Pearl Harbor Facts and Proof

By guest author, diogenes (bio below).

Robert B. Stinnett, Day of Deceit:  The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor (New York, Free Press, 2000)

Stinnett conclusively demonstrates with vast and incontrovertible documentary evidence that in order to precipitate an unwilling American public into supporting intervention in the Second World War, President Roosevelt oversaw the contrivance and deployment of a closely-guarded secret plot to goad the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor. The plan was set in motion in October 1940, and its development closely monitored through decoded intercepts of Japanese diplomatic and military radio communications. Knowledge of the plan was limited to 13 Roosevelt administration members and chief military officers, and 21 members of Naval Intelligence and related operations. Once it produced the intended result and the attack impended, the Pacific fleet’s modern naval vessels were sent to sea from Pearl Harbor, leaving seven antiquated World War One battleships as decoys. Meanwhile, the Japanese fleet was tracked with radio intercepts from its formation off the Kuril Islands on November 16, and its sailing for Hawaii on November 26; its course was cleared of all shipping with a Vacant Sea order on the 22nd; and Pearl Harbor naval patrols were ordered out of the area on the 25th. Intelligence of the impending attack was withheld from the officers (Admiral Kimmel and General Short) charged with defending Pearl Harbor, who were kept uninformed of the plan and intelligence of the impending attack, and scape-goated afterward. A coverup of the entire operation was maintained through eight official and Congressional investigations between 1941 and 1946, and down to Strom Thurmond’s inquiry in 1995. Stinnett’s forty-seven pages of Appendices (p. 261-308) present photographic reproductions of essential documents obtained from Federal archives through the Freedom of Information Act, as well as numerous other documents reproduced in the body of the text, and 65 pages (p. 309-374) of closely detailed and referenced notes, all of which copiously and conclusively document Stinnett’s factual assertions, arguments and conclusions.  His voluminous research files and notes are deposited at the Hoover Institute library at Stanford.

It is notable that Lt. Commander McCollum’s “eight-action memo” for inciting war with the Japanese is dated October 7, 1940; that its sixth action was set in motion on October 8, its first, second and seventh on October 16; and that, campaigning for a third term as president in Boston on October 30, FDR said:  “I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again:  Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars;” on November 1 in Brooklyn he said “I am fighting to keep our people out of foreign wars.  And I will keep on fighting;” at Rochester on the 2nd he said “Your national government … is equally a government of peace — a government that intends to retain peace for the American people;” the same day in Buffalo he asserted “Your President says this country is not going to war;” and in Cleveland on the 3rd he declared “The first purpose of our foreign policy is to keep our country out of war.”  These quotations are from William Henry Chamberlin, “How Franklin Roosevelt Lied America Into War,” in Harry Elmer Barnes, Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace (Caldwell, Idaho, Caxton, 1953), Chapter Eight, p. 485-491.

In his Preface Stinnett writes: “My sole purpose is to uncover the true story of events leading up to the devastating attack on the naval base [at Pearl Harbor] and adjoining Army facilities, and to document that it was not a surprise to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and many of his top military and policy advisors….  Roosevelt believed that his countrymen would rally only to oppose an overt act of war on the United States. The decision he made, in concert with his advisors, was to provoke Japan through a series of actions into an overt act: the Pearl Harbor attack. As I have discovered in the course of seventeen years of archival research and personal interviews with US Navy cryptographers, the answer to Roosevelt’s dilemma is found in an extraordinary number of documents whose release I have been able to obtain through Freedom of Information Act requests. These papers outline deliberate steps that were planned and implemented to elicit the overt action that catapulted America into the war, and devastated military forces at Pearl Harbor and other Pacific bases. Eight steps were suggested to provoke a Japanese attack. Shortly after reviewing these, Roosevelt put them into effect. After the eight provocations had been taken, Japan responded. On November 27 and 28, 1941, US military commanders were given this order: ‘The United States desires that Japan commit the first overt act.’ According to Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, the order came directly from President Roosevelt…. Not only did we undertake provocative steps, we intercepted and decoded military cables. We knew the attack was coming…. The commanders in Hawaii, Admiral Husband Kimmel and Lieutenant General Walter Short, were deprived of intelligence that might have made them more alert to the risks entailed in Roosevelt’s policy, but they obeyed his direct order: ‘The United States desires that Japan commit the first overt act.’ More than 200,000 documents and interviews have led me to these conclusions. I am indebted to the Freedom of Information Act and its author, the late Congressman John Moss (D, CA) for making it possible for me to tell this story.” [xiii-xiv]

