Gluten-Free Diet Can Expose You To More Heavy Metals Like Mercury

gluten-free diet mercuryBrandon Turbeville
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According to a new report in the journal Epidemiology, people who eat a gluten-free diet may actually be at higher risk for exposure to arsenic and mercury.

This is quite concerning considering the growing popularity of the gluten-free diet with a quarter of Americans having gone gluten-free in 2015. That was a 67% increase from 2013.

The cause for the increased risk for arsenic and mercury exposure, however, is not necessarily a result of the gluten-free diet itself. Instead, it appears to be due to the fact that many gluten-free products contain rice flour as a substitute for wheat. Rice has been known to bioaccumulate both arsenic and mercury, as well as other toxic heavy metals, from water, soil or fertilizers.

Maria Argos, an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology in the UIC School of Public Health, looked at data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in order to search for a link between toxic metals in blood and urine and the gluten-free diet.

Out of 7,471 people who completed survey, 73 were gluten-free. The results were that the people who were eating gluten-free had higher concentrations of mercury in their blood and arsenic in their urine. Arsenic levels were nearly twice as high for gluten-free dieters and mercury levels were 70% higher.

Argos said:

These results indicate that there could be unintended consequences of eating a gluten-free diet. But until we perform the studies to determine if there are corresponding health consequences that could be related to higher levels of exposure to arsenic and mercury by eating gluten-free, more research is needed before we can determine whether this diet poses a significant health risk.

In Europe, there are regulations for food-based arsenic exposure, and perhaps that is something we here in the United States need to consider. We regulate levels of arsenic in water, but if rice flour consumption increases the risk for exposure to arsenic, it would make sense to regulate the metal in foods as well.

These results are a perfect example of how Americans are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to their diet. On one hand, Americans are faced with pesticide-laden wheat that is the equivalent of the Final Solution for gut bacteria and the cause of a host of other health problems. On the other hand, whenever the consumers try to avoid the toxic wheat they end up replacing it with rice polluted with toxic heavy metals.

It appears that in 2017 only China can compete with the United States for the most toxic and harmful food materials consumed by the average person. These results should be a wake up call for anyone who values the ability to eat clean food and serve as an immediate call to action for all Americans.

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  • kimyo

    fwiw, my observations after 3 or 4 years living 98% gluten free:

    night-time leg cramping is gone. when i cheat, it resumes. also, friends who’ve gone gf report a significant reduction in ‘night terrors’ and restless leg syndrome.

    i eat and drink (vodka/wine but never beer) as much as i want and never gain weight. when i re-introduce gluten, i gain weight. also, it’s rare that i feel the need to eat more than one meal a day.

    i’ve tried einkorn flour, but i get a flushed face after eating it and it’s impossible to bake with, so i’m moving on.

    aside from the pre-harvest crop-dessication by roundup issue, 99.9% of american flour is fortified with folic acid. for those with the mthfr gene ‘mutation’ (possibly as many as 40% of causasian men), folic acid is a terrible substitute for folate and may even block folate uptake. bob’s red mill has an organic wheat flour which is not enriched (i haven’t tried it yet, and i have no connection with the company).

    high-quality (ie: not panera) sourdough bread seems to have little adverse effect on me.

    bloodwork shows low triglycerides/high hdl (both around 60), has ranked me in the least likely to suffer cardiac events group two times running.

    bonus odd observation: when i go full keto i no longer have eye boogers in the morning.

    and if i may derail the thread even further – maybe no eye boogers is the natural state of humans. maybe peace and calm are the natural state of humans. maybe wheat is what leads to takers and violence and war. maybe wheat is what leads the takers to kill off the leavers.

    quotes from ishmael:

    “[Y]our agricultural revolution is not an event like the Trojan War, isolated in the distant past and without relevance to your lives today. The work begun by those neolithic farmers in the Near East has been carried forward from one generation to the next without a single break, right into the present moment. It’s the foundation of your vast civilization today in exactly the same way that it was the foundation of the very first farming village.”

    “This is considered almost holy work by farmers and ranchers. Kill off everything you can’t eat. Kill off anything that eats what you eat. Kill off anything that doesn’t feed what you eat.”

    “It IS holy work, in Taker culture. The more competitors you destroy, the more humans you can bring into the world, and that makes it just about the holiest work there is. Once you exempt yourself from the law of limited competition, everything in the world except your food and the food of your food becomes an enemy to be exterminated.”

    “And every time the Takers stamp out a Leaver culture, a wisdom ultimately tested since the birth of mankind disappears from the world beyond recall.

    “Hunter-gatherers no more live on the knife-edge of survival than wolves or lions or sparrows or rabbits. Man was as well adapted to life on this planet as any other species, and the idea that he lived on the knife-edge of survival is simply biological nonsense. As an omnivore, his dietary range is immense. Thousands of species will go hungry before he does. His intelligence and dexterity enable him to live comfortably in conditions that would utterly defeat any other primate. “Far from scrabbling endlessly and desperately for food, hunter-gatherers are among the best-fed people on earth, and they manage this with only two or three hours a day of what you would call work—which makes them among the most leisured people on earth as well. In his book on stone age economics, Marshall Sahlins described them as ‘the original affluent society.’ And incidentally, predation of man is practically nonexistent. He’s simply not the first choice on any predator’s menu. So you see
    that your wonderfully horrific vision of your ancestors’ life is just another bit of Mother Culture’s nonsense. If you like, you can confirm all this for yourself in an afternoon at the library.”


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