Lead U.S. Intelligence Agency Admits Wikileaks’ Democratic Emails Are Authentic

The U.S. government’s Director of National Intelligence – which directs and oversees the American national intelligence program and all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies – released a report today stating:

We assess with high confidence that the GRU relayed material it acquired from the DNC and senior Democratic officials to WikiLeaks. Moscow most likely chose WikiLeaks because of its self-proclaimed reputation for authenticity. Disclosures through WikiLeaks did not contain any evident forgeries.

So – whatever you think about Wikileaks – anyone claiming that the Wikileaks documents are forged or altered is wrong.

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  • diogenes

    So, if I understand this correctly, what these admittedly genuine leaked e-mails establish is that the corrupt Democratic Party rigged its primaries to defeat the nominee favored by the majority, Sanders, in order to insure the nomination of the candidate favored by the oligarchs who own and operate the party. And this means that whether true or false, all this noise about “the Russians did it” amounts to an attempt to cover up indisputable evidence of the Democratic Party and Clinton corruptly and illegally rigging America’s presidential elections by shouting “the Russians did it! the Russians did it!” — which, unlike the proof postiive — offered by other sources besides the leaked e-mails — of the criminal corruption of our election by the Democratic Party, is very much disputed and, in any case, beside the point.

    • blue579

      It’s much more complex and layered. Tavistock level social engineering has been evolving since before most of us were born, becoming a dominant social force by the 50s – 60s, dovetailing with the creation of Mockingbird and MK Ultra.

      That Assange is rudely dismissive of 9/11 Truth calling it “false conspiracy” should be a major red flag. Wikileaks served the middle east war agenda in its early days and now is poisoning the well of public opinion on the viability of representative govt to manufacture consent for a transformation to global totalitarian rule under authoritarian Technocracy. The frame is a false dichotomy, false dilemma.

      • diogenes

        Yes, thanks, you’re quite right. That is a major red flag — as major as it gets. But even so, part of the point of “the Russians did it” is to keep Americans thinking about, or even remembering, the treasonous Democratic Party’s subversion of the nomination process to prevent the nomination of the candidate favored by the majority of Americans but not by the majority of the 0.1% wealthy who own and rule America. Until that lesson sinks in, nothing will change for the better.

        • blue579

          I completely agree that we are being kept chomping at the bit that was the election circus orchestrated by the top of the pyramid cap using their usual smoke and mirrors to rob us of our birthright to choose our own destiny. It’s still about the Global Elite, represented chiefly by the International Banksters, relentlessly pulling our chains. Very well said, until that sinks in nothing will change and will likely get worse as a totalitarian technocracy steamrolls what’s left of our rights – much of it in seductive wrappings of government handouts tied to surveillance strings.

      • “That Assange is rudely dismissive of 9/11 Truth calling it “false conspiracy” should be a major red flag.”

        To the contrary.

        Assange trucks in facts and facts only. For him to spout a personal opinion based on no substantive and damning, leaked censored support would do exactly that which you accuse him of: It would turn Wikileaks into an Alex Jones staged, theatrical performance and forever discredit it as a legitimate source.

        • blue579

          If he doesn’t believe he can argue the points based on facts (e.g. Architects and Engineers for truth research) then he should say he can’t speak to the 9/11 Truth movement, rather than calling it a “FALSE conspiracy”. That’s a very different situation which should be a priority for any person claiming to be a humanitarian understanding that the mass middle east genocide and rise of the global police state are predicated on the 9/11 false flag fulcrum event.

          You think TPTB didn’t hesitate to assassinate JFK, RFK, and MLK, et al, run dozens of false flags (hundreds with Gladio) and yet are incapable of taking out Assange? He has all the earmarks of a CIA asset.

          • “If he doesn’t believe he can argue the points based on facts…”

            He doesn’t argue points that are freely discussed in the social media universe. He is an archivist of clandestine information gleaned and acquired by less than legal means for the enlightenment of the taxpaying public.

            He is not what you’d like him to be. He is legitimate and responsible in what he does.

          • blue579

            You clearly haven’t researched the evidence Assange is a CIA asset. Some of which I posted above.

