PROOF that Russia and Iran Want War!

The following graphics prove that Russia and Iran want war:

Credit: Azizonomics

25Credit: Iblagh

Credit: Al Jazeera and Google

These bad people are putting their countries closer and closer to our military bases:

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  • hvaiallverden

    I know the war is coming, and my only advice is to hammer the Gov. as much you can, if this Iranian nonsense continues we will have an real war, and the possibility to escalate to an world war in an hart beat.
    All empires dies of cancer, there is no other that can do that, you may think or believe what you want about your empires ability to survive an ww3 event but thats an ilution you will bleed from, Americans, decades of wars against 3 world dungeons dont impress anyone except maybe your people, I know that this is an ilution.
    But what scares me, is my own homeland, Norway, the last weeks have been like an bad trip.
    And it gets worse day by day, the hate rhetoric is sky rocketing.
    I lost my “friend” whom I believe knew me, they kicked me out and that after 20 years since, my last 20 years have been down south, this shows how “good” the hate propaganda is infact working, the Norse/Khazarian inbreeds hate anyone that tells them the truth, since the Norse is what I consider along with the Sweds to be the most brainwashed people living on this planet.

    You think your people are brainwashed, hurmf, compared to the Norse, ours are high pressurized sand blasted inside their sculls, there is Nothing left other than decades of propaganda and lies.
    I know the Germans and the rest of the Europeans is closing in on the level of brain-dead as I have to live in daily.

    My humble gift to you all, this is personal.
    And if other Norwegians read this, wake up.


    • On the other hand, bread and circuses are as much in place in America as they were in Rome.
      Entitlements are the bread, and the Superbowl is the circus. Who is going to fiddle while America burns?

    • The war never went away.

  • David S

    We have to PROVOKE them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here. LOL. Why the rest of the world hasn’t banded together to destroy the US is a mystery (except that they have all already been invaded and occupied by the empire).

    • Revelations 17 and 18 may be a prediction of exactly that.

  • Kansas_Voter

    Articles like this are why this blog was put on the Washington Post’s “fake news” list. You can’t go around telling the truth about the U.S. and our military and expect to be taken seriously, do you? I heard that Trump tweeted something crazy, maybe you should report on that? That seems to be what Legitimate Media Outlets do, and they’re very well respected.

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    • tom

      ‘Articles like this are why this blog was put on the Washington Post’s “fake news” list’.

      Which is a big compliment. If you read nothing but the sources on that list, you wouldn’t be badly informed at all.

      • Richard Arlen

        wake up jack ass he was being sarcastic!!!! idiot amrican moron!!!!!

        • Sarcasm is seldom understood by those with a deficiency of critical thinking skills.

    • Man on the street

      The neocons are now in bed with Saudi Arabia, and decided to keep repeating the lie that Iran is the number one state Spencer’s of terrorism. Fast switcharoo? Not Saudi Arabia, they are a peace loving rag-heads, and the proof is that they are bombing their neighbors.

      • Spencer’s? Do you mean sponsors? Since Israel is the only truly nuclear power in the middle east, as well as a non-member of the non-proliferation club, you’d think that they’d be working to help Iran get nuclear weapons, but that would give their game away. Until Israel owns up to their deliberate attack on the USS Liberty, we should be treating them like enemies rather than allies.

        • Man on the street

          The unwashed are not supposed to know about the USS Liberty. Do you know who I are neocons? That word is never mentioned by the presstitude. Do you know who is Victoria Nuland, and her role in ousting the Ukrainian President, and installing HER CHOICE? The words of Nuland eff the EU was partly reported in our news, but, without contexts. Nuland husband’s name was never mentioned. As you know the presstitude is foaming at the mouth against Bannon, but, Nuland and her conducts was never the focus of our worthless media.

    • If a news agency is demarcated in three letters like American intelligence agencies, it should be obvious that they are equally talented liars.

