CIA Stresses Loyalty to the AGENCY Over Loyalty to the Constitution

Government employees swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Intelligence workers are no different …

And yet former CIA counterterrorism officer and former senior investigator with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee John Kiriakou writes:

One of the things that most observers don’t understand is that the CIA will do anything – anything – to survive. All CIA officers are taught to lie. They lie all the time, about everything, to everybody. And they justify it by trying to convince themselves that they are doing it in the national interest, for national security. From my very first day in the CIA, it was drilled into me, as it is into every other employee, that “the primary mission is to protect the Agency.” That was the mantra.

Indeed, the CIA is a rogue agency.

So is the NSA.

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  • jadan

    The National Security Act of 1947 created the national security state, inspired by the Manhattan Project. and the possibility of global annihilation. Government by and for the people, which was an ideal never achieved in the evolution of American politics, became a mere fantasy like George Washington never telling a lie. Democratic potential was nipped in the bud by the demands of National Security. To say the CIA is a “rogue agency” is to say that the Pentagon is not, or the DHS, or the FBI. The fact is that the all the elements of the National Security State, hidden within black budgets and the bubble of secrecy is not under civilian control and is therefore rogue. The horse left the barn long ago. John Kiriakou needed a little prison time to help him understand the faithless bitch of an agency he belonged to.

    • Jill


      I think you are correct to say we don’t have any non-rogue agencies. I think you are not correct to say prison time was the mechanism of understanding for Mr. Kiriakou. Understanding came first. Courage to speak out came next. Prison time resulted from both understanding and courage.

      Being imprisoned can certainly enlighten any person to what the powerful can do and who they are. That I can agree with you on!

      • jadan

        I don’t mean to denigrate John Kiriakou’s accomplishment. The CIA is not just a government agency; it is a cult. I’m sure courage and understanding came first. Disillusionment was a painful process. But it takes more than that to know that your lover really doesn’t love you anymore and was never worthy of your devotion in the first place. If you haven’t seen his series of interviews with Paul Jay on the Real News Network, I recommend them.

        • Jill


          Thank you. I haven’t seen these interviews. I will watch them.

    • Joe Blow

      We are a Rogue nation in disguise as a “democracy.” The collusive effect of media, government, corporations and the entertainment industry (TV and movies) has perpetuated this myth in behest of secret and not so secret organizations with nefarious agendas.

      Ariel Sharon: “We, the Jewish People, Control America, and The Americans Know it.”

      Just for the record:

      *Between 1898 and 1934 the Marines invaded: Cuba 4 times; Nicaragua 5 times; Honduras 7 times; the Dominican Republic 4 times; Haiti twice; Guatemala once; Panama twice; Mexico 3 times; and Colombia 4 times. All done for the corporations to get natural resorces and farm land for them.
      *Eisenhower murdered over one million innocent Germans in open field prison camps, AFTER the war’s end.
      *President Truman dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki murdering over 100,000 innocent people inspite of Japan’s desire to surrender.
      *Johnson, Nixon, and J. Edgar Hoover were at Clint Murcheson’s ranch finalizing JFK’s murder the night before.
      *George Bush allowed 9/11 to occur then murdered a million Iraqi innocents.
      *Obama dropped over 26 thousand bombs in 2016 on innocents plus allowed the drone murder of wedding parties.
      *Unfortunately Mr Trump is on the same path of destruction and nation building.

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      • 54321Truth

        9/11 was done by Israel and Zionist Traitors within the USA.

        • Joe Blow

          Welcome to our world friend, been saying that for 15 years. No planes means no planes. Shanksville phony, shallow hole in ground, Pentagon, missle, not monster plane through 17 foot hole in wall, etc.

    • 54321Truth

      Nuclear Bombs are a LIE dummy. You fall for JEW created Lies dummy. Wake up dummy.

