Interview with an angel: Does evil exist for ‘spiritual workouts’ to get us off our lazy Divine asses? Is Earth a super-evil case study, a school to recognize evil, or what?

Setting: My teaching classroom at a lower-performing public high school. At the start of my conference period, I’m at my laptop. My door opens to reveal a tall gentleman in business casual clothes. I recognize him, but can’t place from where or when. As my eyes focus, I notice his robust health and apparently perfect physical proportions. He appears in his early 30s. He smiles broadly.

Carl: Do I know you?

Angel: You do. But not in your human packaging beyond dim recollection. I’m an angel; a messenger. You requested clarification of human and planetary conditions, and have earned an audience.

C: (trying to process) Excuse me? You’re an angel?

A: (smiling again) Yes. The etymology of the word is messenger. You asked for an audience. When incarnating humans fight their way somewhat into the light, they earn wisdom from various forms. How may I be of service, Carl?

C: (still processing, and taking in this being’s presence of at once: patient focus, calm intensity, and powerful stillness in the moment) I’m sorry; you’re the most ideal image of humanity I’ve ever witnessed. You’re not like us.

A: Correct. I’m not like you. You’re like me.

C: (again trying to understand and unable to respond)

A: (smiling broadly again) Would you like me to begin our conversation until you’re comfortable?

C: Yes, please.

A: Humans are like us, when freed from the constraints of this planet’s exploration and experimentation with evil (consider here). Humans are in a crippled physical form, intentionally, and with intent by the evil beings allowed dominion over Earth to shape you in their image, but in genetically manipulated form of severe limitations enslaved as minions and work animals. Consider:

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Without these sadistic and parasitic degradations, you are just like us. We messengers find allegories and imagery helpful. Shakespeare to music, here, expresses the sense that humans are so much more than the condition they’re born into:

C: Ok. So why do have these limits? Why the evil on Earth?

A: Seek, and ye shall find, Brother. That said, as you have worked to learn and document (here, here, here for examples), this place was allowed to devolve into evil. Nothing happens without permission of the One we all connect with and are. Historically, as far as we can see into the infinite past, evil is used by spirits and angels as worthy opponents, necessary duality of otherness in order to have virtue. Nothing exists in singularity; literally: we must have what is not in order to have what is. No evil = no virtue.

You’ve considered these ideas.

C: Of course. But why give a planet to evil?

A: Exactly! Who would ever vote for such a thing? (soulful and playful smile) Have you considered any connection to why you chose to incarnate here?

C: So I may have had a hand in this. Yes, I have considered. From vicious dinosaurs to war games; the most extreme “sport” would be to see what happened if we gave a planet for evil to “develop.”

A: And how do you like it?

C: It’s time to shut it down. Or at least I’m done with this experience. It’s been a spiritual workout, but there’s nothing of value that can be created that challenges evil. All we can do is act as angels ourselves: messengers to humanity to recognize evil for themselves and choose responses. So far, it seems many are invited; few accept.

A: That’s why you earned my visit! Haven’t you had the spiritual workout of a lifetime! (laughs in Schadenfreude) And you have had enough, haven’t you, Brother?

C: I’d like to win this game, Bro. We’re Emperor’s New Clothes close, yes?

A: Yes. Although human perception of time and the Goddess’ will whose planet this is make close a meaningless expression for one short human lifetime.

C: I’m aware the .01% psychopaths in control every year kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions. I’m relatively protected in being a messenger, so far. Personally, yes, I’ve had enough of a spiritual workout. I work for others’ learning, and desperate needs of so many beings, human and non-human, on this beautiful and dominated planet.

A: Ready to go home?

C: I want this planet as a home, Bro. I’m not alone. I only work on powerful teams. Well, I mean, even though I don’t see very many of my teammates, I know we’re here. If the Goddess is ready to win, I’ll help. If this is some school to take Life seriously or have a spiritual workout, and not a game to win, I’m done here.

