Assange: Hillary now ‘quietly pushing for a Pence takeover’

Eric Zuesse

Here is his tweet:


Julian Assange

Clinton stated privately this month that she is quietly pushing for a Pence takeover. She stated that Pence is predictable hence defeatable.

4:20 AM – 14 Mar 2017


“This month” would indicate that Assange has received documentation, meeting his strict standards for authenticity and reliability, that, within the past two weeks, Ms. Clinton “privately” communicated this to someone.

Assange, unlike politicians and newsmedia, has a remarkably high performance-record for truthfulness and reliability, displaying great care in not alleging something unless he possesses proof — even if what he is alleging has been vociferously denied by politicians and newsmedia. Therefore, this tweet from him would be dismissed only by fools; any intelligent person would take it as having been said with high authority (no matter what politicians and newsmedia might say). He has a track-record which stands up to the very best.

The Democratic campaign to overthrow Trump and replace him by Pence started soon after Trump won the November 8th election.

On November 23rd, the brilliant Democratic Party propagandist (called ‘news-person’ by many, and certainly more intelligent than most of those), Keith Olbermann, presented, with obvious joy and passion, and with his always endearing sincerity, the case for the realistic possibility that if Vice President Mike Pence wants to replace his boss (the President), and if half or more of the President’s Cabinet support him in that desire, and if Paul Ryan who is third-in-line-for-the-Presidency would likewise rather have Pence than Trump as the U.S. President, then it would be virtually a done deal, because an obscure provision in the U.S. Constitution, which has never yet been used, would make it a cinch to do, under those circumstances. After Pence would thus have become the U.S. President, he would need the vote of two-thirds of the U.S. House of Representatives in order to remain in the post, according to that Constitutional provision. In other words: Pence wouldn’t be able to remain as the President unless the relations between the sitting, elected, President, Trump, and the serving, elected, House of Representatives, headed by Paul Ryan, become or are very bad, approaching to being, if not already being, more a relationship between adversaries, than one between allies. The nation is already very close to that.

In addition, of course, there would always be the possibility of the more customary method being applied: impeachment. However, though possible, it would be more difficult to do.

Olbermann, on that November 23rd video, presented his argument, and I’ve checked each and every detail of it and found it to be spot-on accurate. So, without further ado, here he is, presenting his case:

The Surprisingly Easy Way to Get Rid of Donald Trump

GQ. Published on Nov 23, 2016. 751,425 views.

Subsequently, Olbermann reached out to a broader audience, including viewers who had voted for Trump. The skill with which he opened that presentation of his case, is remarkable, because he is there inviting people who had voted for Trump-Pence, to switch now to preferring simply Pence. So, here is that presentation, which Olbermann provided on January 5th:

Still Supporting Donald Trump? This Message Is For You

GQ. Published on Jan 5, 2017. 675,268 views.

As everybody knows, Pence and Ryan admire each other a lot, and getting a President Pence would probably be much like getting a President Ryan. So, Trump said of Ryan’s proposed healthcare plan for the nation, on March 7th, “I am proud to support the replacement plan released by the House of Representatives.” Trump evidently can see no way that he’ll be able to get legislation passed in this Republican Congress than by letting them control the legislation, and he’ll sign it into law. That’s the approach he is taking: support the neoconservatives and the Republican Party.

The way that Trump has been trying to overcome the campaign by the neoconservatives and the Democrats to overthrow him (as being ‘Putin’s puppet’ etc.), is by joining in their passion for a vigorous increase in U.S. hostility against both Iran and Russia — especially against Russia. He has also been trying to overcome Wall Street’s overwhelming preference for Hillary Clinton (and, of course, Wall Street’s overwhelming neoconservatism), by larding his Administration with Wall Street people and with billionaires, and with generals who condemn Putin and who hate Iran. But it’s not working. Trump’s difficulty getting the Establishment behind him continued unabated after his election; and consequently the betting-odds that he’ll be overthrown before his term ends, became poor even as early as January 19th, by which time he had announced his Cabinet, just before being sworn in the following day. On January 19th, Britain’s Independent already headlined, “bookies reveal flood of bets on President failing to complete term”. That’s not normal, but little about Trump is normal. Even his slavish adherence now (after the election) to neoconservatives, big business, and the Republican Establishment, fails to stop his being the whipping-boy of them all.

So, perhaps Hillary Clinton is being waken up and invigorated by the smell of his blood on the floor. Or, perhaps, it would just be sweet revenge for her to see Trump grovel and get kicked in the teeth not only by Democrats, but by his fellow Republicans.

It seems that no matter how much Trump tries to rule as if he were Pence and Ryan, he’s just flushing himself down history’s toilet. None of it is working. But he keeps trying, at least this far — and he can’t think of a different approach.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • WillDippel

    Here is an interesting look at how Mike Pence completely disagrees with the stance of Donald Trump on one key issue:

    Apparently, some people are willing to do just about anything to get close to the Oval Office.