“Previous accounts have claimed that the United States had not cracked Japanese military codes prior to the attack. We now know this is wrong. Previous accounts have insisted that the Japanese fleet maintained strict radio silent. This, too, is wrong. The truth is clear: FDR knew.”  [5]

“A memorandum circulated in Washington, originating in the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and addressed to two of FDR’s most trusted advisors suggests … provoking Japan into an overt act of war against the United States. It was written by Lieutenant Commander Arthur H. McCollum, head of the Far East desk of the ONI.” [6; Stinnett does not address the obvious conclusion that McCollum was instructed to design such a plan; it is highly improbable that this key policy was initiated by a junior officer on his own initiative. McCollum’s memo is photographically reproduced in Appendix A, 261-267]

Lieutenant Commander McCollum’s five-page “eight-action memo, dated October 7, 1940 … puts forward … a plan intended to engineer a situation that would mobilize reluctant America into joining Britain’s struggle against the German armed forces…. Its eight actions call for virtually inciting a Japanese attack on American ground, air, and naval forces in Hawaii, as well as on British and Danish colonial outposts in the Pacific region….  McCollum oversaw the routing of communications intelligence to FDR from early 1940 to December 7, 1941 and provided the President with intelligence reports on Japanese military and diplomatic strategy. Every intercepted and decoded Japanese military and diplomatic report destined for the White House went through the Far East Asia section of ONI, which he oversaw. The section served as a clearinghouse for all categories of intelligence reports…. Each report prepared by McCollum for the President was based on radio intercepts gathered and decoded by a worldwide network of American military cryptographers and radio intercept operators…. Few people in America’s government or military knew as much about Japan’s activities and intentions as McCollum.” [8]

Appendix E 307-308 lists the 34 “Americans who were cleared for unrestricted access to decoded and translated Japanese diplomatic intercepts.” They comprise FDR, his Secretaries of War, State and the Navy (Stimson, Hull, Knox), three senior military staff members (Gen. Marshall, Adm. Stark, Rear Adm. Ingersoll) and three key naval staff officers, two field commanders (Gen. MacArthur, Adm. Hart), FDR’s naval aide (Capt. Beardall) who acted as his liaison with ONI, and 21 senior officers and cryptographers of ONI and other intelligence operations. Kimmel and Short were pointedly restricted in their access.

McCollum’s memorandum lists eight actions that he predicted would provoke a Japanese attack:

“A.  Make an arrangement with Britain for use of British bases in the Pacific, particularly Singapore.

B.  Make an arrangement with Holland for the use of base facilities and acquisition of supplies in the Dutch East Indies [now Indonesia].

C.  Give all possible aid to the Chinese government of Chiang Kai-shek.

D.  Send a division of long-range heavy cruisers to the Orient, Philippines, or Singapore.

E.  Send two divisions of submarines to the Orient.

F.  Keep the main strength of the US Fleet, now in the Pacific, in the vicinity of the Hawaiian islands.

G.  Insist that the Dutch refuse to grant Japanese demands for undue economic concessions, particularly oil.

H.  Complete embargo all trade with Japan, in collaboration with a similar embargo imposed by the British Empire.” [8.  Stinnett shows the routing of this memo to senior ONI officers and thence to Sect. of the Navy Knox and to FDR 8-9.]

Action C was already US policy. Action F was initiated on October 8, 1940; Actions A, B, and G by October 16, 1940; D and E by November 12, 1940. The plan was completed on July 26, 1941 with Action H. [Chap. 1 n. 8 p. 311-312; 120 ff. & passim]

Admiral Richardson, commander of the Pacific Fleet, opposed FDR’s orders to station the fleet at Pearl Harbor as putting the fleet at risk, so FDR replaced him with Kimmel and placed Admiral Anderson of ONI as Kimmel’s third in command at Pearl Harbor, to supervise the radio intercept operation there unbeknownst to Kimmel. [10-14; 33-34] “Anderson was sent to Hawaii as an intelligence gatekeeper.” [36]  When he arrived he established his personal housing well away from Pearl Harbor, out of range of the coming attack. Though he was commander of the seven battleships which bore the brunt of the attack with the loss of well over a thousand lives, Adm. Anderson was safe at home on the other side of the mountain when the attack came. [36-37; 244, 247]

