US Military Just Admitted Its *Waste* Is *Double* Russia’s Whole Military Budget. Russia’s Military Budget Is 1/8 of What US Spends

Glenn Greenwald tweets:

Background here and here.

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  • Terry Phillips

    The amazing thing is that absolutely no one in Congress seems to be aware of this, let alone, care do do something about it.

    • Nexusfast123

      Since when has Congress been concerned about anything other than what they can add to their bank accounts.

    • David S

      Sadly, the comment I get from most “conservatives” is that “defense is in the Constitution.” Yeah, that’s it. As if these clowns in the 5-pointed monument to graft and corruption can do no wrong, waste no money, or should ever be questioned. How they can point to massive government corruption when it comes to social welfare, medicare fraud, etc. but can’t see the glaring potential and well-documented truths about military (I refuse to use the word defense to describe what our military does) spending is beyond me. Remember, things like the F-35 are subcontracted out to so many subcontractors that at least 1 business that profits from the plane is located in EVERY congressional district in the US. THAT is how they own the Congress (and their blind support). Although I am sure that plenty of envelopes filled with unmarked bills do the trick too.

  • Joe Blow

    The headline seems like a SAT math question πŸ™‚

    • David S

      So if a Russian military train left Petersburg headed westbound at 200 million dollars an hour and a US military train left a US military base in Germany headed eastbound at 500 million dollars an hour, how long would it take before all the people of both countries figured out that their militaries were simply a money pit to fund the offshore accounts of crony capitalist banksters that have been provoking and profiting from wars since time began?

      • Joe Blow

        Don’t cha just love the web?? :-))

  • Zigmeister

    This llustrates why the new “Red Scare” is so ridiculous. The absence of an authentic boogie man would bust a lot of super sized beltway rice bowls.

    • Nexusfast123

      Just because the US spends a lot it does not mean it’s been spent in an effective manner. The US military has waste but also ineffectual spend on non war fighting assets like bases and civilian infrastructure (more civilians that combat personnel). Add into that boondoggle projects that waste hundreds of billions and deliver less assets that are perhaps less affective than the assets they replace. Russia and China have very little overseas in terms of and I would suggest their currency goes a lot further inside their countries in terms of what they can buy.

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  • Strayhorse

    Those wasted billions of taxpayer money could have been used to offer every honorably discharged American Veteran 20 acres of American land and an American made pickup truck; or give every American baby boomer who is still working $1million to quit their jobs and let the next generations have a job; and or payoff every student loan and offer free college education at all state legal state residents. The Pentagon should be held totally accountable for EVERY DIME.