The War Horror Has Begun

Here we are on Day 5 of the Donald Trump presidency, and he’s got “special” forces of the U.S. military in two-thirds of the world’s nations. He’s engaged in serious occupation and/or bombing campaigns in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen. He just sent malicious robot airplanes armed with missiles to blow to pieces a bunch of vaguely-identified but never indicted “criminals” in Yemen. Their body parts were widely scattered and their loved ones devastated. The injured writhed in agony.

We made it through a presidential campaign in which a debate moderator asked if a candidate would be willing to kill thousands of innocent children, and in which Donald Trump promised to “kill their families” and “steal their oil.” And here we are on Trump’s very first Terror Tuesday, and he’s already in possession of the most expensive and extensive military machine ever seen on earth. His speed is remarkable. Already he has troops in 175 nations (and announcers are thanking them for watching sporting events as if it were all just normal).

A “Terror Tuesday,” for those who haven’t yet heard, is a day on which a president goes through a list of men, women, and children and picks which ones to have murdered. Don’t ask me where this tradition came from. The point is that it now belongs to President Trump, should he choose to make use of it. President Trump, need I remind you, is a Republican.

But various subordinates of the president have been authorized, or perhaps authorized themselves, to order drone murders. Those that occurred yesterday in Yemen were quite likely carried out without any involvement from Donald Trump, other than his responsibility under the Constitution for what his subordinates do.

Trump, in fact, was engaged in bombing the hell out of Mosul, Iraq, and parts of Libya as well, on the very day he was inaugurated, and even before he was inaugurated. He’s got 8,000 troops plus mercenaries, contractors, and allied troops adding up to over 40,000 people occupying Afghanistan — a war that his predecessor had ended. And he had this force in place even before inauguration. He’s got a major war underway in Iraq, another war famously ended by the guy who came before him. And this war, too, he started even before showing up in Washington.

Trump even went in person to the CIA on Day 1 and announced that the United States should have somehow stolen all of Iraq’s oil and might still do so. This created massive confusion among the journalists and approximately 8 members of the public who heard about it, because of course the U.S. military is in Iraq on the side of the Iraqi people (just don’t ask them) and so it would be nonsensical for the U.S. to attack Iraq.

Trump and those around him have also threatened war with China over the South China Sea, although when a journalist tried to get Trump’s press secretary to commit to it on Day 4, he declined.

Oddly, much of this new war horror show has passed without notice, as though it were somehow just a continuation of acceptable norms. What has horrified the press corps, however, is the danger that peace might break out in Syria, and further hostilities risking World War III with Russia might be delayed. Liberals are also quite upset that Trump might question claims coming out of the CIA.

So it’s not as though the public is completely failing to react to the new horrors of war. One might even go so far as to say that wide swaths of the U.S. public are behaving on the model of a Nobel Peace laureate.

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  • awb22

    Trump is not a Republican, just ask them. He ran on a Tea Party platform, or at least his version of it. He doesn’t owe anyone anything, even so, the media hasn’t skipped a beat in spinning their narrative.

    The greatest challenges facing Trump are domestic, with Congress, the Media, and the Left. It’s disingenuous to criticize Trump’s foreign policy. He can only play the hand he’s been dealt. Obama nearly destroyed this country continuing up until the day he left office, and it won’t be fixed in one day, or a hundred.

    National defense is one of the constitutional roles of government. Crying foul isn’t going to accomplish very much, in fact, it’s hard to tell in the article whether you’re criticizing Trump or Obama.

    Remember, 9/11 occurred at the end of Clinton’s 8 years, the Global Financial Crisis at the end of GWB’s 8 years. I’m not holding my breath to see what easter egg has been left for Trump, or maybe the totality of the worst POTUS in history is evil sufficient unto itself.

    Don’t paint Trump and Obama with the same brush, which is all you’ve done here. If fact, I reject your assertion Trump is merely following his predecessor’s lead in foreign policy. That would truly be the worst possible scenario, if it was even possible.

    Apparently, the only similarity between the two is that you disapprove.

    • David S

      Both the republican and democratic parties are the same. Some window dressing around the edges keeps the gullible thinking there are fundamental differences. The war machine rolls on. Bush’s foreign policies were the same as Clinton’s and Obama’s were the same as Bush’s, so it would be no shock to categorize Trump’s as the same has Obama’s. He could have signed an executive order stopping all the drone attacks but he didn’t. No reason so far to say he is not just another murdering, war-mongering president. If he too is not at war every day of his term in office (Obama being the very first president to achieve this) I will be quite shocked.

      • Mencken’s Ghost

        The left and right wings of the same bird of prey, agreed. So is this article missing the /sarc tag, David Swanson? Three of us are now wondering . . .

    • bs1174

      Very well said. Thank you.

  • Josh Stern

    The US is still waiting for its first anti-War President. In the meantime, Trump/Mattis apparently decided to actually attack CIA-backed ISIS on their first business day, while the mainstream, CIA-controlled press faithfully ignores the “fake news” story:

  • Jw

    Every article this author has written has been completely anti-trump and anti-truth. Look at the way he frames his story as if Trump just started these wars claiming “his speed is remarkable, he already has troops in 175 countries.” At the same time lying that Obama had ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another hack presenting Obama as a peace candidate even though he expanded the countries we are at war with from 4 to 7 and is the only president to ever be at war his entire 8 years of presidency. The war on truth continues even on this website.

    • Sharon Marlowe

      I read the article as sarcasm.

    • darcie dibasio

      The author said over and over that those troops were there, and the bombing was going on, and Terror Tuesdays, started BEFORE Trump’s inauguration. Get it? He’s telling you: It was OBAMA who was the most violent sociopath, the terrorist in the WH, who set up all that BEFORE Trump came into office. Obama also tried to get WWIII with Russia going – something Clinton had wanted so badly, to reward the military-industrial pirates who built Obama’s new “mini” ground-deployable NUCLEAR BOMBS.

      The article may have been a bit subtle for those who didn’t KNOW that Obama had been doing all that – bombing SEVEN nations and invading/doing black ops/taking out elected leaders and screwing with economies in many, many more.

  • RPDC

    Right on! Plus, it’s been two days now, and Trump has completely failed to invent a perpetual motion machine, or even solve a Unified Theory of physics.

    I apolgize for my outburst. It’s just that I’ve been expecting to be married to young Grace Kelly for 20 years now, and I’m stunned and furious every day that it hasn’t happened yet.

    • Mencken’s Ghost

      I’ve already f’d Morgan Fairchild, not even a week after the inauguration. Great things wait in the wings. };^D

  • Feudal Peasant

    Is this article serious or is this sarcasm?

    • ProgressiveReviewer

      Brilliant sarcasm……..however, many Americans didn’t know that Obama was the puppet of the military industrial corporatist globalists…….and had been bombing SEVEN nations for years, while deposing democratically elected leaders around the world to install world bank destroyers who killed citizens via starvation………Terror Tuesday is Obama’s delight.

  • Brian McKeever

    “Don’t ask me where this tradition came from.”

    What’s wrong with saying it came from Obama? That merely clarifies that this is an AMERICA problem and not just a Trump problem.