            It’s wrong for him to accuse the 9/11 Truth movement of being a false conspiracy (not paraphrasing, his exact words to the Belfast Telegraph July 2010). Either he is lying or being intellectually lazy regarding one of biggest crimes in human history given the illegal wars it spawned.

          • So he’s been dispensatory towards your hobby-horse issue, or so you claim, while you don’t seem to give much of a fck. about anything else, other than your little tick…

            I see one guy with his tick here and another one with his over there both taking on the establishment elite.

            I think that we’re stronger together. And,I have a strong suspicion that the CIA does not endorse the notion of the public developing a sense of community and solidarity…

          • blue579

            The 9/11 false flag with the resulting mass genocide and rise of a global police state is a hobby horse issue? That’s absurd. A high profile person attacking 9/11 Truth is a strong piece of evidence he or she is serving the Establishment. I didn’t stop there, I provided other evidence and cited the analyses of two highly informed and respected progressive academics [as to motive, modus operandi, and Chussodovsky’s outlining of the process of “manufacturing dissent].

            You’re content to use simpleton thinking. Forget about lessons from Carroll Quigley and Antony Sutton, and the founding of Mockingbird in the 50s and how that has metastasized. NO DEEP THINKING ALLOWED. No thinking outside the box to fathom deep state duplicity.

            Of course we’re stronger when we work together to share information and learn from each other and learn from history. What you are arguing, though, is IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. Attack the messenger with shallow arguments. 9/11 Truth is hobby horse! Wow. That says it all.

          • So you want to kill wikileaks dead….make this source of whistleblower information disappear.


          • blue579

            That’s would be analogous to saying I want to kill all main stream journalism because it is controlled by the powers that shouldn’t be. Alt media has virtually no boots on the ground, so to speak. To shut down all media would make the world go blind. There are some journalists who try to shine whatever light they can within that corrupt construct that is the MSM. It’s a nuanced understanding.

            Come on, think smarter, not emotively. Don’t set up a straw man argument that I oppose whistleblowers because I believe we should not sit passively like baby birds with our mouths wide open taking in whatever is dropped in, that we need to be discerning.

            FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmonds called out Glen Greenwald for throwing NSA whistle blowers under the bus. She also has explained how Greenwald and Snowden are apparently intelligence operations. Does that mean she opposes leaks too? You’re not thinking outside the box, your mentally trapped in the Matrix quagmire of false solutions designed by Tavistock level operatives.

          • “FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmonds called out Glen Greenwald for throwing NSA whistle blowers under the bus. ”

            Perhaps Whistle blower wants to shut down outlets because she herself is a CIA plant?…

            Can you disprove this assertion? Perhaps you are a CIA troll? Just don’t go getting emotional and all that… ;(

          • blue579

            You don’t even know what Edmonds arguments were about Greenwald refusing to cover the stories of NSA whistleblowers caught under the crushing wheels of SPP at a critical time when Congress was reviewing SPP latitude to sequester testimony of illegal govt activities based on “for reasons of national security”.

            You apparently don’t know what Edmonds risked to expose govt corruption. That’s OK, remember “ignorance is strength”! It’s a lot easier to hurl ad hominems (“CIA troll”) than to do the necessary research and actually try to move beyond narrow points of view.

          • So Edmonds is a good CIA agent and you a lousy CIA troll…

            No. You are far too emotional and need to calm down by coming down to earth.

            Let Assange do what he does and Greenwald much the same. Let Sibel do what she does, as well…

            Lacking any proof either way it’s best that we remain emotionally detached and continue questioning authority the best we can.

            Maybe you are but I’m not an engineer so to me the assertions of 9/11 engineers need to be taken on board as faith. I do that. I believe (gut instincts, circumstantial information, etc.) that 9/11 was not what we’ve been led to believe and accept.

            But I have no reputation of trucking solely in leaked facts so I cannot be destroyed by those who otherwise could and would.

            Just get over it. There are other issues and developments that can help bring global fascism of the NWO down. Simultaneously, this global fascism could in a flash become a daunting success if the US plutocracy were willing to share the global neo-feudal spoils with their Russian and Asian counterparts…

            Anyway. Carry on if you feel you must.

