Fantasies About Russia Could Doom Opposition to Trump

To many Democrats for whom killing a million people in Iraq just didn’t rise to the level of an impeachable offense, and who considered Obama’s bombing of eight nations and the creation of the drone murder program to be praiseworthy, Trump will be impeachable on Day 1.

Indeed Trump should be impeached on Day 1, but the same Democrats who found the one nominee who could lose to Trump will find the one argument for impeachment that can explode in their own faces. Here’s a “progressive” Democrat:

“In his dalliance with Vladimir Putin, Trump’s actions are skirting treason. … By undermining further investigation or sanctions against the Russian manipulation of the 2016 election, Trump as president would be giving aid and comfort to Russian interference with American democracy.”

There’s a bit of a nod there — in the word “investigations” — to the lack of any evidence that Russia manipulated any U.S. election, yet that manipulation is stated as fact, and a failure to support further sanctions as punishment for it becomes “aid and comfort.” What level of punishment exactly constitutes the absence of aid and comfort? And how does that level of punishment compare with the level likely to produce war or nuclear holocaust? Who knows.

Failure to sufficiently punish a foreign government, even for an actual proven offense, has never been a high crime and misdemeanor. The United States is in fact bound by the Hague Convention of 1899, the Kellogg-Briand Pact, and the United Nations Charter to take any such dispute to arbitration and to settle it by pacific means. But that would require producing some evidence rather than mere allegations. Lawless “punishment” is much easier.

But further evidence can emerge to counter the claim. The lack of evidence for the claim can weigh ever more heavily on public opinion. And the dangers of creating further hostility with Russia can enter the consciousness of additional people.

Meanwhile, we have a man planning to be president later this month whose business dealings clearly violate the U.S. Constitution in terms of not only foreign but also domestic corruption. That’s a perfectly overwhelming case for impeachment and removal from office that doesn’t require opposing a single incident of mass murder or offending a single Pentagon contractor.

Beyond that, Trump is becoming president after election day intimidation, the partisan-based removal of voters from the rolls, and opposition to attempting to count paper ballots where they existed. He’s arriving with the stated policies of unconstitutionally discriminating against Muslims, murdering families, stealing oil, torturing, and proliferating nuclear weapons.

In other words, Donald Trump will be from Day 1 an impeachable president, and Democrats will have already spent months building their campaign around the one thing that won’t work. Imagine what will happen after all their hearings and press conferences, when their supporters find out that they aren’t even accusing Vladimir Putin of hacking into election machines, that in fact they are accusing unknown individuals of hacking into Democrats’ emails, and that they are then vaguely speculating that those individuals could have been sources for WikiLeaks, thereby informing the U.S. public of what was quite obvious and ought to have been widely reported for the good of the U.S. government, namely that the DNC rigged its primary.

By the time the Democrats beat themselves to the floor with this charade, more facts will likely have come out regarding WikiLeaks’ actual source(s), and more hostility will likely have been stirred up with Russia. The war hawks have already got Trump talking up nuclear escalation.

Luckily there is an ace in the hole. There is something else that Democrats will be eager to hold Trump accountable for. And give Trump a month and he’ll produce it. I’m referring, of course, to that greatest fear of Our Beloved Founding Fathers, the ultimate high crime and misdemeanor: the presidential sex scandal.

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  • iseeitfx

    I bet they already know he’s banging kellyanne CONway.
    That’s the real reason melanoma is staying in New York.

  • Chris Legion

    Horrible article period…

  • WillDippel

    Here is an article that looks at the President of the United States that really understood Russia:

    The mainstream media’s current obsession with Russia reflects the views of a significant portion of the American ruling class, particularly those who are connected with the military-industrial-political complex.

  • Norm Rockvell

    More centralization is underway first.
    US,Chinese,Israeli and Russian militaries
    have formed a global military government.
    Open Society has nothing to do with it.
    Any questions?

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  • closetothetruth

    this opinion simply does not track with the facts I’ve observed: “Democrats will have already spent months building their campaign around the one thing that won’t work.” I see no signs of this whatsoever. The intelligence community appears to be working on Russia, and certainly some Democrats (and some Republicans) have called attention to it, but more as a matter of national security than Trump’s fitness for office (which is not to say people don’t call attention to the “skirting treason” remarks he makes–and you also mischaracterize those, as the point is that Trump has openly defied the official White House stance toward what is very close to being an act of war–that is, publicly stated he sides not with the official US policy toward an enemy but with the enemy, whether or not you agree they are really an enemy, the point is that they are that as far as official US policy goes). But the great deal of Democratic opposition to Trump on a formal level has focused exactly on the things you rightly say will work: his amazing conflicts of interest. I don’t even know of a single Democrat–or for that matter anyone–who has called formally for Trump to be impeached simply for treason (some do call for hearings into the hacking itself, but not treason, except possibly as it relates to other matters), whereas many Democrats have called and continue to call for serious investigation of many sorts into Trump’s constitutional problems. Even the piece you point to at HuffPo goes out of its way to embrace all of the causes for impeachment–the campaign proposed there is absolutely not “built around the one thing that won’t work.” If anything it’s built around the thing that will work, the Emoluments clause material, which if one was not so dismissive of everything about Russia, one would see that the many strange things about Trump’s relationships with Russia, including what appear to be business relationships, also relate to.

  • Carl_Herman

    Sharp work; thank you, David. Yes, the fact that zero evidence is public makes the claims only subject to belief in “leadership”: an ideal rejected since the Enlightenment. The US government history of rogue state empire makes the CIA/Obama/FBI so-called claims without evidence as “fake news.”

    Documentation of ongoing US rogue state empire as the most accurate term to call its government: