that it is child’s play to frame Russian hackers for attacks carried out by others.

Today, Wikileaks released leaked CIA documents showing that this is a routine activity of the CIA:

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  • Charlie Primero

    President Trump needs to put these criminals in prison alongside Hillary and Obama.


    • Sharon Marlowe

      lol Trump is not your saviour.

      • Krzysztof Medor Kalatuta
        • Sharon Marlowe

          This guy is sadly delusional about Trump.

          • Krzysztof Medor Kalatuta

            He is delusional? Who are you, excuse me? What’s your credentials in comparison to him?

          • Sharon Marlowe

            Credentials? lol He actually believes in Trump, how delusional is that? Trump thinks Netanyahu is his buddy. It was like watching a video of someone lost in hope, believing in good Goldman Sachs people. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to turn it off.

          • Krzysztof Medor Kalatuta

            Your confidence is based on emotions, nothing more. You are just sentimental in your judges. His confidence is based on reason, professionalism and his huge experience. That’s the difference.

          • Sharon Marlowe

            What? You must think some Trump lover babbling nonsense is reasonable, I don’t. I know that Trump is in bed with Israel’s Likud Party leader, sent his chosen UN ambassador to demand Russia to hand over Crimea to the neo-nazi/U.S. supported Kiev government in Ukraine, and murdered innocent people in Yemen all within a month of being in office. You and your hopey-changey guy are the ones who are basing things on dreams while some of us are watching what is actually going on.

          • cyndyt

            And here is the proof.

  • SupernaturalCat

    It should be interesting to watch and see how this data is either ignored or spun.

  • WillDippel

    Here is an article that looks at how the U.S. intelligence community was going to destroy WikiLeaks:


    This gives us an inside look at what lengths American companies will go to when they want to curry favour with Washington.

  • collette.robert@yahoo.com

    What can we believe? Who can we trust? The walls have ears. Who is watching the watchers?

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  • Phyl

    A letter to American intelligence – Jim Stone
    After seeing what you did to President Trump it is time for me to post this

    I am a patriot. I want America to be great again. Not your type of great, where you suck a fat paycheck off the backs of hard working Americans and then turn around and stab them by stealing their secrets and selling them to the highest bidder. If you are too stupid to know your agencies do that, you suck at your job, compartmentalized clearance or not.

    President Trump has what I believe is a flawless plan to make America great again. He has proven time and time again that he knows how to run a business which is harder than running a government, when that government is attempting to parasite suck everything out of business that it possibly can. Donald Trump prevailed in spite of you. He’d clearly wipe out America’s problems if he was permitted to.

    I don’t care what agency you are in, ALL members of the intelligence apparatus are enemies of the United States. This may sound like an audacious statement, but it is a fact that is very easy to prove, in MANY different ways with countless examples.

    1. It does not matter what agency you work for, you are a proven enemy of the United States because you never came clean on 911. Trump gets a pass on this because he knows the truth about 911, a fact clearly shown by him stating the buildings were demolished, But he can’t come out in the open with it at this point because it is political suicide.

    2. It does not matter what agency you work for, you are a proven enemy of the United States because it is your job to discover the reason for autism, yet every time anyone gets close to the truth about intentionally destructive vaccines you either kill them or sideline them, all the while you plant hoax explanations like glyphosate and anal bacteria. You are a hive of mentally malfunctioning trash and an enemy of the United States if that is all you can accomplish.

    3. It does not matter what agency you work for, you are a proven enemy of the United States because no agency has ever come clean on a single false flag, and WE KNOW you have the details on ALL OF THEM.

    4. You are a proven enemy of the United States because you allowed the universities to get over run by subversives and never did a single investigation into why America’s education at all levels has fallen apart, and you never did a thing to stop it. YOUR JOB IS TO PROTECT THE UNITED STATES. If you just stood by while that happened and allowed subversives to destroy that key function of any healthy nation, you are an enemy of the people.