In early January 1941, the Japanese decided that in the event of hostilities with the US they would commence with a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. American intelligence learned of this plan on January 27. [30-32]

Among the radio intercepts was a bomb plot map of Pearl Harbor developed by a Japanese spy at their consulate in Honolulu to aid in targeting. This, too, was kept from Kimmel and Short. The ONI operatives tracking this spy’s operations kept the FBI and other counter-intelligence operations away from him in order to sequester this — and all — intelligence. [66 etc.; 83-97, 98-110]

“Roosevelt discovered Germany’s plans for the invasion of Russian through a [Japanese diplomatic] Purple [code] intercept on June 14, 1941.” [69. He informed Churchill immediately, or Churchill learned from shared intelligence. Churchill quotes his cable to FDR referring to it dated June 15 in his memoir, The Second World War, vol. 3]

Radio intercepts revealed the formation of the Japanese fleet near the Kuril Islands north of Japan beginning November 16, 1941 and tracked it across the Pacific to Hawaii from November 26 through the first week of December. [41-59 etc.]

On 22 November 1941, a week after the Japanese fleet began to assemble and four days before it set off for Hawaii, Adm. Ingersoll issued a “Vacant Sea” order that cleared the path of the Japanese fleet of all shipping, and on 25 November ordered Kimmel to withdraw his ships patrolling the area from which the aerial attack would be staged. [144-145]

Shortly before the Japanese attack, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Stark (one of the 34 Americans in on the plot) ordered Kimmel to dispatch his aircraft carriers with a large escort to deliver planes to Wake and Midway Islands. “On orders from Washington, Kimmel left his oldest vessels inside Pearl Harbor and sent twenty-one modern warships, including his two aircraft carriers, west toward Wake and Midway… With their departure the warships remaining in Pearl Harbor were mostly 27-year-old relics of World War I.” That is, the battleships sunk at Pearl Harbor and their crews were used as decoys. [152-154]

FDR kept close tabs on the plot’s final unfolding. [161-176]

“Pearl Harbor’s Battleship Row and its old dilapidated warships presented a mouth-watering target. But it was a major strategic mistake for the Empire. Japan’s 360 warplanes should have concentrated on Pearl Harbor’s massive oil stores … and destroyed the industrial capacity of the Navy’s dry docks, machine shops, and repair facilities…. By the Battle of Midway in June 1942, America had regained the offensive; repaired US warships staged from the relatively undamaged Pearl Harbor naval base [as well as the modern fleet absent during the attack], sank four of the aircraft carriers that had attacked them six months before.” [249] At the Battles of Midway and Coral Sea, a month earlier, the US Navy permanently destroyed the offensive capacity of the Japanese Navy in the eastern Pacific, and permanently crippled its defensive capacity in the western Pacific. [George N. Crocker, Roosevelt’s Road To Russia (Chicago, Regnery, 1959) 166] Thus there was no possibility thereafter of a Japanese attack or invasion of the West Coast, and this was known several months before the internment of West Coast Japanese American citizens commenced in August 1942.

The coverup of the operation commenced immediately afterward, continued through eight Congressional investigations during and just after the war, with the purging and withholding of documents and false testimony by participants and others [253-260 & passim; 309-310], and persisted through the Congressional hearings chaired by Strom Thurmond in 1995 [257-258]. At the date of publication (2000) numerous documents were still withheld from Stinnett or released in extensively censored form, and the pretense that the Japanese naval codes had not been deciphered and that the Japanese fleet maintained radio silence was still being maintained.


Diogenes is an over-educated American landless peasant. His great-grandfather, a co-operative orchardist, helped California progressives overturn Southern Pacific’s corporate political machine in 1910. He thinks this advance needs to be re-established and greatly extended, nationally, not reversed. He regards progressive successes in many states during this era as a recommendation for their non-partisan grassroots methods of public education and legislative action and for their targeting of the legal enablements of financial predation, and he considers it crucial to extract lessons for the present from their history of defeats and failures as well as of successes, and to understand the methods by which they were thwarted, the better to succeed in the future.


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  • Carl_Herman

    I applaud diogenes’ research and clear synopsis of US government documents recovered by Stinnett.

