Self-Defense: Do You Know What a Weapon Attack Would REALLY Look Like?

I just watched Self-Defense: Tools of Attack.

This short video shows you how an expert in street fights involving weapons – he’s been involved in scores of them, and has won every single one – uses a variety of common street weapons, including knives, razors, hatchets, clubs and blackjacks.

The video shows you what you would really face when an experienced street-fighter attacks you with a weapon … so you won’t have unrealistic ideas that get you killed or maimed.

Most martial arts and self-defense teachers provide unrealistic attack and defense scenarios against knives and other weapons.  Self-Defense: Tools of Attack is a wake up call.

However, by practicing the weapons techniques shown in the video, you’ll have a much better chance in defending yourself … because you’ll know what you’re up against, and can prepare.

6th degree Jiu Jitsu blackbelt and 4th degree goju karate blackbelt Terrance Rasmuson notes:

This hard hitting, street style of self-defense is a real eye-opener to even those who have trained for many years.

And self-defense instructor Rev. A. Bodhi Chenevey writes:

This short video provides the viewer with a sense of realism extremely hard to find or come by in the martial arts and self-defense arenas, especially if one does not actually operate in high risk, violent environments at a professional level, which makes this video presentation priceless.

Plus, you’ll learn how to kill someone with an ordinary pencil or pen … if that’s your last resort to save your life.

Self-Defense: Tools of Attack is narrated by self-defense expert Thomas Kurz, maker of the fantastic self-defense weapon the Unbreakable Umbrella.

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  • Charlie Primero

    Put simply, the best way to survive an edged weapon attack is, in order:

    1. Run.

    2. If you can’t run, put continuous rounds into Center of Mass until the threat stops.

    3. If you don’t have a gun and can’t run, use your whole body to control the arm with the weapon and break the joints along that arm.

    All the chop-socky blocking with your arms, and grabbing that handy umbrella or jacket for use as shield, will only get you cut more, opening your brachial or femoral artery.

    Practice this with a friend by having them attack your neck and belly with a red magic marker (water-based ink, old clothes). See which arm-breaking techniques get you the least red.

    This old police training video is what I always showed my students. Despite the kitchy 80’s aesthetic, it still holds up today.

  • I like my 9mm better than umbrellas. Luckily we can carry, open or concealed.

  • muslim

    Best self defense in real life? Spetsnatz inspired Systema. Learn & train, train, train.

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