  • yep

    man is just too stupid to understand…my prediction…man is a failure…he will be elimented from this earth….within 10 years….trust me this will happen…what is next for this planet…robots will take over….period

    • Brett Middleton

      With man gone, who is going to invent and build the robots? Just curious … 🙂

      Personally, my prediction is cockroaches.

      • Man on the street

        Hillary said the future is woman. The process of castrating the American men will keep on going.

        • Blank Reg

          Until (a) all the men are gone, and there is no more human future, or (b) something major need fixing.

        • Maintaining a human race without one of the two requisite sexual partners will be interesting to watch fail.

      • Did you watch Watson win Jeopardy? If we can build a computer that can out-think our brightest minds, we can build one smart enough to fix it’s own robots. If we keep building terminators to replace our soldiers, eventually they will build Skynet.

    • What is elimentation?

  • Tom

    These maps have “bankruptcy” written all over them.

    San Francisco once had a local character in the 1800’s who was once very wealthy and then lost it all in a deal gone bad. The man lost his mind, bought a fancy uniform and a ceremonial sword, and started calling himself “Emperor Norton”. Rather than panhandling like other people in poverty, he began demanding “taxes” from local businessmen, who humored him by paying. Is this the future of “Uncle Sam”?

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      Bonanza did an episode on Emperor Norton. Great sarcasm and satire here.

    • tom

      Emperor Norton didn’t have thermonuclear, chemical and biological weapons – not to mention B-52s, etc. An insane bankrupt armed with weapons of mass destruction – why doesn’t that prospect fill me with joy?

      • The sad thing is that the fascists in Israel have all of those things, largely at the behest of the neocons.

    • The only way that a debt-based currency like the dollar can prevent bankruptcy is by continuously increasing the level of debt. Fractional reserve banking is based on loaning out $9 for every $1 deposited in a bank. The FDIC, FSLIC, and NCUA only have between 1 and 2 cents in their insurance accounts for every dollar they claim to protect. Dodd-Frank makes anything we deposit into a bank that bank’s property by converting the depositor into an unsecured creditor of the bank. If you have anything in a bank, you will lose it WHEN the bank fails. It is simply a matter of when, not if.

    • Who do you think the good emperor learned his scam from?

  • NOS

    America first!

    That’s the largest empire of military bases in human history.

    I understand now why the federal debt increases by $1trillion every year!

    Can somebody convince Trump to double the number of military bases in the next 4 years? I see that the map of Africa is almost empty meaning that there is still some work to do there.

    Let’s hope that it can also double the debt amount by $2trillion per year so that the total debt can reach $40trillion by 2024 in order to keep the debt growth rate of the last 16years.

    It’ll be a good idea for McCain to relocate ISIS/Al-Qaeda from Syria and Iraq to Libya and Algeria in order to increase the empire’s footprint.

    The US Caliphate is really more powerful than the first Roman empire (which was larger than the Holy Roman empire).

    • The national debt increases by more than one million dollars a year. The Pentagon has “misplaced” more than the national debt. The off-budget debt is closer to $200 trillion than it is $20 trillion. International derivatives are somewhere between $1 and $2 quadrillion dollars. A quadrillion is a thousand trillion.

    • Jon Kauffman

      “Ansar Dine, Boko Haram, and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb,….all were offspring of the original Al Qaeda.” and they are located in Africa.

  • diogenes

    Wow, we gotta be careful. Those Iranians are sneaking up on us!

  • Josh Stern

    You guys are trend setters in the sarcasm-is-one-of-the-sane-responses-to-neverending-US-militarized-belligerent-nonsense category:

  • Military installation is just a job creation means of America.
    They send “some people” abroad to get them fed by the expense of foreign people like us.
    They have a house for free, eat for free, use water and electricity for free, all free, even making a crime is going to end up free.
    This is what is called exploitation.
    Living by the cost and money of someone else.
    Everyone knows.
    Americans are bunch of beggars, who know no shame, nothing but annoying leeches.