  • Jill

    Assange specifically stated that Hillary and the other IC people he heard from wanted to use impeachment as their method of ridding themselves of this meddlesome priest. And yes, Assange has an excellent track record for proving what he’s saying.

    Hillary and Mike are both members of “The Family”. That makes them much more bound to each other than any bonds of party, position or political policy. Assange did not say whether Pence agreed to the plan. He specifically mentioned that no one spoke of Pence’s assent. My own feeling is that Pence would go for it.

    • justsomeguy05

      Pence is a bright guy. During the transition period he realized that Bannon is in charge. Now as Bannon is consolidating power, getting rid of any threats to his position, and isolating Trump, Pence is hanging back while waiting for enough Republicans to be willing to join with Democrats to impeach Trump.

  • David S

    Hillary is a product of and a key figure in the Deep State. No shock here. They know the American people will NOT stand for another JFK elimination so they are going to try another way.


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    • They will have their hands full with any other attack too. They are trying to separate his less knowledgeable supporters from him,. The RINOs are waiting with the other leftist neocons for the chance, maybe a crisis they can use.

      Reap and sow. Global government socialists and fascistswill not home away gracefully. They are obsessed by their pagan lust for wealth and power over the rest of us.

      Even of The Beast, it says “He shall come to his end, and none shall help him.”


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  • cityspeak

    Just left Raw Story and called out or military involvement in Yemen and slaughtering of civilians there.
    I had the “audacity” to point out that our military actions there are crimes and that these actions started under Obama with HRC’s arms sales to SA. I “hoped” that the “left leaning readers” there would call out the illegality of the whole enterprise and not just hammer on Trump’s failure there.
    I was called a purist, a Trump supporter and informed that the IDEX, International Defense Exhibition, was awesome and my fault for not knowing about it.
    No one countered with an explanation why the world’s superpower is laying waste to a third world country that has no way of defending itself.

    Hillary’s support of a Pence takeover is simply a continuation of the .01% disdain for “legally elected officials and a democratic process that might give the populace any say in their own fates”.

    This election proved that the population is desperate, as they know they are completely locked out of the process. Trump promised change (which is proving to be false in many areas) and HRC more of the same. They lost and now will use any means necessary to take control again with Pence.

    We couldn’t keep the Republic together Mr. Franklin. Too many “insiders” were far too eager to become an Empire. Our deepest apologies to you and the rest of the world.

  • Kansas_Voter

    It’s obvious that the republican establishment still isn’t comfortable with President Trump, but the republican base has proven on several occasions that they don’t mind primarying anyone they consider a RINO and one of them was a Speaker of the House, so Ryan knows he’s waking a fine line. He’s the one running for reelection next year, not the President, so like the old saying goes “if you come at the King, you’d best not miss.”

  • David Schultz

    It is not that Pence is predictable but that he is a true elitist conservative. As Trump runs as a populist maintains his commitments to that agenda, he cannot be defeated.

  • incumbent

    argument in this piece, that Pence’s replacement of Trump would be desirable (because it is eminently, as recommended by Keith O., doable), is wrong. Trump remains a genuine possibility. Eric’s analysis that Trump is catering to the only base he has (outside of nutjob Christians), the Tea Party soaked Republicans, seems sound enough. But what it would suggest is that if there were a
    progressive coalition willing to laud Trump, item by item, for a progressive agenda, Trump would be inclined to say, “Fuck ‘Em” and go with the ideological Progressive agenda because it offered support.

    Sadly, the liberal base that binds the progressives has absolutely no imagination, is hidebound to Clinton orthodoxy, both in terms of grammar and, it turns out, substance. There should be a strong ideologically motivated left coalition arguing for rapprochement with Russia, but it is nowhere to be found.

    Instead, woke progressives realize the Red Scare as horseshit, but are either willing to prevaricate (“Well, maybe . . . “) or confine themselves to disgust with the Clinton Camp’s disingenuousness, not go into offensive mode. Eric sees Hillary as late to the party, but I suspect she has been
    cheerleading these maneuvers all along. She still controls the money and favors rackets, at least indirectly, and the funders go through her before depositing in the think tanks, etc. Anyone who falls out of line risks penury from her ostracism. She’s still the string puller, or her organization is. (And Obama is setting himself up to be a stand-in should the Hillary machine get stalled. Obama would be a much less hands on leader, but at lest he could be counted on not to have any personal agenda, or to think (genuine) popular support should be a factor in policy advocacy.)

    To reach the required strength, progressives are going to have to reach across borders to develop
    international constituencies for their agenda (which already exist, they need only coordination). This would also appeal to Trump, who could be popular internationally on their backs. Pence would be an absolute disaster, whereas Trump’s Shiva routine at least has the potential of an upside.