5 Top Russian Diplomats Die In 3 Months–Plus Putin’s Chauffeur Died In Freak Car Wreck In September–and Former CIA Acting Director Mike Morell Told Charlie Rose He Would Assassinate Russians “To Make Them Pay A Price”

By Meryl Nass, M.D.  Dr. Nass is  a board-certified internist and a biological warfare epidemiologist and expert in anthrax. Nass publishes Anthrax Vaccine.

100 Strange Russian deaths

Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s UN ambassador since 2006,  died unexpectedly at age 64 in the consulate, two days ago.  And while it was said initially that Churkin died of a heart attack, that is not the case, according to his autopsy.

He is the fifth Russian diplomat to die unexpectedly in 3 months.  Turkish ambassador Karlov was shot at an art exhibition in December, Soviet Foreign Ministry officer Polshikov was shot in his Moscow apartment in December, Indian ambassador Kadakin died “from illness” in January, and Greek consul Malanin’s death in January is unexplained.

Putin’s chauffeur is the sixth politically important Russian to die recently and suspiciously.

Don’t forget that on Christmas day, a Russian military jet went down over the Black Sea, killing 60 members of the Red Army choir and 33 others.

Sergei Krivov, said to be a security officer, died in the Russian consulate in NY on election day 2016 from an undisclosed cause, possibly head trauma.

The video of Putin’s chauffeur crashing and dying (passenger less) looked like no ordinary wreck.

And here is another odd coincidence:  none of the western mainstream media have reported this spate of Russian diplomat deaths, at least not with my Google search.

Churkin’s autopsy did not show a heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism (all generally easily identifiable).  These are the 3 usual (non-drug) causes of sudden unexplained death. Following the autopsy, the NY Medical Examiner said that toxicology and other studies will need to be performed to determine why Churkin died.

This looks suspiciously like the Deep State (aided by rogue intelligence officers) trying to provoke Russia.  Or at least, send (several) messages to Putin, while sending another interesting message to Trump.

Six ways from Sunday

It appears that Trump may not be in control of his intelligence services, and furthermore, Churkin’s death happened in Trump’s home town.  Which is also the home of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who said Trump was “really dumb” to threaten the CIA“Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” Schumer told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on January 3, 2016.

Since when do Senators threaten Presidents in such an open manner?  These are no ordinary times.

Who is in control of assassinations of US ‘enemies’?  Who designates who our ‘enemies’ are? Recall that after JFK fired CIA Director Allan Dulles, and said he would destroy the CIA, it was Kennedy who got killed, while the CIA prospered.

Please watch this short Charlie Rose interview with former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell--it is really scary.  Morell talks about his plan to assassinate Russians (“to make them pay a price”) and kill Iranians, and destroy Assad’s helicopter or plane, on the ground, to send Assad a warning. The interview was broadcast August 8, 2016. And now, his threats have come true. Will Schumer’s also come true?

Last month, on “Meet the Press” Senator Lindsey Graham said Trump should make Russia pay a price for trying to interfere” in the election.  Are assassinations the price, despite no evidence being proffered that Russia hacked the election–and who is extracting the price? Who is calling the shots?

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  • Only Human

    There is no question that the CIA/Secret Government agencies can put down whomever they want whenever they want. If they wanted Trump dead he would be already. They are presently playing games with him because he is of use to them. Playing ‘nice’ is simply laughable to these people. Those in the innermost circle of power have no interest in human life except what they have to gain from it.

    TO ALL CONCERNED CITIZENS. Prepare yourselves for the new war of left vs right vs ? Not exactly a civil war but a covert war with no discernible front lines. Where destabilized factions try to undo anything that resembles common sense. It will be evil vs evil vs evil and anything that is actually good will be smeared with feces. Imagine Kissinger pissing on anything good and decent forever.

    • Hapax Legomenon

      Trump has his own private security as well as the backing of various military generals. The reason he isn’t dead is because he has the dirt on the CIA and can destroy them more easily than they can destroy him

      • kimyo

        if this is true, then why hasn’t he destroyed the cia? he’s not the type to fight with one hand tied behind his back.

        bonus points if you can explain exactly how he came into possession of the ‘dirt’.

        • james ha

          it isn’t true. trump has been in politics for all of 3 months now. he doesn’t have any dirt on the CIA that anyone else doesn’t also have.

      • Milli Vaniili

        Sheer naivete’. This Deep State is entrenched at all levels- not just the highest. At ground level it goes from your sayanim passing on a tip about a “denier” to the Lobby, up thru Lodge ranks to head of Freemasonry that picked off Lady Diana, Popes and JFK… One man can never handle all of this- nor even a hundred. Trump’s own family is infiltrated by Likud son in law and Trump is their slave. More owned and watched than even Nixon or Clinton ever were. Unlike them? When he leaves they office, they go home with him. Cant imagine a more ironclad cage.

      • gmatch

        Don’t forget the brother of Mrs. Devos (education) is Eric Prince of black water.