          • eddysachs

            You just had your pants pulled down in public…so just crawl away…do everybody here & yourself a favor.

          • Have you yourself vetted Sibel Edmonds?!

            It’s he said she said either way with you leaning one way as opposed to the other based on what? emotional attachment to the idea that women are more nurturing? That Greenwalds’ politics are libertarian, What?!

            I can see Greenwald, Snowden and Assange being pulverized into the netherworld of conspiracy theories by the MSM, etc., – making all their whistleblower claims and materials instantly an object of ridicule.

            Your objectives: to smear whistleblowers as not to be trusted cooks seems to be tightly aligned with those of the deep state…sorry to say.

          • eddysachs

            You’re all over the map with disparate scattered bullcrap circumlocution..& obviously a weekend warrior/ couch potato ‘Archie Bunker’ with NO critical thinking skills in ‘evidence’ whatsoever…just unsubstantiated subjective ‘Opinions’

          • you convinced me.

          • blue579

            Thanks for proving my point.

          • eddysachs

            hahahahaha!…now that’s hilarious!…using ‘offense as a defense! …maybe you’re a Hasbra clown yourself!… as this is their preferred misdirection tactic you’re employing…’methinks thou protests too much’…the second thing they do is to demand ‘evidence’ …which means they’re too lazy to do the actual research themselves …again obfuscating the truth trying to pull it down into their mosh pit to be beaten to death with abject ignorance…you simply have not done the due dilligence research …or you’re just another egobound mouthpiece.

          • eddysachs

            …..to think that the combined NSA CIA Interpol Pentagon “spooks’ et al …cannot find & route out the source for Wikileaks is laughable …imagining a clandestine group of ‘civilians’ can keep this locked up hahahaha!…obviously ‘Willileaks’ is a Psy-Op & Ass-ange & Snowjob are cointelpro ‘actors’….try hanging on the two thoughts at once instead of your inherent ‘Cog / Dis’ reverting back to your ‘comfort zone’ of a confabulated simulacrum replacing existential reality

          • eddysachs

            Thinkin you’re the only blood sucking Tick here

          • eddysachs

            So now you revert to ‘below the belt’ disingenuous aspersions!?…thing is …you could be the smartest guy in the room & still have the “Emotional IQ” level of a 12 yr old!…. & appear ludicrous & absurd to those that have actually done the homework.
            ..your sophistry is risible & fatuous (imo)

      • blue579

        Regarding evidence Assange is a CIA asset is the research uncovered by investigative journalist Lila Rajiva demonstrating Assange’s ties to the Establishment elite, his having a Rothschild lawyer, statements in the past contrary to his pro-democracy persona presented in the MSM.
        >Assange ignoring the plight of whistleblower Andrea Davison seeking asylum in Ecuador at the same time he was. Davison being privy to the same information on Iraq WMDs that led to the assassination of UK whistle blower Dr. David Kelly.
        >> Cogent arguments made by NWO researchers Dr. Michel Chossodovsky and Dr. Webster Tarpley Wikileaks is CIA operation and Assange their asset.
        >> >Assange having grown up in an Australian eugenicist cult called the The White Brotherhood that was directly tied to a psychiatric institute received LSD from the CIA (MK Ultra?). https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e5eaccd746efd30f5449389ded64a7b3bfef1b570b1971f884230acca989b9fd.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/96c8c87ddc71b98c9291246fee3d6f5ba11afd3f53e9d17fd4ae46a08e810bb0.jpg

  • leftover

    So……the Russians attempted to “undermine the US-led liberal democratic order” by telling us the truth?
    How diabolical.

    • blue579

      Though not the Whole truth. Russian Elites are equally busy constructing the same Orwellian techno gulag as the west under the banner of Agenda 2030, euphemistically called Strategy 2030 (Vision 2030 in the wealthy Gulf oil nations)….tightly interlocking via treaties and multinational corporation deep integration, esp. focused on resources (oil, oceans, seas, fresh water).

      The “leaks” offered by 9/11 Truth denier (Assange) represent Kabuki theater to keep the proles down and distracted.