  • Blank Reg

    And it becomes clear why NZ and most of S. America are best places to go expat…

    • As long as you can build an earthquake-proof place to live, in NZ. South America’s economy will lead ours into the toilet.

  • DJohn1

    The problem here is we have an Earth with too many people with loaded weapons of mass destruction willing and able to trash the planet with radioactivity making it impossible for the rest of us to survive.
    Now when and if this turns into a nuclear conflict the rest of us go down with the nuts in charge in these nations.
    At the very least, Europe will become a war zone and uninhabitable.
    Places like Russia, China, and the United States will be subject to radioactive weather that may make the entire human species possibly extinct.
    This nuclear war thing may have happened between Russia, China, and the Indian continent sometime in the past. This is provided some of the ancient descriptions of such activity are in very old documents in India.
    IN Genesis, there are descriptions of weapons of mass destruction when evil cities were destroyed by Angels of God.
    I suggest that could have been around 5,000 B.C.
    IF that is the case, Iran was in the middle of it.
    So history may be repeating itself in the area.
    The answer is we simply do not know for sure.
    The sane answer is for all peoples to do away with the entire nuclear nightmare and that would mean closing down all nuclear facilities every where on the planet.
    Not going to happen any time soon.
    The answer I do not like is changing the rules of nature so that they all explode at once.
    The critical mass of all these weapons is a key.
    That critical mass can be changed and lowered so that the weapons all go off like fireworks.
    Anyone in the vicinity of said weapons would be destroyed.
    Again you have way too much radioactive material going up in smoke into the atmosphere.

    • It would take several all-out thermonuclear wars to do to the Pacific ocean what Fukushima already has, and it is getting worse by the day.

  • Black Swan

    ” The greatest myth concerning Ameican Foreign Policy is the deeply held belief that no matter what the U.S. does abroad, no matter how bad it may look, no matter what horror may result, the American Government means well. Their intentions are always honorable, of that Americans are certain, they generally wonder why the rest of the world can’t seem to see how kind and generous and self sacrificing America has been.” William Blum

  • “War is the health of the state,” the radical writer Randolph Bourne said, in the midst of the First
    World War. Unfortunately, peace in the middle east threatens the profits of Carlyle Group investors like the House of Saud, the Queen of England, and the Bush family. Lindsey Graham and John McCain are undoubtedly on the list below them. Maps like these are more effective in telling the story of the warrior class than any amount of written material, because few Americans are capable of understanding anything less graphic.

  • Rehmat

    Russia is allied with Iran to dip in Iran’s US$410 billion annual economy. When it comes to Iran’s No.1 enemy Israel – Putin is more closer to Israel than Iran. Both the US and Russia gave birth to Zionist cancer in Palestine in 1948. Furthermore, over million Russian Jews call Israel home.

    • Don’t forget that Russia and Iran are members of a mutual protection pact with China.
      Anyone who attacks any of them will be counterattacked by all three.

  • juanisaac

    I am so tired of the whole world taking advantage of the USA. If they would just be good neighbors and treat us fairly we would not need to invade, bomb, and make CIA coups on their governments. But they forced our hands to invade them. And after we invade them they have the gall to send their illegals into our shores.

    • No one takes advantage of those who freely give them everything.
      We were never forced to invade anyone, ever. It was always the most profitable response to the deliberately constructed threats.

  • windsor1

    In 1961-62 The Soviets parked missiles in Cuba, a 10 minute ride to the E. Coast and they were the evil empire. Today the missiles in Cuba are gone but the US parks missiles in Romania and Poland to protect Europe against “Rogue states” like Iran and the US remains the safe haven for freedom and democracy. By the way these missiles are a 5 minute ride to Moscow, yet Russia remains the evil empire. Wake up folks!

  • Let’s see, truth and morality or power and petro dollar? This is a tough one..


    would everyone just take a moment or two and think about how fast a trillion dollars evaporates when you try to rule the world with fear!

  • imbroglio

    To the author of the article , In such important and dangerous matters as NATO bases and war, SARCASM IS NOT SUITABLE .