    • ActivistAngel

      I have to agree with Hapax. I think there are some serious good guys that have been awakened, and we have this world wide citizen’s investigation/uprising about the blackmailed “pedophiles” that have inserted their own throughout the political and judicial landscape. Trump and his security, (along with support from the military and law enforcement who are sick of having their investigations in to child “trafficking” shut down by “higher ups”) have baffled their attempts to assassinate him. Now they are calling out loudly for some lone wolf nut to do it, and no one is really showing up. Is this a spiritual battle? I don’t know any more. I just know that children need to be rescued. Nothing else matters to me.
      Beware if you look in to this. Some of the evidence about what these human demons do can cause severe terror and PTSD if you actually listen, like the latest Podesta/Skippy video. Watch a few seconds and then trust the rest of us is my recommendation. I have a high threshold and have been severely traumatized. God Bless and Protect our Children. Amen.

    • RamboTaco

      You watch way too much Alex Jones. The Union is not as divided as you want it to be…

  • ActivistAngel

    This blog is always amazing in it’s commitment to sources and verifiable links. Thank you.
    That video of the horrible “ex CIA” guy really makes me imagine he might be one of the blackmailed pedo-satanists that are finally being exposed. I hope people look deeply in to him.
    Remember, these child kidnappers like war, because it creates “child refugees” that can disappear in to their dungeons more easily. My story fighting this for 13 years below. God bless and protect our children.

    • Carl_Herman

      Thanks for the link and testimony, Activist Angel. Yes, I agree from close observation of our “leaders” they are some kind of demon or channels for them. They’re not entirely human because they’re without empathy and psychopathic. I think Elton John found out and tried to tell us, like here if you read the lyrics: https://youtu.be/4kVgrvOpf9A

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  • RamboTaco

    No such thing as “deep state” you cooks

    • kimyo

      it’s ‘kooks’, thank you. although i’m sure that many of us identify as epicures.

      kinda tough, though, to watch building 7 collapse without concluding that the ‘deep state’ exists.

      The Third Building Which Collapsed on 9/11 Was Not Hit By a Plane

      “Fire and impact were insignificant in all three buildings. Impossible for the three to collapse at free-fall speed. ”

      “It is virtually impossible for WTC building 7 to collapse as it did with the influence of sporadic fires. This collapse HAD to be planned.”

    • Carl_Herman

      Serve your “masters,” RamboTaco, they will pay you with what they serve.

      Of course, you can always reclaim your heart, if you want it.

  • Angel Talarico

    The hand of Deep State – Pax Judaica at work here….

  • hvaiallverden

    I have written it before, I can go out right now and make an person die of apparent hart attach, and that by inducing Insulin, either by needle or by eating/drinking it, and of the dose, witch is tasteless and dont smell, is sufficient high, it kills any ordinary person.

    And by the way, Russia will do nothing, Putin is the whining wimp of the millennium, and hides behind the fact that both country’s are run by Joooos.
    Why do you think the Jooos can do what they want and nobody is doing anything incl Russians, because most of the rotten scums are from Russia.

    Watch them sell out Syria, Russia and wankeestan is already giving Kurdistan (Israel 2.0) an green light and thats exactly whats in the Eretzh Israel plans of taking over the levante.
    And the war against Lebanon, also in the Troika of scams Russia/Trumpistand and the terror state Israel. And the Missile defense systems the Russians brags of is probably never even working, like the stupid Iron dome, where they dont hit anything apart from our earth, witch even I could do.

    Everything you know about this will come thru, and that with the help of Putin.

    Thats why I have stopped my reading on the Syrian theater because everybody is lying.
    Wanna bet.

    Never ever believe what Putin says, never ever believe anything, because like the Terror state Israel, they do what they want, and will crush the Levante, and the war against Iran is coming I ges within this year, and nobody is going to do anything with it, not the Ruskies nor the rotten Chines.

    Yeah, pragmatic, huh, I cal it for been an spineless mother f…..

    I know the war is coming, and Trump is the man whom will do it, of course to protect the Americans.
    Thru all this years, this time even I am worried, really worried.


    • mort

      Russia is controlled by “The Oligarchs” euphemism for Russian JEWISH Mob. Once called BOLSHEVIKS and COMMUNISTS aka JEWS. Trump also owned by them- in this case called CHABAD LUBAVICHERS & NEOCONs. USSR was never the enemy of jews, just another of their factions. They hate Arabs as much as Likud- because they are the same. Only diff is stylistic.

  • It is not a coincidence, but you are barking up the wrong tree. Bizarre coincidences do happen. Really, there is nothing up there. It is something else you are missing out on. This universe is a virtual reality created by an advanced civilisation and everything goes according to a script.

    On 28 June 1914 the Serb nationalist Gavrilo Princip shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand in his car in Sarajevo. Franz Ferdinand was the heir to the throne of Austria, which was a large empire at the time. This act kicked off World War I. The war ended with the Armistice of 11 November 1918 11:00 AM. The date is a bit strange because 11 November is 11-11. Even more peculiar is that the car in which Franz Ferdinand was killed bore licence plate number AIII 118. This can be read as Armistice 11-11-18.

    If this is not a mere coincidence, a likely explanation is that it is a script. This implies that every thought and action are part of this script, and that every mind, including yours and mine, is controlled by it.