    • Gilfavor

      Totally friggn brilliant comment leftover. I’ve preached your one line sermon for 2 months now. falling on deaf ears with hands over them. . . .

  • blue579

    Most high profile “leaks” are real. Daniel Ellsberg is the perfect example. Intelligence & black ops use the material for directed spin, information saturation (“nonlinear disinformation warfare”), and limited hangouts.

    Contrast the seemingly never ending dark energy given to engineered leaks with the ugly fight over the revelations of CIA drug running that resulted in the assassination of Gary Webb.

    • ICFubar

      If the apex elites didn’t have Assange and Wikileaks to snipe at each other with they would invent such a site….or did they? Much further down the grid we see their managerial staff do the drug running and other chores.

      • blue579

        Absolutely, you get it.

        Added “bonus” for the apex elites is as they dismantle their system on the path to totalitarian technocracy any bona fide whistle blowers who might expose their dirty deep state hands would likely turn to controlled op Wikileaks.

        • ICFubar

          Aye, and get a 35 year prison sentence, besides the ‘soft’ torture,as Chelsea Manning did, supposedly turned in by a friend?

          • blue579

            Exactly, Manning being a case I often cited myself of how real whistle blowers and thorns in the side tend to be dealt with.

            Very well said nutshell of how it all works. We’re on the same wavelength. The patterns unmistakable. Snowden another example of more of the same. Rappoport did a great job deconstructing the dyslogia of the entire narrative. Then there’s Greenwald who Sibel Edmonds exposed as a shill when as he threw NSA whistleblowers under the bus during his State Secret Privilege reporting assignment. Ebay billionaire and NSA lover Pierre Omidyar acting as sugar daddy funding a home base for Greenwald (The Intercept). Omidyar and the usual suspects who backed Facebook are bankrolling Singapore based Lenddo which is developing algorithms for China style Social Credit Scores for the rest of the planet, the ultimate in Pavlovian Skinner box instant real time conditioning on the individual level. Hard to get people to weave the threads. Smart phones shortening attention spans even more. Thanks for the reminder fleeting encounters of sane enlightened souls in the Matrix is still possible.

          • ICFubar

            Other thorns such as Hastings, Monica Petersen or the Clinton body count just to name some on the American scene.. I didn’t cotton on to Snowden a first but had that feeling that something wasn’t right as he wandered free and untouched but was able to contact MSM (meaning in the pay of) Greenwald et al as what I thought at the time an odd choice and would have been given away by GG as to his location if for some bizarre reason they didn’t already know he was in Hong Kong. I have to figure the elites and their staff have technologies at least 20 years more advanced than what the public has. Edmonds/Corbett/Rappoport, as you point, put all the pieces into place. However, even Edmonds/Corbett and others seem very reluctant to dig into the Pedogate revelation to any great degree. It is as if that subject is the third rail, or as if a circular was put out warning of serous consequences for anyone thinking of delving too deeply into those going ons or mentioning the warning?. Been nice to make your acquaintance.

          • blue579

            Same here, thanks. Cheers.

          • eddysachs

            Absolutely…gottaluv the candid observation of the empirical ‘facts’ presented by ‘Blue’….when the TPTB have orchestrated deliberately to offer up a ‘simulacrum as proffered instead via being switched in the place of said ‘Facts’
            …People would do well to understand exactly what the dire implications are inherent in Blue’s warning of the rapid approach looming directly over top of us All!… by the NWO juggernaut of a criminal corporate global hegemony acting in concert for the total “Energy Credit’ digital scam/Agenda 2030 masking the globalist 0.01% conspiracy of total enslavement of We the 99%…I kid you not!

  • ICFubar

    Now can the public get back to actually having a discussion on the importance of the Podesta emails or is the ruling clique in Washington going to continue to try and sidetrack what must be acknowledged and investigated with more fake news? In actuality the whole of American governance and politics may be so riddled with corruption and rotted to the core that it is beyond saving and this needs to be addressed by the public within itself to the exclusion of the ruling bodies as anathema to any worthwhile correspondence.

