U.S. Aristocracy Panics that Maybe Trump Is Serious

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at strategic-culture.org

On January 2nd, the U.S. Republican Party’s Wall Street Journal headlined “Tensions Within GOP Rise Over How to Handle Russia”, and reported that the policy toward Russia by the incoming Republican President Donald Trump is being opposed not only by Democrats in the U.S. Congress, but also by some Republicans, and perhaps even by enough Republicans to jeopardize confirmation of his nominee for U.S. Secretary of State, as well as some nominees for other crucial diplomatic and military positions.

A key insightful passage in that news-report was: “‘What you are seeing on Russia within the Republican Party is in some ways more a symptom of realignment across the board within American political parties,’ said Matthew Rojansky, director of the Washington-based Kennan Institute. ‘This speaks to something very critical that’s going on in our political system right now.’”

Trump is being significantly opposed by both Parties regarding his foreign policies, even though his domestic policies are being opposed on a far more partisan basis, by Democrats, and have a higher chance of congressional passage than his international initiatives do, because of the almost-solid support for his domestic policies on the part of Republican members of Congress — and because Republicans control both the Senate and the House.

The “realignment across the board within American political parties” is actually a realignment only in the field of foreign policy — not at all in domestic policy. What used to be “Republican foreign policy” ever since the time of Richard Nixon, has been called “neoconservatism” — referring to a hard line against communism and then against Russia and any country that’s friendly toward Russia — but the incoming Republican President Trump campaigned consistently against neoconservatism, and now Democrats are almost solidly neocons, while some Republicans are actually joining the Republican President in condemning neocons.

Whereas Trump is generally called “conservative” on his domestic policy statements, he could possibly turn out to be more of a “progressive” than his Democratic Party predecessor, President Barack Obama, was, regarding foreign affairs. And this terrifies the U.S. aristocracy in both of the political Parties, because the U.S. aristocracy — both its Republicans and its Democrats — has been solidly neoconservative: they are virtually united, on this, against Trump.

The U.S. aristocracy control not only the major American corporations, but all influential ‘news’ media; and their shared fear and loathing for incoming U.S. President Donald Trump is clear, even though he himself is one of them. Nobody knows what will happen to the U.S. government under his stewardship, but the fear amongst almost all of the other aristocrats is that maybe Trump hasn’t only been pretending to want a ‘populist’ government — they fear that he might really have such revolutionary intentions. They are consequently afraid: might it really be the case that a revolution — especially one transforming America’s foreign policies, which are the policies that are of the greatest interest to aristocrats (more even than domestic policies are) — will be led by a member of their own class? Is the ruling class — the thousand or so of them in the U.S. — perhaps now splitting, in a way that is far more meaningful than the merely superficial (rhetorical) distinctions that still remain between America’s two major political Parties, the Republicans and the Democrats?

The old ideological political alliances within the United States have now utterly broken down, and the reason is that in recent decades, both the right and the left had been controlled behind the scenes, by America’s billionaires and centi-millionaires, who are virtually unanimous on some policy-issues (so that the U.S. has a one-party government on these matters), with no significant ideological dissent amongst the U.S. aristocracy on those key issues, especially about continuing the old ideological Cold War against communism, switched now into a purely nationalistic and increasingly hot war against Russia, as allegedly an evil and imperialistic nation in ways that the United States itself is supposedly not (but actually is even more so than Russia or any other nation in the world, and widely recognized as such, except inside the United States itself, where the aristocracy’s ‘news’ media hide this ugly nationalistic fact about the land they control — the fact of America’s being the world’s most aggressive nation). America’s super-rich have no objection against the government that they control conquering others, like the Iraq-invasion in 2003, and the U.S. coup overthrowing and replacing the democratically elected and Moscow-friendly President of Ukraine in 2014, and aiding jihadists in Syria to overthrow Syria’s pro-Russian secular government; and the phone-tapping of all Western leaders including Angela Merkel and generally practicing cyber-invasions everywhere in the world — but they and their agents allege that Russia is doing these things even worse than America is, and needs to be punished by the ‘virtuous’ U.S. government for (allegedly) doing what the U.S. actually does far more than any other nation in the world.

Though Trump has reversed himself on many things that threaten the U.S. aristocracy, such as by his saying he won’t, after all, prosecute Hillary Clinton for her crimes (which were never really investigated under Obama’s regime — and protecting the legal immunity of aristocrats is crucial to the aristocracy of both political Parties), Trump still hasn’t — now just days before entering the White House — reversed himself regarding his intention to improve relations with Russia.

Becoming even more hostile toward Russia is almost a unanimous goal of the U.S. aristocracy. They’re thus rebelling against him, in their ‘news’media, and they won’t stop trying to cripple his Presidency unless and until he relents on this, turns around, and continues, ever-hotter than before, their (under Obama, increasing) ‘Cold War’ against Russia: going beyond even what President Obama has been doing (coups, invasions, sanctions, etc.), aiming to replace the Russian government’s allies by the American government’s allies, and thus to isolate and weaken Russia, ultimately to take over Russia itself.

During the early years of the Cold War, America’s Republican Party and their ‘news’ media, especially insisted upon increasing the war against the Soviet Union; but, now, in the purely nationalistic war against Russia, it’s instead Democratic Party politicians and ‘news’ media, who are especially fervid to conquer Russia. Republican Party ‘news’ media, such as Fox ‘News’, are now considerably less hateful toward Russia, no longer obsessed against it, like the Democratic Party’s ‘news’ media have become — thereby switching political roles.

Consequently, too, for example, the Democratic Party’s Washington Post is doing everything they can to encourage U.S. conquest of Russia, such as by spreading fake ‘news’ stories against the few small independent Western newsmedia that are pointing out the lies (especially the ones against Russia) in such media-giants; and some of the Republican Party’s ‘news’media now are even doing in-depth actual news-reporting about the fraudulence of the Democratic Party’s ‘news’media, on these matters that are of such intense interest to America’s aristocrats.