    My two academic papers with US lies and unlawful acts for wars through history:

  • Mind boggling to read this, even when one is already vaguely aware that Pearl Harbor was a set up. I sat alone as a small boy in a movie theatre in 1976 and was hypnotized by Midway. I saw the documentaries on T V and in school learned all about the sneak Japanese attack ( and kamikazes) that led to the unfortunate but necessary Atomic bombings. This was an article of gospel up there with Paul Revere and “the British are coming!” Nobody at that time could have imagined or believed the contents of this article. 3000 were sacrificed at Pearl Harbor and 3000 were sacrificed on September 11 for similar reasons.

    Facts: The Japanese empire invaded Manchuria with a false flag. The Nazis invaded Poland with a false flag and then the British Empire declared war on Germany, not vice versa. The Nazis set fire to the Reichstag and blamed Communists. The Soviets invaded Finland with a false flag. FDR got the US into WW2 with the Pearl Harbor attack that was indeed carried out by Japan but still qualifies as a false flag. The Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag to get the Vietnam War going. Bush I encouraged Saddam to invade Kuwait to create a causus belli. Gore Vidal all but said explicitly that OK city in 1995 was a false flag and mcVeigh a patsy. Operation Northwoods was a planned false flag to blow up American airliners and invade Cuba but Kennedy said no to that one. Then he was shot. And of course, 9/11 was is the masterpiece of all false flags. Everyone needs to be informed about false flags and their ubiquity to achieve political goals.

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    • Ezra MacVie

      ALL the flags are false. Show me a flag follower, and I’ll show you a DANGEROUS fool.

      And there are millions and millions of them.

    • Theodora Angelina

      The Nazis did not set fire to the Reichstag and Stalin invaded Poland and Great Britain and France did not invade USSR. Almost everything people think they know about NS Germany is false.

  • madrino

    Thank you for providing a slice of history that is not taught. It opens gates to a reality hushed up by the likes of “national security”. Since trading opium from the Levant, to “opening” up China, building railroads in China, William Perry “opening” up Japan, the west has been been a trail of lies and deceit for those that want it all, complete with schools of higher learning and other monuments in their name. Defense plans were laid long in advance to the world wars as a rainbow of colors. Only through their own version of continual re-written history and the indoctrination of the people these groups rule, has allowed them, a literal cabal of cartels in banking, industry, policy, education, religious dogmas and military, do they rule. All the wars are business with the owners providing support and even creation of perceived monsters on all sides. Indoctrination starts early as parents believe what they’ve been told, the teachers, the preachers, the media… Old documents, books, cartoons, local newspapers…published at their time, are indispensable sources. The upper reaches of each cartel is truly, where the .01% use influence peddlers, military elite, religious dogma, et. al. to turn the world into their playground of depravity. I hope it is not too late, but the choices look like the options presented are to vote for the meat grinder or the incinerator groups of mass slaughter and nuclear war.

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  • Strider73

    And yet, after exposing in meticulous detail the massive deceit, Stinnett ultimately defends what FDR and his cronies did:

    I sympathize with the agonizing dilemma faced by President Roosevelt. He was forced to find circuitous means to persuade an isolationist America to join in a fight for freedom.

    That is the equivalent of a prosecutor proving beyond any doubt the defendant is guilty of mass murder, then asking the jury to acquit because the killings were for the “greater good.”

    People should check out Day of Deceit at the library, but should not line Stinnett’s pockets by purchasing it.

    • Was it maybe a “don’t murder me” disclaimer?

      • David Parker

        Except that the cat is already out of the bag.

    • James

      Without America’s entry into the war on the side of the Soviet Union after Pearl Harbour, could the Soviet Union have survived, if as many as 25 million Soviet citizens died in its life-and-death struggle against Nazi Germany, even with America fighting on its side?

      I think it unlikely that the Soviet Union could have endured the even more terrible carnage that would have resulted had the United States turned its back on the Soviet Union and had stayed out of that war.

      Whilst President Roosevelt’s actions may have appeared Macheavellian, had he not done so, Hitler could well have won the war. Eastern Europe and Russia would have been depopulated to make lebensraum for the master race and the scale of the Jewish holocaust would have been much greater.

      • Paul X

        So… we saved Europe from a bloody dictator, by helping an even bloodier dictator? Yeah, makes lots of sense. Buppert calls WWII the “War to Save Josef Stalin”, which is about right. The smart thing to do would have been to let Hitler and Stalin slug it out, exhausting both of them, possibly killing both Communism and National Socialism. The ruling class in England were mad to tie their fates to the Poles, and traitors to their people who ended up having to fight and die for their idiocy. And FDR was an asshole for tying America’s fate to the English, lying about keeping us out of war.

