HERE’S the Democratic Woman I Would Support for President In 2020

Hillary Clinton was a warmonger extraordinaire.

HERE’s the Democratic woman I would support for president in 2020.

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  • elmysterio

    I would agree. I’m a fan. She’s shown herself to be smart and reasonably BS free so far.

  • BDUB

    yea..NO. (D) Hawaii? nope, nope.

  • Citizen37

    Please be careful with your elevation of Gabbard as a shining light of
    progressive thought. Your first suspicious instincts may be
    well-founded. Dave Emory, at
    has done an extensive review of her background and connections, some

    “A major focal point of the program is the occult fascist nature of the
    views of Hare Krishna sect founder Abhay Charanaravinda Bhaktivedanta
    Swami Prabhupada, whom we shall refer to as Prabuhada.”

    “Marketed as “the first Hindu in Congress,” Gabbard, her family, her
    in-laws and political milieu are deeply connected to an offshoot of the
    Hare Krishna sect in Hawaii led by Chris Butler aka Jagad Guru
    Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa:”

    “In the second embedded video in the linked post, we note Chris Butler’s
    philosophy, one that dovetails nicely with fascism.”

    “The foundation of the inquiry into Gabbard concerns her position as a

    “rising star” in the Democratic Party, her incoherent views on Islam and

    Muslims, her networking with Narendra Modi, the BJP and the RSS, as

    well as the Trump business empire’s links to Modi/BJP. In addition,

    Steve Bannon, the “Alt-right” advisor to Trump likes Gabbard. Trump

    interviewed her for a cabinet position.”

    Emory details a complex set of interrelationships, but it’s very much
    worth taking the time to understand his work. I’d love to hear if
    someone thinks he’s off the rails and why. The audio mp3 version is here
    (program 942)

  • Undecider

    Any woman who endorses Sanders is no friend of mine. Military veteran doesn’t mean a hill of beans if you don’t understand the Constitution & Bill of Rights and our economic system. Many in the military don’t get it. They are products of society just like anyone else. Be careful what you wish for.

    • barbara.ransom

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