Excellent examples of this phenomenon are provided by the various ‘news’media of the rightwing-populist Alex Jones, which featured, on New Year’s Day, the video “Dems Want War With Russia To Stop Trump”, and an associated investigative news report from their Mikael Thalen, “Washington Post Stirs Fear After False Report of Power Grid Hack by Russia”, exposing the WP’s lying propaganda for “War With Russia” — Democrats’ (and a few Republicans’) lies basically to promote unsubstantiated allegations by the Obama regime, that ‘Russian hacking’ is a danger both to American ‘democracy’, and to American national security.

That “War With Russia” video (at 5:00-) presents the futurist, Gerald Celente, discussing liberal Democrats who were saying, totally without evidence, such things as “Vermonters and all Americans should be both alarmed and outraged that one of the world’s leading thugs, Vladimir Putin, has been attempting to hack our electric grid, which we rely upon to support our quality of life, economy, health, and safety.” The infamous 1950s Republican, Joseph R. McCarthy, has thus non-ideologically returned from the grave, now, in the guise of liberal Democrats (or should that instead be ‘Democrats’?), as part of the U.S. aristocracy’s war to force the Republican President, Donald Trump, to join the tradition that the Republican President George Herbert Walker Bush established, on 24 February 1990, of treating Russia as being America’s enemy, no longer communism as being America’s enemy.

These people simply can’t draw enough of other people’s blood. Bram Stoker might be shocked that reality has thus produced ghouls who would make Stoker’s own legendary vampires seem like angels by comparison. Will Trump perform the role of Stoker’s hero, Abraham van Helsing here, or instead become just another of the vampires himself (which all of America’s major, and most of its minor, ‘news’media are demanding)?


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  • diogenes

    It would be more accurate to write “the Wall Street Journal’s Republican Party” rather than “the Republican Party’s Wall Street Journal,” as Zeusse does in his persistent effort to pretend that the Two Party system is not a one party hoax, but it would be still more accurate to speak of both the Wall Street Journal and the Republican Party as mouthpieces of the oligarchs of Wall Street, the one in a thousand, 160000 families among 320 million of us who own and operate America Inc., including its “democratically” (ho ho ho) elected (whore whore whore) fake government.

    • awb22

      Having only recently had the epiphany that modern Judaism is as bad as Islam, and less recently that the central banks are the root of most of the evil in the world, it squares my reservations about the ashkani jews being the ruling class of Israel, and how liberals are able to reconcile their views with being Muslim sympathizers.

      It’s to be accepted that both parties are opposite sides of the same coin. Ron Paul could have run as a 3rd party candidate, but choose to run within the two party system, thereby paving the way for a Trump candidacy as a Tea Party candidate. Sanders was an Occupy candidate, the other populist movement in the US, both sides with a common enemy, the status quo, the establishment.

      Having a common enemy, the two sides should join forces. In fact, Sanders came out this week and stated Trump is right about Pharma. Trump will need plenty of support to take on the bureaucrats in DC. The last administration to attempt to do so was the Carter administration, and we see how well that went. But Carter didn’t have the power of the Internet at his finger tips.

      Let’s pray for Trump and our elected representatives at all levels of government. They’re going to need it, and us.

      • Franco Caussio

        Get ready when Trump announces to the American populace that the US Dollar is pegged to the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights: financial instruments denominated in Dollars will be worth only 40% of what they are quoted today to begin, and that irreversible decling trend on purchasing power will get worse as soon as HYPERINFLATION arrives to US shores…have you heard about the upcoming CURRENCY CRISIS? If not, then educate yourself.

        Also ask yourself, why the reality-show entertainer announced to the public that he got out of the stock market way before he was SELECTED to become the next president.

        Trump was SELECTED by the elites to become the next president simply to preside over the BANKRUPTCY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and to facilitate the secession of key states in this failed union (specifically CA and TX).

        End of story

        • awb22

          That’s one theory. There’s a far simpler and thus more likely scenario, that Trump is a spoiler, and that’s what we’re seeing.

          How either side attempts to exploit the situation and gain advantage remains to be seen. It’s not a foregone conclusion as you’ve inferred.

        • USA_objector

          Sure, Franco. We sure saw how much the elites are behind Trump! The billions they put into pro-Trump PACs! The way Deep State forced @CNN and @NBCNews to support Trump! And sure, at 70 years of age, Trump would want to disrupt his entire life to take this job because he . . . well . . . he’s an EGOMANIAC. Okay, I think I’m following you.

          End of story? Nah, just the beginning. #MAGA

  • jadan

    Trump is not a populist. Trump is an oligarch and a member of what Zeuss calls the aristocracy. Not all aristocrats belong to the ruling establishment. Trump styles himself anti-establishment. We are witness to an internecine struggle within the elite to displace one establishment view with another, ie, Trump’s new establishment faction. Trump is challenging the power of the secret intelligence agencies to set the foreign policy objectives of the civilian government. He is asserting the right of civilian control over the military, essentially. He speaks of “restructuring” the CIA, which would once have been called a “purge”. A new presidency purges the old from its ranks. Trump will attempt to purge the secret intelligence bureaucracy and reassert the constitutional presidential power. Obama was a CIA asset, as were his mother and her parents. Trump has no such cozy relationship and will not be rules by the shadow government, which is what the CIA is. It is merely a tool for the president, but has become the tail that wags the dog. Trump is beginning to realize just how difficult it is to confront these slimy spooks and their calculated lies. I wish him well.

    • diogenes

      “Trump is not a populist.” Ya think?