        Well, the Russians still revere Stalin, and the Chinese Mao. It is normal for humans to love the bloodiest leaders. No wonder FDR still gets plaudits from the court historians.

  • paulthecabdriver

    Small, tiny little point. The internment of the Japanese Americans began in March of 1942, not August. However, it was continuing after Midway & Coral Sea.

    • diogenes

      “Voluntary” removals from the west coast — people moving out on their own — began in March. Forced removals began in the SF Bay Area in August.

      • Libertymike

        Progressives with power equal mass murder.
        Progressivism is poison.

        • diogenes

          “Libertarians with power equal mass murder.
          Libertarianism is poison”.

          See how easy it is to talk like this. Polly wanna cracker?

          • Libertymike

            Abraham Lincoln was a progressive.

            Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive.

            Woodrow Wilson was a progressive.

            FDR was a progressive.

            Harry Truman was a progressive.

            Some may have liked Ike, but, he, too, was a progressive.

            LBJ was a progressive.

            Tricky Dicky was a progressive.

            Tricky Dicky’s successor and pardoner was also a progressive.

            Ronnie Ray-gun was a progressive.

            GHWB is a progressive.

            Bill Clinton is a progressive.

            GWB is a progressive.

            BHO is a progressive.

            All of the above, once they snatched the cracker of power, advocated, initiated, and managed mass murder.

            As for definitions, I will accept James Ostrowski’s definition which he sets forth in his book, Progressivism: A Primer on the Idea Destroying America.

          • F.i.l.

            Is it not interesting how W came out of the closet this Fall as Democrat in all but formal registration?

            I think that you’ll appreciate this essay by Angelo M. Codevilla. It’s about progressive revolutionaries and their interests.

            The Rise of Political Correctness

          • Libertymike

            Thank you for the link. Excellent essay.
            His 2010 essay regarding the Ruling Class was superb.

  • n’awlins

    I have listened to a Pearl Harbor survivor who remembered volunteering as a boy to work on the docks following the attack. He remembered walking past the overturned hulls and hearing the survivors pounding on the hull to attract attention, to be rescued. They were ignored, and after almost a week, they stopped. The US Navy left those men to suffocate and die in their capsized wrecks. UNFORGIVABLE

  • Roger T

    To paraphrase Kipling after his son died in another useless war:
    If you ask us why we died, we’ll tell you that our leaders lied.

    And that goes back to every single bloody war the US has perpetrated since our suffering country was four score and seven years old.

    Roger T Copperhead

    • Libertymike

      It started well before the tall ugly one committed his war crimes.

  • Dow Jones

    USSA is built on genocide and lies. Gee I’m shocked.

    Mercans do not question dear leader & your elite guardians of the holy hubris rotten apple pie upon
    which you are fed. Listen not to these dissidents, malcontents & unamercan non sheeple rabble rousers. Remember Pentacon Kill Industries, the Washing town whore house & its all mighty 1% empowered psychopathic scum are in control.

    Do not doubt or falter or YOU TOO will be going on a permanent FEMA Punishment Park Japanese style sojourn. Now on your knees & let US prey & prey & then some

    Remember o protoplasmic sons of Merca the sacred WASPish trinity of doctrinal tenets upon which the religion of the dogma of the Holy Hubris is erected.

    More fractured fairy tales for morons and cynics deviating from the electronic sheeple pen lovingly erected by our corpofascist owners.


    Ask not what Merca can do for you my fellow sheeple but indeed what you can do for the 001%. That is the meaning of a true patriot and the e$$ence of love that binds US and keeps US a great nation. Do not be led from the flock by those that cast doubt on our Sacred Trinity of the Holy Hubris and the tenets
    upon which our exceptionalism is erected.


    Know ye that the evil Lee Harvey with magic bullets did alone smite the Knight of Camelot coz said Knight wanted to give away our stuff to the le$$er tribes.


