In Part One of this article I explored Thomas Paine’s critical role in the creation of our nation. His Common Sense pamphlets inspired the common people to uncommon acts of courage and heroic feats of valor; leading to the great experiment we call the United States of America. Paine, Franklin and the other Founding Fathers produced a republic, if we could keep it.

John Adams championed the new Constitution precisely because it would not create a democracy, as he knew a democracy “soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself.” Their herculean efforts, sacrifices, and bloodshed have been for naught as we allowed our republic to devolve into a democracy and ultimately into our current corporate fascist warfare/welfare surveillance state. Sadly, we were unable to keep the republic Franklin and his fellow revolutionaries gave us.

“From the errors of other nations, let us learn wisdom.” – Thomas Paine, Common Sense

Some might contend Paine’s Common Sense arguments against a despotic monarchy two and a half centuries ago, with an audience of two and a half million colonists, couldn’t be pertinent today in a divided nation of 325 million people. But when you examine the events, actions and catalysts inspiring Paine to pen Common Sense, you see the parallels with the events, decisions and facilitators of our current Crisis.


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  • diogenes

    325 million people, 3.25 million of whom own 51% of all wealth, and 160 thousand families of whom own 28% of it — and fuck the rest of us over year after year and decade after decade. It’s a free country. You have a choice. This year, do you want to be shit on by the Donkey or the Elephant. Go ahead, take your pick. You’re free. Poor Tom Paine, poor Ben Franklin, poor Sam & John Adams, poor Tom Jefferson, poor Abe Lincoln, to see their noble attempt in the hands of a cabal of predatory traitors.

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