Democratic Congresswoman Destroys CNN Narrative on Syria

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is a combat veteran, and member of the House Armed Services Committee.

She recently introduced a bill to stop funding terrorists (what a novel idea!).

She just came back from a fact-finding mission to Syria … and destroyed CNN’s tired propaganda on “moderate rebels”:

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  • ICFubar

    Running as a Democrat? What fools abound in the land of unending gullibility.

  • Eric Zuesse


    At first, I was suspicious of her, because she was selected by Hillary Clinton to be the only person nominating Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention, though Gabbard was Sanders’s second choice. Sanders was allowed by Hillary only Gabbard’s speech and no seconding speech; Sanders had planned Nina Turner to nominate him and Tulsi Gabbard to second it. As I reported at
    “Though Gabbard’s speech was flat, her beauty-queen-like looks, and terrific progressive record in Congress, caused Bernie supporters to comment at the youtube of her nominating-speech for Sanders, extremely favorable things, like ‘Man, she is beautiful,’ and, ‘Tulsi Gabbard deserves to be first female president.’ However, Hillary evidently still prefers to be running against her, instead of to be running against Turner [in 2020].”

    But Gabbard’s courageous and increasingly outright repudiation of both Parties’ continuing efforts for the U.S. to conquer Russia have won my deep respect.

    In other words: the mere fact that her speaking-style is dull and that Hillary Clinton chose her to nominate Sanders, no longer disqualifies Gabbard in my view. Her courage is extraordinary, and her progressive record in public office is backed up by that very rare courage, even if her style of public speaking leaves me cold.

    Gabbard is the biggest opponent that the U.S. military-industrial complex has in Congress. As President, I’d probably prefer her even over Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Sherrod Brown, all of whom are far more cooperative with the U.S. weapons-manufacturing oligopolists than Gabbard is.

    And it’s blatantly obvious that on the Republican side, there are no progressives at all, and that even Rand Paul, who is good on international affairs, is bad on domestic policy, from a progressive standpoint.

  • Works for me, but she’ll have to fight Rahm Emanuel for the nomination. Good luck with that.

  • yaridanjo

    Most politicians in Hawaii aren’t worth a damn and are totally corrupt. Tulsi appears to be the single exception.

  • Ruthanne Ashkar

    Gabbard is just another Assad groupie who ignores the reality that his loyal minions have been torturing political prisoners (including 23 teenage boys which sparked the revolution in 2011) for years.
    For almost six years now he has been killing his own people in order to hold onto power.
    The Assad regime is responsible for the proliferation of ISIS in Syria because it served to further their propaganda of fighting terrorists which is only a cover up for their real agenda of changing the demographics of Syria in Assad’s favor.

    • Marko

      “….real agenda of changing the demographics of Syria in Assad’s favor.”

      Haha. Syria is > 70% Sunni. Assad sure has his work cut out for him.

      Regime-change Fake News has lost the war in Syria and , going forward , we won’t be so easily duped again. You can cry ” Wolf !! Wolf !! ” at the top of your lungs , and you’ll simply be ignored.

      Cut your losses. Avoid further embarrassment.

      • Ruthanne Ashkar

        Oh yes, Assad has been working hard at it for almost six years now.

        Your stats are pre 2011 and obviously ignore the fact that more than half a million mainly Sunnis have been killed in Syria and more than half of Syria’s pre-revolution population of 23 million have become refugees who either left the country or have been forcibly displaced inside the country.

        Iranian Shias have also been moving into areas that were deliberately emptied of their remaining Sunni residents and the Assad regime has been giving properties taken from their original owners to Shias as well.

        You also must not be aware that no foreigner such as Gabbard is allowed to enter Damascus without the express permission or invitation from Assad and that all of his visitors get the royal treatment and guided tours of only the areas they are allowed to visit.

        For sure she has never been taken on a tour of the prisons where so many detainees are tortured and raped by Assad’s loyal minions who delight in their own perversity.

        You are also probably not aware of the fact that Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner was granted asylum by Bashar’s father in Damascus and paid by the regime to teach Syrian intelligence the finer aspects of Nazi torture techniques that are being used until now.

