DEA Quietly Removes Damning Report On Marijuana “Dangers”

DEA marijuana reportBrandon Turbeville

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The recent removal of a 45-page document from the DEA’s website now has many pro-cannabis activists claiming a small victory.

The document entitled “The Dangers and Consequences of Marijuana Abuse” listed various nonsensical claims such as that marijuana causes addiction and is a gateway drug.

The document also suggests that marijuana use results in delinquent behavior. One statement found on page 7 sums up the DEA position by saying, “Legalization of marijuana, no matter how it begins, will come at the expense of our children and public safety. It will create dependency and treatment issues, and open the door to use of other drugs, impaired health, delinquent behavior, and drugged drivers.”

Surprisingly, the DEA document did not contain the full length feature film Reefer Madness to back up its claims. We feel sure that a movie showing violent, homicidal, race-mixing “marijuana addicts” would have really driven the point home.

Regardless, the DEA document was the subject of a campaign launched by Americans for Safe Access, a cannabis advocacy group who filed a petition in late 2016 arguing the DEA provided false statements and shaped public policy toward cannabis. As a result of those statements, the ASA filed its petition under the Information Quality Act.

As the Cannabist writes,

In December, the medical marijuana advocacy organization alleged that the DEA website’s inclusion of 25 false statements about marijuana violated the Data Quality Act, also known as the Information Quality Act, which is meant to ensure the quality, objectivity, utility and integrity of information that government agencies provide to the public.

While the removal of the document is a small step in the right direction, it must be remembered that the DEA also launched a war on kratom and CBD providing two more examples of just why the organization should immediately be abolished.

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