Trump Kills TPP … Wins Praise of Bernie Sanders, Labor Leaders and Other Progressives

Obama backed the horrendous Trans Pacific Partnership.

Trump has just killed it.

The Teamsters and other union leaders – traditionally a solid part of the  Democratic base, who endorsed Hillary Clinton – praised Trump for driving a stake in the heart of the corporatist power grab (which would have destroyed privacy and the ability of signatory nations’ to follow their peoples’ wishes) … and had an “excellent” meeting with Trump today on labor issues.

Bernie Sanders praised Trump for stopping TPP, and said he’d work with Trump on trade.

Other Democrats in Congress are praising Trump’s move, as well.

Note: One of the main campaigners against the TPP (Public Citizen’s Lori Wallach) noted shortly after Trump won the election:

The election of Donald Trump did not kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).


But the Obama administration’s relentless push for the TPP did help elect Trump. 


Did we have to get to this to end the era of smug Democratic and Republican political elites scoffing at the notion that trade is a salient political issue — and relentlessly pushing more of the same policies to the detriment of a voting bloc otherwise known as a majority of our fellow Americans?

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  • diogenes

    Obama didn’t “back” the TPP, the Wall Street oligarchs who own the Democratic Party (and the Republican Party, and the media) backed it and he did what he was told, as usual. The perfect continuity between Obama’s regime and Bush II’s shows who Obama worked for. And it wasn’t us.

  • NOS

    I am only waiting for this administration’s take on the H1-B visa that has zombified American IT workers.
    Go for an interview at Microsoft and somebody would tell you in the face that they prefer to wait for their Indian candidate and will call you back only if their preferred candidate has a visa issue!!! Yes, this is in America.