Skittles Highway Spill Reveals Feed Run To Cattle Lot

skittles cattleBrandon Turbeville

A recent news story, no doubt designed to capture the attention of people wanting light and weird news, has accidentally revealed yet another disgusting and unpleasant fact about the American food system.

The case took off when a Wisconsin Sheriff posted on Facebook that “hundreds of thousands of Skittles” had fallen off a truck and spilled on a highway. Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt joked that it would be difficult to taste the rainbow in its entirety.

He also posted that the Skittles were on their way to become cattle feed.

Proving why it is one of the top mainstream news agencies, CNN promptly jumped on the story since clearly it was the most important news of the day. But reporting the story did reveal something that most Americans probably didn’t know: i.e., that Skittles are actually used for cattle feed.

To add an additional twist to the story, Mars Incorporated, the maker of Skittles, said it did not know how the Skittles in question came to be used for animal feed since they were coming from a factory that doesn’t sell unused products for that purpose.

Mars does, however, sell unused candy and unused ingredients to industrial agricultural processors that then incorporate them with other material which will be fed to animals.

While many might find this shocking, the process is not novel. In fact, it is quite common and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. For Skittles specifically, the candies are often melted down into a syrup that is then mixed with other material and food byproducts to be fed to cattle.

While we are not surprised that Skittles would be used for cattle feed by Big Ag operations, we are surprised that CNN actually reported a productive story even if it was by accident.

Photo credit: Ignacio Sanz via Visualhunt Pixabay NB / CC BY-SA

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  • cityspeak

    So the animals are fed garbage and we eat the garbage while eating the animals. What you think you have a right to know? You have nothing.
    Oh and if you wondered of the Liar in Chief was going to betray his class here is something else you will never know because our masters have decided so.

    The empire is circling the toilet bowl. Are we going to drag the whole world down with us?

  • Alberta Marczak

    It’s actually worse than that. Years ago it was reported that what Mars sells as cattle feed was FLOOR SWEEPINGS from one or more of its factories. Which may include candies of all sorts.

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  • Bobdo Wiltone

    Hogs also enjoy muffin mix. It’s no secret.