  • Jill

    All these entities seem to swear an oath to their own power or to whoever is more powerful at any given moment. If someone or some group is higher up the food chain, that’s where the loyalty goes because that’s where the power is.

    For this reason, all of our agencies are out of control. JSOC runs its own military using the clandestine forces and private contractors. Private contractors give orders to regular military forces. The only oath a private contractor takes is to their organization. We also see private military contractors using military police tactics on civilian protesters such as at DAPL.

    However, there are always people of conscience, even in the most evil of organizations. There are people who feel there is more to life than being a minion of power. There are even powerful people who start to grasp that the power to commit great cruelty isn’t much of a life. Living a good life. Doing something of value on behalf of others has a deep meaning. It cannot be replicated by working as a minion or doing harm. I am counting on people taking an oath to live a good life.

    This is true of people within these agencies and without them.

    • Tom

      A consistent problem for all types of evil organizations is that there are always enough high-functioning psychopaths to staff the top positions, but never enough to fill all of the minion slots. That leaves them vulnerable to people who still have a functioning conscience blowing the whistle, and this is what we are seeing again and again.

      • Jill


        That makes a lot of sense. Sometimes, even at the top, emptiness pours out to be replaced with desire for the common good. This is very rare. Your idea about why more minions follow the voice of their conscience is excellent.

        • Tom

          Occasionally even top names have a crisis of conscience and threaten to go public, but they end up suicided. Two who come to mind are William Colby, former CIA director, and Admiral Forrestal.

  • frankw

    Loyalty to the gang is the prime directive of any criminal organization.

  • Greatgeezer

    In large part, you are correct. The CIA and the like are rogue entities. But in one, narrow, view, this attitude is correct. When in a foxhole, or similar circumstances, you don’t fight for God and Country, and not even for your family back home, or the girl next door. You fight for those SOBs next to you. They are the most important thing in your world at that moment. You can guess why. I’m not condoning what they do, nor am I trashing them. I’m just saying that this is the mindset they have.

    • Tom

      The problem with the CIA is that they are not in a foxhole, and only rarely in personal danger (most employees, never), yet they still chose the agency over duty, honor, and country. They have simply lost sight of anything and everything worth defending, and all of our children will suffer for it.

  • Christian Nelson

    JFK had the right idea: Break up the CIA into a thousand pieces and start over again, mandating this rogue institution abides by the Constitution and restrict their activities to foreign intelligence gathering. All of the intelligence agencies need to be purged and forced to abide by the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. The current situation where the intelligence agencies believe they have a mandate to control the US and are superior to the elected POTUS and Congress cannot be tolerated. Trump has his work cut out.

    • Southern

      However it more than appears that the Deep State has won control over Trump,

      • Raqueljcantin

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    • JFK left the right side of his head splattered across the streets of Dallas.

      • Christian Nelson

        You are quite correct in pointing this fact out. JFK was murdered by elements of the CIA in collaboration with the Secret Service and the Deep State. I am sure Trump is more than aware of this history and similar threat but hopefully he can protect himself until this imminent threat is negated.

  • ddearborn


    Such demands as well as fealty expressed by those that except it constitutes treason. Each and every individual thus compromised should be punished to the full extend of the law including capital punishment.

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    no more Mormons…. in any branch of govt or any law enforcement agency

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    shadow party…name soros gave to the public employee labor unions

  • anonymous4u4me

    Not only are these scumbags liars of the worst degree, but they prove they have no personal pride, no self respect and by that they could not have respect for others or anything, they took an oath, lied to god, country and people, and are unfit to lead a boy scout troop let alone the agency and take the tax payer dollars in the line of a paycheck and probably an unchecked budget. How any man could think he was a man and look in the mirror without disgust for what these scumbags stand for is beyond human comprehension . We the people should probably feel the same about many other alphabet soup agencies and never trust anything about any of them up to and including that they might kill us someday.

  • Southern

    So are the other 15 not to mention defense forces who have the ability yet lack the moral stamina to hold their superiors accountable for the war crimes they’ve been ordered to carry out.

