Clinton Gang Push for War with Iran

By Craig Murray.  Mr. Murray is a former British intelligence analyst, British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, and chancellor of the University of Dundee. Originally posted at

So what are the Clinton gang doing while Trump introduces anti-Muslim immigration discrimination? Oh, they are pushing for war with Iran, which might give pause to some who think the world would have been less awful had Hillary won.

Here is the front page of the resolution introduced into the House of Representatives by Democrat Alcee L Hastings, an extremely close ally of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who had to resign in disgrace as chair of the Democratic National Committee after WikiLeaks published emails establishing her corrupt endeavours to fix the primary elections for Hillary against Bernie Sanders.

The Resolution reads “To authorize the use of the United States Armed Forces to achieve the goal of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.”

There is in fact no evidence that Iran is continuing a covert programme to produce nuclear weapons. British, French and Russian intelligence all assess that Iran is sticking to its agreements and – here is a key point – so do the CIA. But when did politicians ever let facts stand in their way?

Trump’s mad visa ban, which excludes Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States which are the main financiers, armers, ideologues and exporters of Salafist terrorism, turns out to be imposed on the countries which were on Obama’s watchlist. As the Hastings resolution shows, the anti-Iranian and pro-Saudi madness is bipartisan. To include Iran but exclude Saudi Arabia is further evidence of the twisting of US foreign policy to serve the interests of Saudi Arabia and its ally Israel. This infographic has been compiled based on research by the Cato Institute. I would add the caveat that it refers to terrorist attacks inside America.

The full piece it is derived from is well worth reading. I am not in general a fan of the Cato Institute, but they deserve commendation for consistency in their anti-authoritarian line.

These are dangerous times. And with the Democrats vying for “dumb patriot” support and seeking to outflank Trump to the right by roaring him on to a military attack on Iran, and seeking to push through legislation to promote that, there appear few influential voices of reason in the USA at present.

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  • elmysterio

    Ummm. Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons and has repeatedly stated that they don’t want nuclear weapons. This is nothing but a cynical ploy to get the United States to destroy Iran on behalf of Israel. Bloody warmongers.

    • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

      elmysterio, you are 100% correct.

      The AMERICAN PEOPLE will face “unwelcome realities” IF they don’t RE-EDUCATE THEMSELVES, soon.

      Look. Folks, there is something FAR MORE HORRIFYING (POSSIBLY) IN AMERICA’S
      FUTURE, than just another “Great Depression”, brought on by VERY CALCULATING
      Western International Central (predominantly “Jew”-ish) BANKERS. IT’S CALLED ~ GENOCIDE. SPECIFICALLY, WHITE GENOCIDE.


      Oh, yeah. They LIE about MANY, MANY THINGS. Who controls the DSM (Deadstream Media)? Who controls Hollywood? Who controls the Western International Central Banking/Finance System (BIS/IMF/World Bank/ECB/”Federal” “Reserve”/SWIFT payment system)? Once
      you have the answers to THOSE questions, you’ll be well on your way to a MUCH better comprehension of the REALITY of the world we live in. (Americans have been LIED TO about MANY, MANY THINGS. For example, the JFK Assassination. 9/11. The so-called “Holocaust” of the claimed “6 million”. The REALLY HUGE! LIE, is the one about the so-called “Russian” “Revolution” being a spontaneous, RUSSIAN uprising! (LOL!) In reality, the so-called “Russian”
      “Revolution” was BOTH FINANCED ~ AND CARRIED OUT ~ BY FREEMASONIC “JEWS”. Lenin and Trotsky (born Lev Bronstein) were both FREEMASONIC (COMMUNIST) “Jews”. They received their financing from FREEMASONIC (ZIONIST) “Jews” ~ Rothschild-agents, Jacob Schiff, and Paul and Max Warburg, among others. Upwards of 82% of the new “Bolshevik” government in Russia, after 1917 was comprised of “Jews”, many from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Between 1917 and 1953, according to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, some 66 MILLION Russian Orthodox Christian Peasants were SLAUGHTERED by these “Jews”. Yet, somehow, ONLY the claimed “6 million” by the “Jews” in Nazi Germany is a “holocaust”. But, hey, don’t take MY word for it. Read: UNDER THE SIGN OF THE SCORPION, by Juri Lina (3rd edition, 592 pages). This book is now MY MOST PRIZED POSSESSION, AND, IF ENOUGH AMERICANS WOULD JUST USE THE GRAY MATTER BETWEEN THEIR EARS AND READ IT ~ AMERICA COULD POSSIBLY BE SAVED FROM A SIMILAR FATE. The so-called “New” World
      Order, is actually the “Jew” World Order. The American People had better get savvy to it, and quickly.

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  • Ol’ Hippy

    The beat of the war drums grow louder everyday. The powers running,(ruining) things have a stooge in the White House that they believe has many strings to pull so they don’t want to waste their new ‘asset’ on pointless adventures. So to keep everyone distracted on Muslim bans and other misadventures of the new administration. Any excuse will do especially if they don’t exist in reality. Remembering that Trump himself would undo the Iran deal is enough to get me worried I’m just waiting to see how this plays out but I don’t think it will end well.

  • jo6pac

    Lets see new potus so we need a new war and he’ll get a peace prize to boot. The new normal.
    Thanks for the info.

  • Marko

    Well , it appears the Trump Gang is pushing right along with the Clinton Gang :

    “…The United States is expected to impose sanctions on multiple Iranian entities as early as Friday following Tehran’s recent ballistic missile test, but in a way that will not violate the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, sources familiar with the matter said on Thursday.”

    We really do have an impressive level of bipartisan cooperation when it comes to bombing the shit out of people.

  • rpdiplock

    Israel has nuclear weapons, but one is not supposed to talk about them. Iran DOES NOT have nuclear weapons, but everyone is supposed to discuss them. It is time to jail the bastards who proffer this type of jingoistic bullshit. It is past time to shove the, “by deceit we wage war” epithet right up their collective clackers, sideways.

  • LeseMajeste

    Deja Vu all over again? USS Cole, the same one that was attacked by an Israeli sub-launched missile in Aden back in 2000, is back in Yemeni waters.

  • Donald Miller

    As much as I cheered on the new Don only now admitting hopes of Pres reeling in global military involvement are fading. New business affiliation with all those countries may well improve living conditions due to jobs created from influx of commerce. That in itself would solve refugee problems as I’m convinced all of them would prefer staying where they grew up and with the religions past through their families. The west’s destroying homelands “elephant in room” reason avoided by talk-shows and broadcast opinion shows must be corrected to return balance.


    When the ruling class is heavily invested in the military industrial complex, war is inevitable

  • Boink389

    What kind of Bull Shite is this?
    Since when did President Donald Trump become a democrat???
    The POTUS is threatening Iran and has wrapped himself around Israel,
    It is looking like this President Donald Trump was installed to LOOK like a rebel because he has fallen completely in line with what the republicans, democrats and Israel wanted even when Pres. Obama was in office. He had to fight dems and reps to keep the P5+1 Agreement with Iran, fight dems and reps to keep from going to direct war in Syria. The above baned list shows that no one is pushing Pres. D. Trump; he is going down that road as fast and furiously as he can without any help.