Trump Administration To Supply Saudis, Kuwait With $1.85 Billion In Arms

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post 

While candidate Trump was rather harsh on the terrorist financing Neanderthal government of Saudi Arabia, President Trump doesn’t seem as if he is going to be as tough. This is because, on Monday, January 23, the U.S. State Department announced the first arm sales of the Trump administration. In this announcement, it was revealed that $1.85 billion worth of material will be sold to both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Approval of the arms deal must be approved by Congress before actually taking place.

As the Washington Post writes,

The sales, once finalized, will send $525 million in observation balloons to Saudi Arabia; $400 million in helicopter gunship parts and air-to-air missiles to Kuwait; and $400 million in maintenance support for Britain’s fleet of C-17 cargo jets. On Thursday, the day before Trump’s inauguration, the State Department notified Congress it was prepared to sell Kenya $418 million in propeller-driven close air support aircraft and their accompanying weapons but only publicly announced the deal Monday. The awkward-looking aircraft, known as the Air Tractor 802L, will likely be used by Kenyan forces to hunt the terrorist group al-Shabab.

This is despite the fact that the Saudis are launching a horrific war against Houthi rebels in Yemen where the Saudi aerial bombing campaign has killed a staggering number of civilians and has essentially destroyed most of the country. The Saudis have virtually reduced Yemen back to the Stone Age and created one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in the world, even rivaling the crisis in Syria, which the Saudis have also been instrumental in creating.

To be clear, it appears this arms sale is a holdover from an agreement under the Obama administration which itself allowed for $40 billion in weapons transfers to take place. Still, it is worth noting that, while Trump routinely and rightly called out Saudi Arabia for supporting terrorism and generally acting as a leech on the money and military of the United States, President Trump appears to be continuing to supply the sustenance the feudal monarchy needs to survive.

We anxiously await the justifications provided for such a glaring contradiction in rhetoric versus actual policy from the Trump administration.

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  • cityspeak

    But wait didn’t Trump just sign a law into place for more stringent rules on the immigration of Muslims?

    So like every other false solution the U.S. Empire has come up with in the last few decades we will be supplying arms to the financiers of international terrorism while beating up the “muslims targeting on our list of undesirables”.
    Kind of like the great war on drugs that beats up on the low level dealer while the U.S.banks make millions in profits off laundering the money.
    Like our “no fly zones” that are really just our way of making certain “our side” wins while claiming we are doing it for humanitarian peaceful reasons.

    I wish Uncle Sam could get off his knees and stop servicing the House of Saud even for a few months and come up for air.
    I also wonder how any Saudi citizen considers themselves true muslims while their King is slaughtering so many other muslims around the world? I place them in the same boat as all those “good Germans” that looked the other way while their neighbors were carted away like cattle to the slaughter.

  • Eric Zuesse

    Instead of Trump’s turning against America’s enemies, the Sauds and their Gulf Cooperation Council — all of whom are royal Arab families who are fundamentalist Sunnis and the top funders of Al Qaeda and ISIS — he’s doubling-down on their being America’s ‘allies’. He, like Obama and the Clintons and Bushes is a traitor.