Top American Intelligence Official Debunks Fake News About Russia Hacking Votes

Due to incredibly sloppy reporting by the mainstream media – constantly repeating the phrase “Russia hacked the election” – many Americans believed that Russia literally changed votes on election day.

A YouGov poll from last month found that half of all Democrats believe that Russia directly tampered with vote tallies:

deleteBut today, the head of all U.S. intelligence – James Clapper – told Congress (specifically the Armed Services Committee):

They did not change any vote tallies or anything of that sort.

So will the media apologize for scaring the stuffing out of the American people?

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  • rtwngr

    And you can find countless headlines that Russia interfered with the election versus a few that say ‘attempted’ to interfere. I don’t like Putin or Russia but they didn’t influence my vote. I hate Hillary Clinton more.

    • Nexusfast123

      No one cares who you hate and why.

      • Janet L Davis

        Couldn’t care less about who the fu€k you for voted either Hillbot.

        Go back to the playpen…don’t you have some play-doh to mold into a broken heart or puppies to cuddle???

  • paradigmus

    The word “sloppy” suggests this was accidental. As recent history shows, the corporate media are only too willing mouthpieces of certain factions within and around government.

  • No More Neos

    I love this article:

    “I have long held that America’s Deep State–the unelected National Security State often referred to as the Shadow Government–is not a unified monolith but a deeply divided ecosystem in which the dominant Neocon-Neoliberal Oligarchy is being challenged by elements which view the Neocon-Neoliberal agenda as a threat to national security and the interests of the United States.

    I call these anti-Neocon-Neoliberal elements the progressive Deep State.

    If you want a working definition of the Neocon-Neoliberal Deep State, Hillary Clinton’s quip–we came, we saw, he died–is a good summary: a bullying, arrogance-soaked state-within-a-state pursuing an agenda of ceaseless intervention while operating a global Murder, Inc., supremely confident that no one in the elected government can touch them.

    Until Trump unexpectedly wrenched the presidency from the Neocon’s candidate. The Neocon Deep State’s response was to manufacture a mass-media hysteria that Russia had wrongfully deprived the Neocon’s candidate (Hillary Clinton) of what was rightfully hers: the presidency. (The Neocons operate their own version of the divine right of Political Nobility.)”

    • Muzzlehatch

      Well foriegners did try to influence the US elections. I am one of them. An Australian citizen who was terrified to see more meddling in MENA by Clinton. We would inevitably get dragged into yet another stupid American war. I spent hours on message boards refuting DNC messaging. We dont know what Trump will do, we do know what Clinton would have done. Continue the double cross on Russia till it eneded in war.

      • Janet L Davis

        American here….

        I did the exact same thing you did, for the same reasons. No one wanted Clinton except for the twats living in California, New York & a smattering of fools in Chicago.

        The rest of us had no such delusions…

  • Stephen Bowman

    I guess the MSM didn’t learn it’s lesson from this election. The only people who believe that this happened are the idiots who still don’t understand why their side lost. Deluded malcontents with a low I.Q.

  • NOS

    Powell can show you the proof that 35 Russian diplomats that were expelled had weapons of mass distraction (WMD) in their basements that altered the poll results!

    Why should the MSM apologize? Their empty rhetorics are well known to the CIA as “Perceptions Management” and that’s what the MSM has been bribed to do since the war industry realized that they could be used to manipulate the sheeple in order to justify their killings around the world for profits.

    It’s the stupid citizen that should apologize for believing in brainwashing rhetoric that even a child would not believe in!!!