Trump Aims to Cut the Neocon Deep State Off at the Knees

I have long held that America’s Deep State–the unelected National Security State often referred to as the Shadow Government–is not a unified monolith but a deeply divided ecosystem in which the dominant Neocon-Neoliberal Oligarchy is being challenged by elements which view the Neocon-Neoliberal agenda as a threat to national security and the interests of the United States.

I call these anti-Neocon-Neoliberal elements the progressive Deep State.

If you want a working definition of the Neocon-Neoliberal Deep State, Hillary Clinton’s quip–we came, we saw, he died–is a good summary: a bullying, arrogance-soaked state-within-a-state pursuing an agenda of ceaseless intervention while operating a global Murder, Inc., supremely confident that no one in the elected government can touch them.

Until Trump unexpectedly wrenched the presidency from the Neocon’s candidate. The Neocon Deep State’s response was to manufacture a mass-media hysteria that Russia had wrongfully deprived the Neocon’s candidate (Hillary Clinton) of what was rightfully hers: the presidency. (The Neocons operate their own version of the divine right of Political Nobility.)

The Neocon-Neoliberals’ strategy was to delegitimize Trump’s victory by ascribing it to “Russian Hacking,” a claim that remains entirely unsubstantiated. Now that this grasping-at-straws Hail Mary coup attempt by a politicized C.I.A. and its corporate media mouthpiece has failed, the Neocon Deep State is about to find out the Progressive Deep State finally has a president who is willing and able to cut the Neocon-Neoliberals off at the knees.

Trump Is Working On A Plan To Restructure, Pare Back The CIA And America’s Top Spy Agency.

If you want documented evidence of this split in the Deep State–sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Nobody in the higher echelons of the Deep State is going to leak anything about the low-intensity war being waged because the one thing everyone agrees on is the Deep State’s dirty laundry must be kept private.

As a result, the split is visible only by carefully reading between the lines, by examining who is being placed in positions of control in the Trump Administration, and reading the tea leaves of who is “retiring” (i.e. being fired) or quitting, which agencies are suddenly being reorganized, and the appearance of dissenting views in journals that serve as public conduits for Deep State narratives.

I have also long held that Wall Street’s political dominance is part and parcel of the Neocon-Neoliberal ideology, and the progressive elements in the Deep State also want to (finally) limit the power of the big banks and the rest of the Wall Street crowd.

Is the Deep State Fracturing into Disunity? (March 14, 2014)

The split in the Deep State is a reflection of the profound political disunity that is occurring in the U.S. In other words, it isn’t just disunity in the masses or the political elites–it’s a division in all levels of our society.

The cause is not difficult to discern: the concentration of wealth and political power in the hands of the few is generating levels of inequality that threaten democracy, the social order and the vitality of the economy:

As someone who has studied the Deep State for 40 years, I find it ironic that so many self-identified “progressives” do not understand that the U.S. military is now the Progressive element and it’s the civilian leadership–the Neocon-Neoliberals– who are responsible for leading the nation into quagmires and handing the keys to the chicken coop to the wolves of Wall Street.

When military leaders such as Eric Shinseki questioned the Neocon’s insane “strategy” in Iraq–essentially a civilian fantasy of magical-thinking–the Neocons quickly cashiered him (Shinseki was a wounded combat veteran of Vietnam who rose through the ranks–the exact opposite of the coddled never-get-my-hands-dirty Elites in the civilian Neocon-Neoliberal leadership.)

To the degree that the U.S. has become a Third World Oligarchy owned and controlled by a financial-political Elite, then the U.S. military is one of the few national institutions that hasn’t been corrupted by top-down politicization and worship of Wall Street.

Shinseki et al. did not amass a fortune from Wall Street like Bill and Hillary Clinton. The simple dictum–follow the money–maps the lay of the land rather neatly.

The Neocon-Neoliberals have run the nation into the ground. They must be fired and put out to pasture before they do any more harm. That includes the Fake-“Progressives” and the fake-“Conservatives” alike who have enriched themselves within the Neocon-Neoliberal Oligarchy.

If you are surprised that the Democratic Party, the C.I.A. and Wall Street are all hugging each other in the same cozy Neocon-Neoliberal Oligarchic embrace, you shouldn’t be. Open your eyes.

Could the Deep State Be Sabotaging Hillary? (August 8, 2016)

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  • diogenes

    And how does Trump’s slated appointment of a Sullivan & Cromwell partner to the SEC fit with your hypothesis, Mr Smith? Does that look to you like “cutting the deep state off at the knees”? Or the appointment of an Exxon big dick as Sect. of State? Or numerous other appointments? To me, these suggest — surprise! — another New York oligarch puppet wolf in fake maverick populist garb. How bout you? And what do you suppose President Eisenhower meant by the first term in his famous phrase about the threat of a “complex”? How does that mesh with your hypothesis?

    • awb22

      The difference is, these Wall Street bankers report to him. Would you rather someone who doesn’t know their games?

      • diogenes

        Like a puppet “reports to” a puppeteer.

        • Harvey Price

          Exactly. Why do these people still think that Trump is some sort of saviour or a white knight going to save the US, the white “race” etc etc etc. It baffles me daily looking at blogs like this. Trump is establishment. He is a narcissistic mad man, and an extremely loose cannon. But at the end of the day, he is establishment, and has shown his true colours by appointing who he has to date. Why people think that suddenly he would go against the “neo-cons” or Israel, or whoever baffles me utterly. He is a guy who is going to make the rich richer, and everyone much worse off. As for his foreign policy, it is going to be Israel first, and bugger everyone else. I really fear that 2017 may be worse than 2016 if Trump, and his puppeteers get their way.

          • Trump voters are desperate, grasping at the sword offered as they drown. Poor whites are dying off because things have been so bad for so long. Some of them just wanted to smash the system. Others have been under so much stress for so long they’ve become psychotic.

          • awb22

            perhaps, perhaps not. you’d rather Clinton were in office?

          • diogenes

            No, I’d rather Sanders were in office but the corrupt Democratic Party prevented the majority from ruling its nomination process and the corrupt Republican Party nominated a fake maverick fake populist and here we are. Hooray for the Two Party System. It sucks every time and Americans are so stupid we keep bending over for the same kick in the ass and saying thank you. Right, awb22? “thank you”.

          • awb22

            I advocated for a Trump – Sanders split ticket. It would have been the best of both populist movements.

          • awb22

            It’s easy to criticize when you don’t put forth any ideas of your own.

          • Josh Stern

            I feel that many echo the viewpoint of this article: We play the issues, not the personality or the two (poor) party politics.

        • awb22

          err, what?

  • David S

    The last president to “threaten” the Deep State came back from Dallas in a box. He has not even been in office for 1 day. What he will do versus what spews from his mouth are generally two completely different things. Only time will tell. But for sure, a cornered rat is the most dangerous kind.

    • awb22

      Not exactly, Joe Kennedy had his ties with the mafia, and there are way too many suspects in John’s death. Carter was the last POTUS to attempt to reign in the bureacracy. The deep state is nothing more than a bunch of fourth and fifth generation bureacrats, who send their kids to the best schools in the country, and bring them up in cloak and dagger secrecy.

      We see how the Carter administration was treated, by the press and everyone. Yet, the economy he inherited was the result of Nixon taking the US off the gold standard and not enough dollars in circulation. Reagan fixed that by increasing deficit spending exponentially, so that today we’re on the bleeding edge of the hockey stick graph of deficit spending.

      Trump has his hands tied, economically, and if the Fed tries to raise rates, we should repeal the Federal Reserve Act and repudiate the debt. Better them than us. Capitulate and serve them, the global elite, or take back the constitutional power of coining money under section 8 of the US Constitution. Since greed knows no bounds, and enough is never enough, the latter is the proper course of action, as there is no appeasement they will accept, except full repayment of what they generated out of thin air, with interest, and when we default, they will own us.

      They would destroy this country before seeing power grasp from their fingers, yet, the real power is with God Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, and all that is in them, and in his son, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns forever, not their god.

      This is truly the only counter we have to their blasphemous existence. It is not enough for man to do good, but to believe the one who sent his son to save us all. Save us from what? To save us from the wrath that is to come. God will have his vengeance on all who seek to do harm. When that day comes, there will be no more salvation, only judgement.

      Peace to all.

      • diogenes

        “Not exactly”: 100% BS, and moreover 54 year old BS. And bozo thinks it still sells.

        • awb22

          err, what??

      • Josh Stern

        DavidS and awb22 both make some valid points above.

        JFK’s under wraps struggle against the Deep Security State was much greater and more titanic that the the public was aware of at the time. Important instances where JFK went up against the Deep Security State: 1) Refused to back CIA plan for non-covert assault on Castro’s Cuba (backed covert/clandestine assaults which failed), 2) Refused to back false flag Operation Northwoods to which was planned by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 3) Made a peaceful solution to Cuban Missile Crisis where many military advisers were pressing for nuclear war, 4) fired longtime CIA power Alan Dulles and made further noises about reigning in and reorganizing the run amok CIA (and carried on an affair with the ex-wife of a top CIA black ops guy), 5) Criticized the CIA for the assassination of Diem, 6) In Fall of 1963 he drew up a secret order, to be announced in early 1964, to begin a drawdown in Vietnam – this was reversed by LBJ on the first day he was sworn in,

        7) went against J Edgar Hoover trying to get him to fight the KKK, which he did not want to do, 8) went against J. Edgar Hoover trying to get him to fight organized crime which he did not want to do.

        JFK’s murder was a blatant Deep Security State conspiracy, with the FBI, LBJ, the media, and the Warren Commission all involved in the cover up. There is a huge amount of evidence for this, and a significant amount of evidence that points to plotting by elements of the CIA in arranging his murder and pinning in on Oswald. Ruby and other mobsters directing him were involved in that too. The magnitude of the plot, but even more clearly the overhwhelming dimensions of the cover up, make it clear and factual to call it a Deep State Murder Conspiracy.

        Carter reigned in the Deep Security State modestly in some dimensions while allowing it to grow modestly in others – c.f. There were some mdest reforms in the DOJ part of the deep state during the Carter years, in response to peak revelations of the FBI’s COINTELPRO peak crime wave of the 1960s and early 1970s.

        After Reagan was elected over Carter in 1980 (with some Deep Security State help), the Deep Security State again went wild in terms of covert and clandestine action and millitary aggressiveness, outsourcing large chunks of the Deep State Security to private contractors, and running black ops slush funds. Those changes made it harder to count that mount of funding growth under Reagan, but his record of growth in obscene (and unprovoked) violence was phenomenal.

        So Carter, in office, scores better than most modern US Presidents in terms of reigning in Deep State, but his record of conflict with it is in NO WAY comparable to JFK.

        As an ex-President, Carter has been the most vocal advocate and activist for peace of any POTUS on record. As a human being, he should get a lot of credit for that, second half lifetime achievement.

        • awb22

          With what we’re seeing from Trump, his plan for day 1 and first 100, the deep state, or establishment, fears of a Trump administration are well founded.

          He’s one of them, and will be top dog. The slavs in the deep state should be afraid, very afraid. Soros is running scared. The only inconsistency is Trump’s backing of Israel, however, I doubt he’s fooled by the jewsters.