        Nor are you probably aware of the fact that the revolution was sparked by the arrest and torture of 23 boys in the Syrian city of Daraa.

        Several of them were actually tortured to death as was the doctor brother of my friend whose only crime was attending a medical seminar in the US.

        I can arrange for Ms Gabbard to speak to a number of Syrians who were tortured in Assad’s prisons and also had family members who were killed by Assad’s goons if she really wants to know the truth about what goes on in Syria.

        • Marko

          I’m aware that the story of Daraa and the origins of the revolution depends a great deal on who is telling the story. What is clear and well-documented , however , is that the U.S. was plotting the overthrow of Assad well in advance of those events.

          You may want to advise your Syrian friends to seek refuge in Idlib , where I’m sure they’ll find the governance more to their liking.

          We could ask Trump to build one of his walls around Idlib – nobody comes in , nobody leaves. A win-win for all , right ?

          • Ruthanne Ashkar

            You are right about the story depending on who tells it and i have been following the revolution since it began.

            Back then no one in America knew anything about what was happening except those of us who were connected to the people it was happening to.

            I am a journalist who also happens to be married to a Syrian from Aleppo and our stories come from the people who actually lived them.

            And it is laughable to hear anyone say that the revolution was a US conspiracy to get rid of Assad because the US did nothing except hinder the real revolutionaries and help to create the mess that we have there now.

            As if Syrians did not have it in them to rise up and demand government reforms after 40+ years of lawlessness, brutality and corruption under the Assad regime.

            If they loved Assad so much do you really think they would have let themselves be manipulated by the US?

          • Marko

            “…US did nothing except hinder the real revolutionaries and help to create the mess that we have there now. ”

            You got that right , at least. That’s the regime-change MO of the U.S. : in the background , cultivate nascent uprisings against the target regime , then escalate and marginalize the native actors so that we get to choose the new dictator. The chief background actor is George Soros , who spends multiple millions annually thru his ” Open Society ” operation , working thru civil society groups and NGOs across the globe , and arranging the world per the Anglo-Zionist playbook.

            I would have been pleased to see a legitimate , home-grown ” Arab Spring ” rebellion in Syria that led to displacing Assad. The inevitable problem was the meddling of the U.S. and other outside forces.

            At this point you should be pleased that the U.S. may finally back off , thanks to Trump and the likes of Tulsi Gabbard. But no , you still want us to take out Assad for you , because you know that even in a pristine new election , with observers at every polling place , and with all Syrians around the world voting , Assad would win , again , easily. There is simply no group or candidate that matches the broad support Assad has. Especially now. You may debate this , but if you do , then name the candidate that would beat him. Before too long , we just may get a chance to find out who’s right.

          • Ruthanne Ashkar

            I have never once advocated for the US to take out Assad, just stop giving the legitimate rebel forces that were originally formed by defectors from Assad’s own army false hopes that only limited their capabilities and made matters worse.
            Assad’s regime was actually on the verge of falling until Russia intervened in 2015.
            And you are wrong about Assad’s overwhelming popularity although you are right about there not being a strong alternative leader at the moment.
            It has been impossible for any strong alternative to rise up in Syria for more than 40 years as every possibility was either assassinated, imprisoned or run out of the country including many simply perceived as possible threats who were “taken care of” on Hafez’s orders while his second choice son was being prepped to step into his shoes.
            But Russia is working on facilitating a transference of power to a much more diverse parliament under a constitution that would have give them the power to remove a president rather than the current constitution which gives him the power to dissolve the parliament if they turn against him.
            Syria under the Assad regime is rife with corruption and coercion and it will take a miracle to undo the damage they have done but nothing is impossible.
            Recent news reports from Damascus say that Assad is suffering from too much stress and tension as my husband would say. 🙂
            He also suffers from narcissistic personality disorder and is under the illusion that all Syrians love him but he has not truly been calling the shots inside Syria for some time now.