    • Rachel

      i fear that the podesta emails are about to be buried in the proverbial rabbit hole. They are refusing to address the issue at all except that they tell us that his emails were hacked in an effort to destroy Clinton’s and I suppose others–reputations. I suppose that by their saying so, we are to believe that all the weird pizza, hot dog etc texts were put there by the Russians?!! Don’t even get me started on the tweets of jimmy comet alefantis

      • ICFubar

        Yes, even bigger than the political fix within the DNC connected to the Podesta emails is the scary and very disturbing specter of a vast network of a child sex, torture and satanic cult rituals within the ruling class. For God’s sake if we can’t draw a line at adult to adult in free association and stringently and universally protect children and their innocence what kind of sick society do we live in?

  • MyWikiDisQus

    I thought the presidential election is over. The electoral college votes were cast on December 19 in favor of Mr. Trump. The U.S. Congress affirmed the vote yesterday, January 6th. President-elect Trump’s coronation will happen in thirteen days on January 20th. There is no legal recourse left to the DNC stratagem to challenge the authenticity of the new executive coming to power.

    Perhaps the MSM / Hollywood propaganda machine continues to stir cold political ashes in the hope a spark of dissent will emerge to ignite the progressive egalitarians to rise up from the dead. It’s not going to happen; these people live in La La Land, like the recent movie.

    The focus of the nation must now be on two fronts; the national economy and a foreign policy of fair trade in commerce. This translates to putting the American people back to work and to engage with other sovereign countries to work together for mutual benefit. Work builds self-esteem, government subsidy makes the citizenry shiftless; their lives descend into a malaise of pity and pathetic squabbles.

    Let’s move forward, get stuff done.

  • desertspeaks

    and the fakestream media CONTINUES TO IGNORE THE TRUTH that 1) wikileaks was truthful the entire time 2) THE DNC CONSPIRED WITH HILLARY TO STEAL THE ELECTION FROM SANDERS..
    Um isn’t election rigging a FELONY?

    But lets play blame the russians! pathological lying psychopaths

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, what fascinates me, is that, they haven’t even investigated the DNC,, nope, they got an transcripts from an 3 part, yeah, how, ugh…… forget it.
    And since they haven’t seen anything, other than whats been them given, they manage to conclude on things, witch isnt even read, and on top of it, do correct me if I am wrong, you have to physically connect to any given voting machine out there in the Imperial banana republic Wankeestan, huh.
    And they claim it altered the election, and to me, whom is an self proclaimed pot head, I can remember that Trump was in the lead BEFORE the leak comes riding in from the “east” hehe, but the leaks solidified what everybody knew, the Bitch must never become the president, rotten scums all of them, and we all know it.
    The fact that They ignored it, is what we drool about to day, and that’s Their problem, and now they push for an cup.
    Of an banana republic worthy.

    This, hehe, is so f…. lame it hurts, and whom on earth is the ones behind this nonsense, witch eventually even an Ipad loving Mongolian sheep herder know by now, is so ridiculous that this is humiliating your land not anyone else, Wankees.
    This is just what I bothered to think about right now.
    They are committing downright god old fashion, by all the books available, and laws even carved in stone, treason, high degree treason since this is about Hitting an elected president whom won by all means, legally as its been shown, and making sure that He never becomes the president, that is obscuring the will of the people, and the legislation protecting the elected and to be, president and the country from this kinds of treason.
    Do enlighten us/me if I am wrong.

    Hehe, talk about parallel reality’s.
    The ministry’s of truth.
    F….. fruit-cases all of them.

    There is ONLY one solution to this sherade, fire them all.
    And while we are at the Russians, happy new year, since they follow the Orthodox calendar.


    • notlurking

      Keep hitting that weed…..I agree with you……we need to blow some of that smoke in their neoliberal/neocon faces……

  • Zaphod Braden

    The head of the CIA Brennan converted to the Saudi version of Islam (Wahhabi) and Obama is also a closet Muslim and together they are working in the shadows in an all out attempt to stop Trump tomorrow. If the American people sit by and let this happen they will lose it all.