A: The evil “distant cousins who ain’t my kind,” you’re finished learning from them?

C: Yes. The lies, lack of love, and .01% vicious oligarchy “ain’t my kind.”

A: In analogy, you’ve met the specter, and would like to make Earth a true home:

C: Who exactly are our opponents in this game?

A: (suddenly serious) In every other historical work with evil, these are red team volunteers for a defined and limited role. Earth is part of an unprecedented experiment and exploration into evil. We’ve learned that evil unleashed is pure “service to self” without co-creative interest. These beings will not accept any existence other than the impossible: that they alone shall rule. Therefore, they will be reabsorbed into the One when their choice is made to reject a co-creative existence and only exist with permission to violate less-evolved beings’ free will as slave races. Before, evil roles were freely chosen to sharpen all others’ experience and expression of virtue, and released in eager gratitude to return to Truth, Love, and Justice. Similar to this:

C: So what do we messengers best do to help?

A: Offer choice to the extent possible. As you’ve found nothing ambitiously creative is possible that won’t end in death and co-option. You worked for ending poverty up to two UN summits for heads of state, Carl. What did you find?

C: Ending poverty isn’t possible in this condition of evil. All we ever received from “leaders” were reneged promises and bullshit. They want rogue state empire; apparently to devolve into tragic-comic Roman empire (and here).

A: (smiling) And even here? (opening his arms to indicate the classroom)

C: Even here (opening my arms). About 60% of our students fail Algebra 1 at this school from our other teachers; my numbers comparing apples-to-apples is less than 10%. I openly share my assessments, data, perspectives, and am met by more attack than curiosity by colleagues. About 90% of the students openly state this is the best math class they’ve ever had, yet I have no opening to broadly contribute. (my actual perspective; amended when shared with math professionals)

A: (mock sincerity) But with your family you can be honest, no?

C: No. I’m a spy there. A good person, but learned to not discuss what is most important for humanity to discuss. They love me, and allow me to work, but truly don’t want to know what I’m working on. (a note from the poet Rilke at the end expresses this sense)

A: Just as well, Carl. Dr. King demonstrated that ongoing successful opposition ends in death at the hands of the rogue state government. Even his family’s civil trial victory and overwhelming evidence goes down the collective memory hole designed to keep humanity enslaved. I’m aware: your school honors Martin King, and none ever speak of the civil trial verdict and evidence that he was assassinated by the .01% rogue state government.

C: None speak of it except for me that I know of. Perhaps half our staff have pictures or quotes from Martin in their rooms. I’ve reached-out to school and district leaders for social justice about the King Family civil trial, and receive silence in return. I use Martin’s life and death as context within which our students need to be educated. For them, big picture facts of two world wars for empire, current lie-started and illegal Wars of Aggression, and relevant history to their families like the US stole half of Mexico with a lying US President and obvious treaty violation are appreciated context that helps answer their obvious question of why they’re forced to learn abstract math that intentionally ignores real “real-world” problems that math is supposed to quantify, clarify, and reveal solutions, like ending poverty, forever wars, and meaningful work for all.

Students appreciate the truth that they’re being lied-to with so-called “real-world” text problems that are contrived and ridiculous scenarios that often violate laws of physics, and that real people never perform. They appreciate the truth that “x” and “y” algebra done at a desk on-paper that they never translate into real-world creations are by definition “puzzles” rather than real-world. These are obvious facts to students when pointed to.

I made a little poem to express this. Want to hear it?

A: Please.


I inspire almost all to do better than they’ve ever done.

A few, however, persist with what they’ve always done,

And resist being One with any brighter future won.

A: Sweet. Thank you.

C: You’re welcome. I didn’t expect to share that with anyone.

A: (again in mock innocence) But wait a minute. Why are you teaching math when you’re an expert in government and economics? You worked with both parties’ leaderships over 18 years, helped shape and deliver 300 briefs for poverty-ending domestic and foreign policy, and currently do economics research requested by leading universities. Among Advanced Placement teachers, you were repeatedly told you are the most experienced and qualified of anyone they knew at the high school level. And you love history, with much of your research based from it. Why aren’t you teaching social science rather than math?