          • cityspeak

            Well you point put a well reasoned argument and if were weren’t in the process of transforming the Middle East into the House of Saud’s greatest desire you’d have made a good argument.
            But anyone following the conflicts sees the bigger picture and what we are really doing there, like paling around with ISIS/ISIL, so your argument at best sounds myopic and at its worst false.
            As far as America ‘hindering the revolution” see the sweet blade we stuck to Libya.
            One day tea with Condi Rice and then HRC cackling over Gaddafi’s body. We use them while we can and then rub them out when deemed no longer useful.
            If you want to understand our foreign policy look at how an organized criminal organization runs.
            We don’t care abut “people yearning to be free”. That is something we sell to grade school kids. It’s time to grow up.

          • Ruthanne Ashkar

            Assad has been ISIS’ greatest supporter in Syria and his regime is still buying oil from them.
            It was under his watch that they proliferated in Syria and Iraq with his blessing because he justified the killing of unarmed protesters by calling them “terrorists”.
            He knew very well the paranoia that the western world had about islamic jihadists and set out to make his propaganda lies a reality.
            If the bombs that have been dropped by Assad and Putin on hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrian men, women and children had actually been dropped on ISIS they would have been stopped a long time ago.
            But then what excuse would Assad have for continuing his war against the Syrian people that has already changed the demographics of the country in his favor and driven millions of refugees into the arms of Assad’s enemies?
            But you are right that our foreign policies in the ME do not support “people yearning to be free” of the type of oppression and brutality that most white Americans cannot even begin to imagine.
            I lost my innocence in that regard a long time ago.

        • cityspeak

          Wow all the talking points here.

          Iran, refugees, ethnic cleansing, Gabbard as an easily duped do gooder, and horror of all horrors a real live Nazis given a hiding place and protection.

          Iran is well aware of what the plans the House of Saud and the USA are cooking up and are moving in ways to counter act the oncoming slaughter. Think of the fighters in Spain in the 30’s, only in this case we aren’t on the “republic’s side”

          The refugees are happening because the country is in the midst of a war being fueled and prolonged by outside forces. Any guess who has provided this fuel to keep the fires burning for so long? Not to mention the recent right wing gains throughout Europe are attributed as a direct reaction to the refugee crisis Europe has been asked to absorb.

          Ethnic cleansing along religious identity lines. Where has this happened recently in the middle east? Oh yeah Iraq which was invaded and destroyed and is currently occupied by the USA. Wait how could this cleansing and strife have been allowed to happen while the country was being occupied by our military forces? Unless of course that was part of the plan all along. Rip the country apart and make certain that the groups are fighting each other along these lines . Not to mention help “our group” along and if possible put into position’s of power.

          Gabbard went there seeking an end to the killing. I’m certain our intelligence agencies are informing her of the reality on the ground regardless of what pony show the head’s of state may or may not be putting on. At this point I imagine the conversations being pretty frank as Assad knows what is happening and why.

          You may want to inform yourself of the “rat lines” set up by the intelligent services after the war by the USA in regards to where all those Nazis ended up and how they got there. It is pretty well understood that the Nazis machine wasn’t so much destroyed as repurposed to fight the Soviets and communism spreading to other parts of the world.
          I know of one Nazis that ended up in beautiful sunny California in the San Francisco area. The USA not only covered up for him right after the war at one point researchers were on to him and the Nazis himself alerted the FBI to his case. The agent laughed it off at first until he looked into the file.So if we are going to go after those Nazis coddlers lets march on D.C. tomorrow!

        • Undecider

          If he’s so bad (for his people), why does the U.S. government want to get rid of him? Given the U.S. track record of replacing dictators with worse, why be against Assad? Sure, the guy may be an A-hole. However, what’s to come after he’s overthrown?

  • Lou

    How is it that that the American people do not know that the war in Syria is NOT a Civil War but largely an INVASION by FOREIGN Mercenaries largely funded by the good ole USA.

    They are getting FAKE News.

  • David Cameron Jr.

    We are financing and arming these terrorists whom are called “moderate terrorists” by the Obama regime. Obama has committed crimes against the US’s laws and committed crimes against Syria. Obama attacked Syria on behest of Israel who wants to balkanize the whole ME region so israel can be number one regional player. The UN is colluding to Obama and Israel and providing covers for these war criminal entities to play havoc to the world. Until criminals are forced to face justice, the carnage will be continued.

  • galenval

    She has steel in her spine.