Ruling Elite Come Out of the Closet

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An essay by Ken, reprinted with his permission:

Notice the desperation in the attempts to overturn Trump’s victory in the 2016 Presidential election. The Elite are not used to losing and adamantly back their candidate, Hillary Clinton, no matter what it takes.

The Rothschild clan, whose fortune is estimated at over $30 trillion, traditionally conceal their assets and keep a low public profile. But during Hillary’s 2016 campaign, Lynn Forester de Rothschild hosted high ticket fundraisers for her good friend in an ostentatious display of support.

George Soros, a malevolent pillar of the oligarchy apparently connected to bloody color revolutions around the world, continues to back Hillary with his so-called purple revolution, with evidence of encouraging violent mobs to attack Trump supporters.

If this divisiveness spreads across the country, it could lead to civil war.

The CIA has joined the fray by accusing Russia of hacking the DNC, thereby skewing the election in Trump’s favor. Their goal besides overturning the election is also to create further tensions with Russia.

And blasting their unified message over the airwaves, the consolidated media condemns the so-called ‘fake news‘ from alternative media sites as if Elite-backed media has control over reality itself! In fact, if one studies the work of Edward Bernays, a prominent media expert, it does. We shall discuss this critical topic in an upcoming essay.

These tensions between the Elite and Patriots, mainstream and alternative media, have been building momentum for years but now are in open conflict. To reinforce their stand, the Ruling Elite have finally come forward.

To learn more about the Rothschilds and the 200 year history of the Ruling Elite, see Popsicle Man by Ken Anton. The book includes a dramatic confrontation in the US between Oligarchs and Patriots which according to today’s events may indeed happen. The book is on sale for the holiday season at Amazon  (special offer till end of 2016: eBook $3.00; less than half price).

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  • yep

    there is only one way to deal with this, kill the elite, especially soros, the rothchilds and others…there is no other way,,,you can not live in peace with this types of people…..

    • Apparition the Red

      Do we get to eat them too?

      • diogenes

        too much fat. bad for your heart.

  • L Garou

    The upcoming million man smack down of the neo-commie weenies at the upcoming inauguration ought to be a nice start to the draining, and/or the final nail in their coffin, whichever comes first.
    The smack down will be seen LIVE on CNNCBSNBCMSNBCWXYandZ!!

    • Carl_Herman

      “smack down” of a million “weenies” as nails in “coffins,” while yep talks of killing the elite as the only way?

      Perhaps “We the People” can’t/won’t apply rule of law for .01% arrests for OBVIOUS crimes in ongoing illegal war, looting trillions, and constant lying. It would seem the better path to lawfully remove the psychopathic parasites.

      This is a test of Truth and Love. Will the victims of forever empire submit to violence upon each other once again? We’ll see.

      • L Garou

        Carl, they must learn, sooner or later(sooner) that they can’t just keep showing up and start throwing things, burning things and assaulting people in order to get their way or make their point. Otherwise, like small children they will just keep doing these things in incrementally increasing actions.
        Violence, to whatever degree appropriate, is the counter to violence.
        Truth and love comes before and after the spanking.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Just one thing to say ROTFLMAO