  • Southern

    Since the US defense department has proven unable to account for a whopping 6.5 trillion dollars of their taxpayers funds, I suddenly wondered if the CIA has ever been audited, perhaps that’s the place where some of those Trillions ended up.

  • hvaiallverden

    Those old anof knows that we can debate constitution and laws to our heads drops of, we can debate heroin trafficking and so on, debate the illegal wars to oblivion, but non of this have any effect unless we drag the always despicable and totally corrupt MSM into the lime light, thats where we stand to day, this goes not only to the deplorable/trump, but generally speaking about everything.

    How is it possible, 4 years now, even when over 120 Orgs, several international, and a lot of country’s sent their representatives to monitor the referendum in Crimea/Krim, and nobody had anything to state after ward than confirming it legality and the law of the land, and nobody objected when this happened soon 4 years ago.
    I read an debate in our bonkers MSM, where nobody, incl f….. knows how many comments, nobody bother to mention the fact that this referendum was, and still is, totally legit, accordingly to every f…… international regulations and the legislation they posses to implements their position, and why do we have to remind everybody this every f…… time, collective dementia.
    I start to believe something serious is going on if this is indeed the case.

    I dont do anything than repeating my self for f…. years.
    Libya is an horrible ex. and Gaddafy was an old fashion f…… hero, more balls than most.
    Look at the freaks running the show now, huh, traitor’s, whom the f….. trusts traitor’s, I never trust traitors at all, once an traitor always an traitor.
    Drag em our an execute them into an ditch, and let the crows and seagulls have a party if they eat stinking manure when thy where living, huh, I doubt they have the stomach to eat that rotten shit.

    Thats our problem, the CIA is cept alive by someone, or somebody, that body is whom is controlling the agency’s, to me, CIA is an criminal entity (drug and guns, instant cash in 40 ” container size amounts), traitor’s (false flags assassinations a.s.o.) wars, Benghazi is just an flash, the list is long thru century’s, and they whom controls it, have had eons to make it come thru, the CIA and the NSA are to big to be kept alive, what on earth as you doing with an 16 mile lone alphabet list of creepy scumbags woth no limits.
    Control, dont be that f…. naive, what they need is an reminder of whom they serve, the people and the constitution, period, anything else is treason.

    WE should hang em elll, either repent of hang, period, no mercy.

    The second, is cowardliness, camouflaged into various excuses/consensuses, yup and consequences, this chains keeps us enslaved to the floor.
    Until we arise, as to how the hammering of the MSM goes, we need to have in mind they lie about everything, all the time.
    Punch em true the f…. wall.

    And boycott anyone else to oblivion.


    PS: of one whom shed light and love, He knows now how powerful that is, how much it effects,
    Rest in peace and walk with god.
    And the other one, whom is getting light, respect, to them both.
    G.Micheal and E. Jon.

    • StaggerLee360

      America has had enough of you. America stands united against ignorant a$$holes. We don’t want you anywhere near this country. You’ve blown; you’ve revealed yourself. Impossible to believe anyone as stupid as you is actually and American. Worthless criminal, America will deport you from the country you came from. Stop pretending you’re an American. No American who made it as far as the third grade writes and spells like you. Peace, moron.

  • jhnjul

    Which is ultimately loyal to the globalist parasite. Compartmentalized bureaucrats are dictates.

  • I don’t know why this would surprise anyone.

    You start a covert agency which is pretty close to unaccountable, you fund it beyond its ability even to spend sensibly, you see it hire armies of bright psychopathic personalities, you watch it play dirty tricks all over the planet, and you watch it lie at every turn about what it is doing or has done.

    Clearly, a formula for disaster.

    Clearly, something incompatible with democratic or human values.

    And clearly why Trump can no more drain the swamp than he can lift the earth.

    I think all the American Patriot-types are living in cloudcuckooland.

    Nothing much is going to change.