    The FBI & CIA have such a history of corruption, incompetence, and screw-up failures how can anyone take anything they say seriously? MANY books have been written about how foul they both are. Their malfeasance and misfeasance is legendary . they are a “Continuing Criminal Enterprise”. I don’t know who they work for but they do not work for AMERICA.
    Every person clamoring for war should be PUT in the front lines. Every time some clown agitates for military action demand THEY pick up a rifle and lead the charge.
    “US Officials Say Russia Approval of Trump Win Is ‘Evidence’ of Hacking” ……. really? Then ISRAELI approval of the US response to the 9/11 WTC attacks is PROOF of Israeli complicity in the attacks.

    DADDY Bush — CIA Director.
    Bill Clinton SNITCHED on his anti-war Comrades TO the CIA (as did Hillary)
    BABYBush — well.
    Obama CIA ASSET … seemed to rise out of total obscurity (a hallmark of intelligence assets)

  • JerseyGalAP

    I think you’ve got half of it right. I believe Seth Rich (DNC director of voter expansion data) was a Bernie Supporter and when he stumbled upon some data that was questionable, he ran with it and leaked it to Wikileaks because he KNEW nothing would be done about it had it been handed over to the American Authorities. Too bad he was murdered on July 10th.
    Cops said it was a robbery gone wrong. Yet, he had his watch, phone and wallet on him. And shot multiple times in the back. Yeah, that sounds plausible.

    More people need to be reading the damn emails rather than regurgitate “The Russians did it” .

  • Joe Blow

    “…because of its self-proclaimed reputation for authenticity.”

    Its 100% accuracy record. If they don’t “self-proclaim” the sold out msm would never say it.

    This latest attack on free speech and citizen jouralism is despicable and a clear indication of their level of desperation.

  • TellTheTruth-2

    LEAKS … not hacks … did Hillary in. Bernie Sander’s supporters GOT EVEN with her for cheating him out of the nomination. If the Dems want to clean house, they need to get rid of the Super Delegates .. (right click) … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Democratic_Party_superdelegates,_2016

  • Vlad TheSkewerer

    Its evident from the lack of libel suits from some of the most powerful, connected and wealthy people in the country that the leaks are legit. Since Clapper has lied to Congress before I am mystified as to why he’s not in jail let alone testifying again. And where are all these other 16 heads that agree on this at, I want them all under oath on this. You want to start on “I have all 94 merit badges offered by the Woodchuck Society!” I want to see some proof!

  • Rosebud

    So, why harp on the messenger instead of the message he bears?

    • blue579

      Know thy enemy at the top of the pyramid cap and their modus operandi to use ordo ab chao. Question everything openly and with as much input as possible to see the forest coming into view, i.e. the global gulag getting its finishing touches.

  • Josh Stern

    Re: Speculation about “Assange is a CIA asset” or similar speculation about other people.

    There are lots of different types of assets. Some are actual CIA recruits undercover, some are not official but regularly receive $$$, and some are simply people that had an unstated understanding of some sort.

    John Perkins “New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” is a great book to read in terms of understanding the unstated way that an asset can be developed. He knew he was some kind of Spook asset but he wouldn’t have been able to prove that in court. He knew he was bribed and threatened, but he wouldn’t be able to prove that in court. Eventually he retired, in stages, from doing what they wanted him to do, and eventually he broke free by wrting a tell all book. He believed there was at least 1 attempt made on his life because of that, and he is careful.

    An asset doesn’t necessarily do everything the CIA wants them to do, and they don’t necessarily stay and asset. Assange has already been attacked, indicating he was absolutely not uniformly cooperative – that doesn’t say he was ever an asset, but if he was, he wan’t uniformly cooperative. Even if he was cooperating, Wikileaks is an org with other people who might not be. So outright lying might be a no go anyway.

    Best to try to be skeptical of all public sources while looking at which combos of evidence are hardest to fake and bluff about.

    • blue579

      Great points and well said. I often try to make these distinctions and then urge activists to not get trapped in a quibbling quagmire of labeling the putative assets. imo, it’s more important for us collaborate via open source dialogue, information sharing, and logic checks to get past the spin and limited hangouts…..the gateways to disinfo, social engineering, and mind control.

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