In Part One of this article I analyzed the similarities of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy to Strauss & Howe’s Fourth Turning, trying to assess how Donald Trump’s ascension to power fits into the theories put forth by those authors. Now I will compare Trump to the most interesting character in Asimov’s classic – The Mule.

The Mule

“A horse having a wolf as a powerful and dangerous enemy lived in constant fear of his life. Being driven to desperation, it occurred to him to seek a strong ally. Whereupon he approached a man, and offered an alliance, pointing out that the wolf was likewise an enemy of the man. The man accepted the partnership at once and offered to kill the wolf immediately, if his new partner would only co-operate by placing his greater speed at the man’s disposal. The horse was willing, and allowed the man to place bridle and saddle upon him.

The man mounted, hunted down the wolf, and killed him. “The horse, joyful and relieved, thanked the man, and said: ‘Now that our enemy is dead, remove your bridle and saddle and restore my freedom.’ “Whereupon the man laughed loudly and replied, ‘Never!’ and applied the spurs with a will.”Isaac Asimov, Foundation

I had not thought about the Foundation Trilogy for decades, until someone recently mentioned it in a comment on my website. They pondered whether Trump’s arrival on the scene represented The Mule’s advent during the decline of the Galactic Empire. Trump’s numerous enemies would love to portray him as an evil mutant freakish warlord, bent on using his persuasion powers to mislead the populace into doing his bidding. I don’t necessarily see Trump as The Mule, but as a disrupting factor, disturbing the best laid plans of the establishment and helping reveal the hidden agendas of the Deep State.

Seldon’s science of psychohistory was outstanding at predicting the behavior of large populations but worthless in trying to predict what an individual might do. The emergence of the Mule, a mentalic mutant with an acute telepathic ability to modify the emotions of human beings, could not have been predicted by the Seldon Plan, focused as it was on the statistical movements of vast numbers of peoples and populations across the galaxy.


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  • paul

    I would say that Trump is mainly a guy who allows the Deep State to hurry it’s fondest dreams into reality. Hillary would have done the same, but the surface would have been smoother, so in this way Trump does tear off the mask, to some degree. Unfortunately, many choose to respond to this tearing off of the mask by concentrating on ‘resisting’ Trump, not the establishment itself. Folks want to be sung sweetly into an Orwellian forever, not thrust roughly into it.

  • Critical thinker

    Always assume you’re being lied to and misinformed, especially on this site (lies of commission identifies their sponsorship).

    Before you drink the fourth turning kool-aid ask yourself, “How does this theory explain WWI?”

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    Clinton and Obama were CIA. The Deep State is obviously uncomfortable with trump and surely did not foresee his victory (with seventeen intelligence agencies). By this time trump has probably had his family threatened like they did to Perot and so is ready to toe the deep state line.