C: You tell me, Mr. Angel.

A: You were fired four times as a combination of .01% dictated professional “death sentence” to remove your voice from truthful education about history, government, and economics, along with .01% leverage of their minions’ rejection of facts challenging the rogue state empire.

Nothing ambitiously creative is possible that reveals evil for what it is.

You weren’t a threat in your early career when you naively worked for the end of poverty and taught what was in government approved texts. The empire happily awards such teachers who are successful in that system of control, such as two Los Angeles mayors honoring you as among the best teachers in the inner-city.

That said, angels protecting you used the opening of evil firing you to expand the choice you offer through what, about 200 job applications? And we were able to ethically help open other doors for you, although you wouldn’t be aware of our influence.

(grins) Are you sure that you don’t want another incarnation of this experience?

C: Quite sure. Again, if the Goddess is playing to win, I will consider a proposal. I must have accepted an offer to be incarnated here now. I do love my teammates, although we are too few and far between to do anything but offer choice at this point. I assume in good faith that our mission is to be too few to affect policy, and too many to be ignored by all the actors connected to this planet. This said, the human experience is soooo dominated by this evil, so painful to witness. Happiness is an inappropriate expression in the face of such sadistic destruction, Bro. It is a workout for me to reach for the One, to be One, to appreciate the awesome-awful creation this evil-captured system is, but nah, I’ve had enough of this shit.

I’m ready to win.

So! For now, in loving service to the One, we stand for home, offer choice, and harmonize with the Goddess for whatever this Earth experience is meant to demonstrate for us.

A: Exactly. Home you’ll go; it’s a long road but you’re not alone:

Appreciate the “extreme sport” on Earth; we may never pass this way again:

C: We fight the good fight.

A: Yes. In good faith effort, in spiritual exercise connected to All, we fight the good fight:

Stay tuned. You might like the ending to this show.

C: I hope so. I’ve done my part to earn it.


From Rilke:

“But everything that may some day be possible to many the solitary man can now prepare and build with his hands, that err less. Therefore, dear sir, love your solitude and bear with sweet-sounding lamentation the suffering it causes you. For those who are near you are far, you say, and that shows it is beginning to grow wide about you. And when what is near you is far, then your distance is already among the stars and very large; rejoice in your growth, in which you naturally can take no one with you, and be kind to those who remain behind, and be sure and calm before them and do not torment them with your doubts and do not frighten them with Your confidence or joy, which they could not understand. Seek yourself some sort of simple and loyal community with them, which need not necessarily change as you yourself become different and again different; love in them life in an unfamiliar form and be considerate of aging people, who fear that being-alone in which you trust. Avoid contributing material to the drama that is always stretched taut between parents and children; it uses up much of the children’s energy and consumes the love of their elders, which is effective and warming even if it does not comprehend. Ask no advice from them and count upon no understanding; but believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an inheritance and trust that in this lore there is a strength and a blessing, out beyond which you do not have to step in order to go very far!”

“Interview” series:

Satire series:


Note: I make all factual assertions as a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History, with all economics factual claims receiving zero refutation since I began writing in 2008 among Advanced Placement Macroeconomics teachers on our discussion board, public audiences of these articles, and international conferences (and here). I invite readers to empower their civic voices with the strongest comprehensive facts most important to building a brighter future. I challenge professionals, academics, and citizens to add their voices for the benefit of all Earth’s inhabitants.