  • PJ London

    PJ London a month ago :

    People, there is a long running civil war going on in the US.
    There are three factions.
    The MIC, with Boeing, Grumman, the Pentagon and all the minor companies (including Ford – GM et al.) supplying the big boys. The Pentagon are the enablers for the MIC as they provide the budgets and also get rid of the product, 3 bombs per hour every hour, not to mention writing off planes and ships and equipment at an alarming rate. They siphon off the taxes of the masses into profits for the shareholders and consultancies to the MIC. These owners operate in the shadows with Cheney – Rumsfeld (Halliburton – Carlisle) – Soros as their fronts.
    The Rothschild – Rockefeller – Energy – Oil companies with the major food and Pharma corporations. (Corprats) These are supported by, and the controllers of, the CIA who are the global and local enforcement arm for these organisations. TheCorprats force sickness and energy usage, with pollution, on the population purely to siphon off the earnings of the masses. They are led by the Banks with the Bush – Clinton Dynasty (very nasty) as their front-men.
    The MIC want endless wars and the Corprats want unfettered trade. They used to ‘share and share alike’ and ‘play nicely’ but now both are greedy and want to have the bigger share.

    Finally there are the masses, mainly dumb animals allowed to exist purely to provide production and permit the MIC and Corprats to channel that production into their pockets.
    The MIC – Corprats war has been hotting up since 9/11, the masses are only slowly getting involved as they are tired of being used.
    Trump has appealed to the slowly waking masses and has won the election, in spite of the best efforts of MIC and Corprats to get Clinton – Bush elected again.
    Trump has surrounded himself with ex-military men. Perhaps they are anti-MIC, time will only tell.
    He has surrounded himself with ex – Goldman Sachs people, perhaps they are anti-Corprats, only time will tell.
    Perhaps Trump has sold everyone a fake President, only time will tell.
    If you think that because of Nov 8 the war is over, you are stupid. It has only just begun and it will get nastier and nastier.
    Think of USA (and all the other countries) as a farm, you are the sheep and the chickens and the ducks and the cattle. You are only important as a source of income to the farmer and his sheep dogs. If you don’t like this then too bad. You don’t get a choice. When you stop being of value, or become a nuisance or threat, you will be culled.
    Read George Orwell (Animal Farm), twice, then realise that 100 years on, nothing has changed, nothing will.
    Edit added :
    Whether Trump will be ‘Napoleon’ or ‘Snowball’ only time will tell.

    • Carl_Herman

      Wow, PJ, that’s a sharp and concise overview; thank you.

      Yes, time will tell. If we win, it will happen in an “Emperor’s New Clothes” moment with enough .01% minions and We the Sheeple making the obvious recognizable to the entranced masses.

      Step by step.

      • PJ London

        Thanks Carl.
        The problem now is that with the computer-robot-manufacturing revolution, there is very little need for low level skills. 90% of the population are now ‘surplus to requirements’. Think Georgia stones and Bill Gates.
        Fortunately my kids are nearly 50 and their kids are their responsibility.
        What happens next?
        Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.
        I have booked my next incarnation on planet Qrtxtlplt in a galaxy far, far away.

  • garwain

    The Morrell interview illustrates what a psychopathic depraved POS he really is.

  • The greatest move Trump could make, both for saving countless billions of dollars and for peace and good order, would be to eliminate the CIA. Close it down entirely.

    It has always done a poor job at actually doing what people think it does, getting information.

    They are only successful at creating mayhem and death. A huge gang of vicious frat boys with a limitless budget and no effective oversight. A disgrace to good government.

    Readers may enjoy:



  • anon

    Watching Churkin’s last interview (for RT) and comparing his appearance with the Golden Boy who stepped in to work for Yeltsin, I was convinced he was on steroids which are often used in cancer treatments. He had a sort of rosy bloat. Thus it occurred to me he had been ill for a while, soldered on in a fog or reading and work-work-work and one morning just couldn’t go on, and was rushed to hospital, where he died.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    For anyone out there who wishes to learn more about the “New” (“Jew) World Order, go here:

    1) Is the New World Order “Jewish”?

    2) The “Jewish” Conspiracy is British Imperialism

    3) Banking Cartel is the Cause of Humanity’s Woes

    4) The Modern Anglo-Dutch Empire, by Robert D. Ingraham
    (Source: http://www.oaklandasp.comcastbiz.net)

  • Jim G

    The Saker (see Vineyard of the Saker) says no way, however he tends to be a bit naive. I would also not that Architects and Engineers for 911 truth says that the Collapse of the huge Plasco mall in Iran was a controlled demolition, and VT reported the family of the head Shia Imam in Syria was killed, and puled the story. Looks like revenge for losing in Syria to me, but I expect this is not the end of the line for anyone. From what I hear Trump intends to invade Iraq and Syria. McCain may have tried to start WW III, but Trump will finish the job!

  • Bob Mackenzie

    The US is wholling around in its own self interest each group trying to be the boss. Too many chiefs jocking for more power. It will slowly fall apart with infighting if it doesn’t get its proverbile shit together.