    5. You are a proven enemy of the United States because you have direct access to ALL telecommunications, and never blew the whistle when they suddenly were all routed through Israel. That’s a serious national security breach. Why did you do nothing to stop it? Did you really believe it was correct to never question anything when over 97 percent of America’s communications became Israeli/Jewish owned? What about the anti trust laws? Why were they never applied?

    6. You are a proven enemy of the United States because you never did anything to stop Bill Gates, while he stole the code from Word Perfect, Stacker, and many many other truly American software companies and simply put it into his products for “free” as long as you bought the operating system. Bill Gates ripped the guts out of the American software business, while you just sat there and did nothing as he subsequently coerced all PC manufacturers to only carry Microsoft operating systems. If computer manufacturers like Dell or Compaq EVER in ANY CASE put out a PC with a competing operating system on it, Microsoft, which was a dominant player, would forever deny licensing for Microsoft products, and therefore kill whoever dared to step out of line and break the Microsoft monopoly. You can’t tell me you did not know that happened, WHY DID YOU LET IT HAPPEN?

    As a result, the vast majority of the population is now funneled into a crappy Windows 10, which CLEARLY steals everything anyone ever does with it. Your failure to stop this type of monopoly with Bill Gates and others, such as Facebook and Google, proves beyond the faintest shadow of a doubt that you are an enemy of the American people.

    7. It does not matter what agency you work for, you are an enemy of the American people because you stood by while the family courts short circuited due process and flushed countless men into oblivion with rulings that had far more damning and damaging outcome than virtually all punishments for true criminals. You probably ran the “deadbeat” psy ops that guilted men into letting it happen to boot! Because you never did anything to stop these courts, and never conducted a single investigation into who set them up, all the while they more than ripped the fabric of America to shreds, you are an enemy of the American people, that should be dragged through the streets and lynched.

    8. You are an enemy of the American people because you stood by and did absolutely nothing to stop child protective services in all states from snatching children and selling them on the international markets via corporations such as DynCorp. There is no conceivable way you can make a case that with all the surveillance power you have, you did not know that was going on.

    9. It does not matter what agency you work for, you are an enemy of the United States because you allowed pedophilia and child killings to prevail at all levels of government, all through Hollywood, and all through the Jewish community and other religions that are infected with luciferians, including even the Mormons. So it seems like you yourselves are aligned with Satan, because there is absolutely no way you can make the case you do not know what is going on. Even now, you are doing everything you can to protect these evil people at all levels, and this alone proves you are a cold hearted enemy of the American people.

    NEED I SAY MORE? Perhaps so.

    10. It does not matter what agency you work for, you are a proven enemy of the American people because you never uttered a peep about the rigged elections, and you can’t tell me you do not know. You cannot tell me you do not know that President Trump took this election by such an enormous landslide that all your efforts to stop it failed. I guessed that maybe white hats in intelligence prevented a steal, but your subsequent behavior makes me doubt that. No, you are a standing enemy of the American people because you are a clear enemy of a more than duly elected President, who has worked hard to:
    1. Stop child trafficking
    2. Stop the destruction of education.
    3. Stop the destruction of the children via obviously sabotaged vaccines.
    4. Secure America.
    5. Stated false flags are a reality and must be stopped.
    6. Stop the pedophiles.
    7. Stop election fraud.
    8. Crack down on monopolies and apply the anti trust laws.

    Being 8/10 already, so early in his presidency on these 10 issues alone proves Trump is a true patriot that wants to Make America Great again, and I did not even mention the evil and seditious press, which he is fighting tooth and nail.


    I stand behind President Trump 100 percent. He’s not perfect, but he is MY PRESIDENT, and the best hope America has. There will never be a better hope, and when I see these intelligence agencies working overtime to destroy that hope it makes my blood boil, DEAR AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE: YOU LOST MY LOYALTY LONG AGO, you simply cannot continue to act as an enemy of the American people and have my mouth stay shut on ANYTHING ANY LONGER.

    I know about the CIA Wikileaks. If they are for real, all I can say is GOOD.

    Jim Stone –