Carl Herman is a National Board Certified Teacher of US Government, Economics, and History; also credentialed in Mathematics. He worked with both US political parties over 18 years and two UN Summits with the citizen’s lobby, RESULTS, for US domestic and foreign policy to end poverty. He can be reached at

Note: has blocked public access to my articles on their site (and from other whistleblowers), so some links in my previous work are blocked. If you’d like to search for those articles other sites may have republished, use words from the article title within the blocked link. Or, go to, paste the expired link into the box, click “Browse history,” then click onto the screenshots of that page for each time it was screen-shot and uploaded to webarchive. I’ll update as “hobby time” allows; including my earliest work from 2009 to 2011 (blocked author pages: herehere).

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  • diogenes

    Carl, this is great, as usual, but I want to suggest you take three steps back from the classroom for a moment, step off the school grounds (once you pass through the metal-detectors and wave goodbye to the armed guards (this is an American school, after all) and consider: from 1st grade to grad school, most faculty HATE good teachers. You make them look bad. Also, odds are you don’t despise your students — that is, from the perspective of your robot colleagues, you don’t maintain class solidarity. And then, remember, teaching is treason: the purpose of education in America is to keep civilians dumb, blind, docile, manipulable, clueless, malleable. An A student is supposed to be a poodle on a tight leash, muzzled, gelded. And the higher you climb the poisonous pyramid of power, the more this is the case.

    • awb22

      The purpose of education is learning to learn, everything else is indoctrination.

      The masters run the show only to the extent that you allow it. We are engaged in spiritual warfare, and the battle is won or lost between your own two ears.

      • diogenes

        Yes but the effect of most state schooling is to make people hate learning and distrust the capacity of thought to solve problems by making it all boring, tedious, dull, pointless, regimented, stupid. That’s how the masters run the show and why they run it the way they do. The smart impatient students rebel and get labeled and dealt with accordingly. That, too, is according to design. Same with the teachers.

  • awb22

    I’ll reserve comment and “Stay Tuned”, however… one quick comment, if it was enough “to fight the good fight,” then there would have been no need for God to save man, and JC would need not have died on the cross. Since it is NOT enough to merely fight the good fight, but to also believe God, then everything can be examined from a biblical perspective, and tested to be true or false, good or evil.

    It’s often not a choice between good or bad, but what is best, and that is always what is godly according to his word.

    • Adelaafant

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  • elizabethhanson

    Thank you Carl. Sharing. I love you.

    • Kristenlbyrd

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  • madrino

    Waking Up to the .01% History is a fraud.
    Macallister, Dever…
    The Hyksos, Habiru, Hebrew are maximum liars, murderers, cheats, theirs, deceivers. They have never been able to follow the Laws and Commandments they pretend are their own. Baal Yahweh is a murderer, Lucifer. The Habiru are Lucifer’s children as should be obvious in though, word, intent and deed.
    Christianity is a merger of ancient Egyptian Kemites (Osiris, Isis, Horus), Saul and Esa of Edessa. Rome is also a maximum liar, murderer, cheat, their and deceiver. Islam follows Judah-ism, a religion of violence like the rest. Jerusalem is no holy but an abomination as historical digs show by several, Macalister, Dever and others.
    They are tied together through Freemasonry Bn’ai B’rith, Shriners and Templar Knights having several religious orders. Should Israel, USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Russia, Germany and other empire nations that have spilled the blood of countless innocents exist? NO, their fruits are just plain evil. They cannot follow the stolen laws of how to live and never have. Expansion of Haplogroup R has brought terror and large scale war and genocide around the world. I now know why the noses are missing from Egyptian artifacts. (Research images of Ancient Egyptian statues). The actions of those I used to respect are indefensible. Living Babylonia style, the herding of all living things and monoculture cause the three P’s, Pestilence, Plagues and Pandemics. So much for perceived “higher” civilization and culture. Eugenics and social darwinism are not the promotion of a superior people but an inferior conscience.
    Best proof – Does anyone understand that their is not conscience in these groups, that they have built the empire on the blood and bones of the innocent? Wake the hell up.
    (Snowden has much the same information but without the names)
    Take a picture it lasts longer (SIS, ISIS, CIA/Mil Intel/Pentagon
    Capitalism and Communism, two sides of the same coin, Organized Religion – the multifaced image of the king of demons, Asmodeus.
    The US – nothing more than the extension of a criminal enterprise, the City of London Corporation, as are most countries now, illegally through unconscionable law practices of a few (we are born not birthed…)
    Money (V)yenom. As It is practiced today, is used to control. Gold, silver and precious stones have no value outside of what they can be used for. Iron, wood, water, seeds…are infinitely more valuable than soft shiny metals and pretty rocks.
    US, UK, Israel empire of death and destruction – look up “empire state building with vedic god of death and destruction”

