Best. Superbowl. Ever.

None of my local teams were in the Superbowl …

But I’m still convinced that today was the best Superbowl ever, given that:

  • Tom Brady is the first quarterback ever to win 5 Superbowls, and Bill Belichick is the first coach to win 5 Superbowls
  • No team has ever before come back from an 18 point deficit (at one point the Patriots were down by 25 points)
  • This is the first Superbowl ever to go into overtime

Congratulations to both the Patriots and the Falcons for a historic game …

The Falcons showed incredible talent. And they are so young that we will definitely see a lot of them in future Superbowls.

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  • hyperbola

    Of the four major types of “football” (football, aussie rules, rugby and “american football”), the american version is by far the most boring and provincial. The only one that has more deadtime than playing time (necessary for commercial exploitation). A good example of how “professional” sports has become nothing more than “bread and circuses” for the exploitation of gullible plebes.

  • By halftime it was obvious the game was as rigged as Vince McMahon’s WWE WrastleMania. What a joke… but apparently Americans love to believe in fakery.

  • wehaveseenthisb4

    full disclosure not a Pat’s fan. Galdy admit they and Bill are probably the best ever, but game was lame. Pat’s offered little or no resistance for the first 3 quarters and got the hell knocked out of them. Totally uncompetitive. Lame. Falcons choked away lead in final quarter. Lame. Ryan holds ball to long is sacked and fumbles. Ryan on next possession on what should have been a running play to secure a FG and a two score lead takes a rookie sake. Followed by a holding call and Falons push themselves out of FG range and just stand around waiting to get beat after that. Lame.

    • Brisa25

      The Falcon head coach and offensive coordinator are solely responsible for the loss. Not playing for the FG late in the game was bonehead. You can bet that, if the score was reversed, NE would have run off tackle on second down and attempted the FG on third down (in case of a bad snap) and sealed the win. Game Management 101.

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  • cstahnke

    In the first half the commentators were remarking on how the Falcon’s defensive players were throwing themselves around the field swarming. They were younger, they were perhaps more athletic, and they ran out of gas at the end. We see this a lot in the NBA a team gets a big lead against a better team early on and then run out of gas in the fourth quarter. At the end the Falcons had nothing left plus they were crestfallen so New England easily dominated.

    As for those of you who think this is boring or fake, whatever. I’m sorry, though I appreciate soccer (football) only Aussie football wins my vote as a game that needs a wider audience. American football represents American society for better or worse–lots of equipment, rules, and constant “hitting” leading, eventually, to physical and neurological damage beyond that or any other sport. That’s who we are.

  • andrew1212

    Sorry–can’t watch NFL games anymore–way too much supportive of the military industrial complex.
    SB LI had former CIA Director GHW Bush do the opening coin toss, Raytheon sponsoring the “Hall of Patriots,” an endless string of ads for Navy Federal Bank and the actual propaganda from the branches of the US military (from the National Anthem to the actual ads directed at young adults which often presents the military as a fun adventure).

    On top of that, the NFL has little regard for the long-term health of its players. We all know about the brain concussions and CTE which drastically changes many players after their career in the NFL. Many former stars have committed suicide.

    There is also the extremely horrid tendency by Americans and the professional sports leagues to accept the fact that many players use banned performance enhancing substances. A recent documentary “The Dark Side” pointed out that players often know the schedule of their blood tests and are therefore able to beat the tests.

    Also in the documentary, a former MLB investigator states on the record that he believes a minimum of 20% of all pl,ayers on MLB 40-man rosters are using banned performance enhancing substances. It wouldn’t surprise me if the NFL rate of usage of banned substances is even higher–I wonder if the injury problems which so many teams face is a direct result of players using banned substances; all those harder hits seem to be taking a toll on every team. Some of the teams had over 40% of their payroll on the injured list–including a long string of quarterbacks.