    America’s leaders ARE tyrants, the congress and senate now completely diseased. The only free people in the Americas were the indigenous people before their purge.
    Eugenics believes in the social darwinism of an upper class that has no conscience, evidently having one is a problem. As show above, Hitler was just another player in a sick group Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill, all run by the Masonic order of all existing Abrahamic faiths.
    See the swastika in the Naval Intelligence headquarters, the Saturn Star (Solomon’s seal or star of David) in ISIS Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, the upside down pentagram of the pentagon and the City of Washington DC…the symbolism in the Vatican, Rothschild monument in Israel, Astana Kazakstan, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and other places around the world ( Vigilent Citizen is a start – ) (just the start of a very long list).

    Those that profited from War starting with the War Industries Board in WWI (also read Smedly Butler’s “War is a Racket”)
    The US under Schiff funded the Bolsheviks, the NKVD and Cheka. Banking, drug running and weapons all run through Rothschild since the 1700s. It also put in evil tyrants around the world, is a mass murderer through NGOs (intel groups, aid groups, playing on one’s sympathy is particularly evil). Bernard Baruch is particularly of interest as he coined the term “Cold War” to profit, not only from WWI and WWII but the Cold War with his friends.

    The Cabal of Cartels are the Babylon of our time. Peace speech at American University by John Kennedy JFK to the news men, the MSM that reports anything but the facts Freedom come from within by all acting in the best interests of all life Freemasonry The UN wants everyone to live in “smart cities” to keep an eye on everyone. The UK/United States is THE most evil empire to ever exist The US is NOT the greatest – center of evil contrived for war and control, manufacturing a reality that is evil Louis McFadden on the Federal Reserve Benjamin Freedman Zionism and World Wars I, II and III

    The Cabal of Cartels are the Babylon of our time.

    John Jay: Those who own the country ought to govern it, and the do – the bankers owned the United States of America through the Bank of North America and then the First Bank of the United States.

    Cabal of Cartels. Hard at work detaching people from creation and reality!

    Money – fraudulent system creation of money and credit (soon to be digitized), formerly backed by shiny metals (at least of some value). The perceived value is greater than life itself. Fabricated to allow ownership of real assets, enforced by police an military. No longer to facilitate the trade of goods and services, it is an end in itself, separating/isolating humanity from creation. Used by “owners” for command and control of other cartels and the consumer (useless resource eaters). ZIRP & NIRP = destroy retirement accounts, any interest based investments, free money for even more Usury Based Financial Instruments. The ultimate magic of alchemy, wealth out of thin air, they owners own literally everything, land, water, manmade assets, the goods and services yet to come – all legal on paper that no reasonable man would accept. Virtually and literally worthless, yet these monsters are the foundation to all other cartels.
    Usury is practiced by almost all major stores, high interest lendiers, insurance companies, speculation houses – a way to make money without working – just add credit?
    Derivatives, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Capital Management, Transaction Clearing Houses, Central Banks

    Energy – owned by money giving them power of their own. Petro-Dollar centered Non-Competitive interlocked enterprises involved in the extraction, creation and distribution energy to perform work, soon to be monitored by the Internet of Things, often wasted on operations and items of no value, or in creative destruction.

    Knowledge – Controlled to limit freedom of thought, used for sync points in time to enhance contrived and even false history, consists of publishing companies, “scholarly” papers, opinion and facts on a need to know basis. History can be written by the victors, now mostly by the perpetrators. The Internet of Things will provide a filter to keep information in line with managed perception.

    Military and Intel – managed murder and surveillance to give the illusion we still have choices. Used for population command and control through divide and conquer. Used for continual asset stripping, economic injustice on a global scale, traffics weapons, narcotics, humans and other black market goods while pointing the finger in every other direction. Policy makers are it’s enablers and people believe what they are told to believe, over and over and over again – a method used since the creation of the priest hood and teachers with a direct line to god. Top tier in enforcing everything from geo-engineering to global enslavement.

    Judiciary, Police and Corrections – activities of the masses based on a hypothesis test of activity fitting within a specific standard deviation of normal, with a variance determined by status, judges and police criteria are by tightly controlled social deviance as to have them make the correct choices for purps based on their socio-economic characteristics. Corrections is euphemism as it corrects nothing, destroys futures of non-violent “criminals” creating more violent criminals for profit of a racketeering system similar to military and intel group.

    Big Mining and Natural Resource Extraction – Water, minerals and GMO: what ever is not conventionally farmed and is necessary for life will be on the commodes market using methods of plunder and exploitation of raw material and distribution. A side of life

    Big Medicine – From naive to targeted delivery without knowledge of what anything really does, a top down design on a need to know basis is and will be medicine. AI decision making can replace most long term observation of old fashioned general practitioners in decision making. Treatment will follow strict protocol using diagnosis codes (ICDn International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems now run out of the UN for health management) and procedures (CPT or Current Procedural Terminology based on “best practices” as determined by medical boards and CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)) for inpatient and outpatient treatment for doctor, hospital and drug treatment. Deviations of judgement of the physician are made to be very difficult. Comprehensive understanding and basis of how to make a diagnosis diagnosis and create a treatment is limited for the masses for a quick fix, close to automotive’s Chilton’s labor guide for repair, padded with procedures to CTA (Cover Their Ass). ICD classifications is ever expanding as is the psychiatric DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Everyone is sick and needs treatment in an anti-social environment of social media where few talk face to face and work together.

    Big Pharma – Understand the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act and the War on Drugs and one can get a better understanding of where this group started out. Opium wars anyone? If there is not a disease that is available, they will create one.

    Big Agriculture – GMO – It’s not food, it’s phood! Transgenesis, Gene Drive, ultra-processed, food extenders of cellulose soy and other concoctions, shelf life mutations of produce. Not only will what we eat be phood, but it’s forever phood that has a shelf life of forever since no living thing can grow in it (bigger profits). Using poisons to eradicate weeds and insects, areas around the pharm will become dead areas, poison the water and force people into cities, not only providing better phood management, but animal management. People will devolve in the broken web of life to little more than consumers and little else, with a guaranteed income since jobs under IoT will almost completely vanish. Monoculture mentality of high profits of a small number of producers over high diversity and high number of producers (farmers and ranchers), the web of living things on earth will devolve through an obscenely over simplified scientific method and modeling structure. IoT will hope to eliminate over production but requires population management, a system of which ever bigger profits cannot be sustained.

    Major Mass Media – Make it up and defend half truths, lies and murder. Fabricated intentions. Good or bad, people follow the hype, good and bad, with binary decision modeling keeping critical discussion out, in favor of opinions without meaning, decision making without merit and instant ratings feedback. Used to soften people up for what is coming, known as nudging.

    Entertainment – Soften up minds to the point of not being able to differentiate fantasy from reality to the point of accepting. Loss of moral compass. Enhancing binary thinking. Inability to understand multiple points of view (good vs. bad, yes vs. no, right vs. wrong) simple mindedness. Celebrity worship.

    Sports Entertainment – No impact on life, empty time (like empty calories). The collective stupidity of the crowd in thinking at the lowest level. Occasional blue collar release now 24/7 priced out of sight

    Religious – Miraculous, fantasy and fabrication contrived as a means to an end. Just cause of lies, theft, cheating, murder and mass murder. More in common with Baal, Moloch, Money, Self worship wrapped in mysticism, magic and fantasy. Additional “esoteric” knowledge using numerology, astrology and secret meanings may also accompany it in separate books to entice hardcore, highly cohesive fanaticism of the chosen.. Establishment of hierarchy, false sense piousness, ultimate of passive aggression.

    Secret Societies – hidden knowledge & practice of the occult. Would not survive scrutiny. Only the worst of man can accepted at top levels by like minded people. Trans-generational motives. Intertwined with oligarchy in all facets of oversight. Wildly covetous.

    Government/Politics – Enablers and facilitators through greed, harassment and human compromise. Growth begins at home at the local level, state level, national level, globalist level (UN, NGOs, assassinations).

    Arms – no-bid contracts, maximizing overt and covert operations, bloody coups, acts of terror, regional and global wars. Aids in coercion, depopulation.

    Narcotics – From Wall Street to curbside. Maximum profit with continuous social unrest and upheaval. NGOs, Intel groups, Military, Banks for laundering, mobs and gangs. Offshoots include child, organ, other trafficking. Anything goes.

    Intellectual property – debasing the previous knowledge foundation that allows for new ideas. It is a owned organization of patent law putting the corporate individual ownership to profit from ideas that often take several to achieve and a history of knowledge as old as mankind.

    Franchising – destruction of variety in favor of monoculture. Where there should be multiple providers and resources are readily available for a variety of tastes and good competition as Adam Smith would say, is monopolization of the few driving out the many taking money out of the community and into investors at an economy of scale that drives out competition in the short term for long term interests.

    IoT – total surveillance state run with all data, malleable software: AI, heuristic, self healing, self modifying, self monitoring attached to Business to Business (BtB), BtoConsumer, Inventory, Planning…in a closed system that will modify the needs of people to the plan rather than plan for the needs of the people. Almost all things will be tagged, interrelated, monitored and managed (how much you stay awake, eat, sleep, energy used, travel, who you meet…everything you do). Everything from putting on an individuals cloths in the morning to war and terror will be planned to command and control the masses, which react with near certainty by the models built for them, just like the definition of species – see Media.

    Religion – There is no separation of creator and creation, god does not write, god does not have a writer, god does not need money, god does not need power, god does not need land, god does not require a wealth scheme, god does not need rare shiny objects of our desiring, we have a choice to make our own decisions, we do not know what happens to us after we die – hence faith, the devil is in the bad choices we make that hurts another – others – the future – for what ever reason we decided to be harmful, good and evil are what happens to creation as a result of our thoughts, words and deeds, the ends and the means are our own. Thoughts can be changed before an event occurs, words require explanation, deeds are fact regardless if we hide them.

    Media – ”Like blackbirds in flight, packs of reporters darken the sky, moving in swarms at the same speed and in predictable trajectory. When one lands, they all land. When one leaves, they all leave. The programmers and channel controllers from all the stations are part of the same well–paid elite, steeped in the same values, committed to the mission of maximizing audience share and profits. They are chosen for their ability to play the game and not challenge the audience with too many controversial ideas or critical perspectives. It’s no surprise that they circulate easily within the commanding heights of media power, moving from company to company and job to job. A kind of group think corporate consensus, steeped in market logic and deeply inbred by an un–brave news culture, breeds conscience–free conformity and self-censorship. This makes frightening sense in a globalized economy where consumerism is more desired than active citizenship, where power is increasingly concentrated and the public is increasingly unwelcome in a public discourse defined by the powerful. If your goal is to numb people and drive them away from active participation, then TV as”weapon of mass distraction”and wall to wall entertainment makes sense. Shut up and shop is the now the message, one that makes sense to advertiser dominated media outlets…” — Danny Schechter, Dung on all their Houses, Toward Freedom magazine, December / January 2000