    Our War Machine with NaSA did “land” a tin can on the moon “and do the other things” that Camelot Guy had promised before they blew his brains out in a car live on TV and (not) waiting for the light to change. This mooning was pulled off with fred flintstone technology after microwaving our moononauts and
    boiling their brains in the Van Alle Belt, then cruising a further 380,000 klicks out to deep deep space where no man had ventured before….to finally “land” (pun intended) on the cheese ball. Then our guys scouted around in their “moon” buggy a tad, shot a round of golf and after delicious nutritious snacks and some more “Hassleblad” bad selfies and mock “moon” rock snapshots blasted 60 miles up into lunar orbit, did dock with mother ship orbiting there at 4000 MPH, magically copulate can and mama ship and then blast home another 384,400.00 kms to splash down in time for more kodachrome moments
    and then home to catch Archie Bunker on late nite TV. (Be not ye tricked by those that tell you that almost 50 years later we can’t even manage to get into the low orbiting Intl Space Station at 400 kms without that damn Vlad Putin’s rocket ships.) Our “mmon scapades” stuff IS still up there on the moon….the other side of course and the Chinese and Ruskies are so blind they couldn’t find it! Pssst little known fact…Stanley Kubrick was actually one of the moononauts on board tin can and filmed the entire show on site!


    17 cunning camel herders from the feudal abomination of Saud (our best buddy and keeper of our fiat petroscrip Saudi Mercan toilet paper IOU dollah currency) did blow up Merca on 9 11 coz they hate our freedoms and the selfle$$ spreading of our dung like demokracy among the lesser tribes. This they did with magic carpet expertise and our NSA GESTAPO found Mr Atta’s perfectly preserved passport (Allah Snack Bar) blocks away from the Thermite Towers and for this reason we had to wage war on all and sundry who dared U$e any toilet paper currency other than our own blood spattered and much smeared
    soft triple-ply U$er toilet paper to preserve the freedom$ of Planet Merca.

    All these and more true lies are the very foundations upon which our exceptionalism is built. Should so much as one of these beliefs be cast into doubt…then my fellow sheeple our entire sheep farm would be in jeopardy and you would very quickly be shorn and become mutton.

  • prov6yahoo

    It seems that the only truth is “Everything we are taught is a lie”

  • slobotnavich

    The monstrously evil and incompetent FDR was desperate to come to the aid his of soul-mate Josef Stalin; his efforts to bring us into WW II reached a near-fever pitch in mid-1941, coinciding with the Germans’ arrival at the gates of Moscow. His one calculation was that he believed that the Japanese were a relatively soft and easy-to-brush aside adversary, a view shared by a majority of his countrymen, who were wildly enraged that these “inferior little yellow men” would have the temerity to attack their racial betters, and worse, to defeat them crushingly at Corregidor, Formosa, and Pearl.

  • Desertrat

    Based on MacArthur’s decisions, he paid little attention to the information.
    Note that as early as 1928 there was concern about Japanese militarism. The PanAm airport construction in Central and South America in the late 1930s was US government sponsored as a precaution against a Japanese invasion down there. (My uncle was a project engineer in Venezuela and in Nicaragua.) And the Japanese “Greater Southeast Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” was not some mythological creature.
    While none of this justifies FDR’s method of getting us into war, it might help in understanding his motivation.

    • Libertymike

      His motivation?
      Like most progressives with power, he was a blood-thirsty mass murdering totalitarian.

    • diogenes

      Wall Street funded and sold vital supplies (like petroleum) to Japan for its military aggressions in China and elsewhere, right up until mid 1941.

  • diogenes

    Rolled under and buried in baloney in 24 hours. Good work, somebody.

    • F.i.l.

      Next time, why not include a table with the names of all Navy ships whose home port was Pearl Harbor? The table should include columns for type of boat, length, tonnage, and the dates of laying down the keel and the launch. Finally, in a pair of columns, indicate each ship’s location and distance from PH on the morning of Dec. 7. This should be accompanied by a map with a little symbol for each ship and some unique mark to relate it back to the table.

      It’s not by the way, but fascinating nonetheless, that the Castros duped a great many of their followers, other revolutionaries, and the Cuban people, into ignoring his Communist agenda. It appears that once in power in Jan 1959, he installed some useful democratic guys to serve as fronts while he and his brother consolidated power. By the time many people realized what the Castros were up to, it was too late. Progressivism had won Cuba.

      • diogenes

        That would be interesting. Why not do it yourself?

      • ChildSurvivor

        There is a map online showing the position of all the ships in the Harbor on December 07, 1941 and naming them. The Carriers were the primary target of the Japanese. They were all out on maneuvers and too far away to respond to the attack. The USS Ward was outside the harbor. My father was on the USS Dobbin, a Destroyer Tender, tied up in the North Lock with five Destroyers tied along side. These six ships were attached but not badly damaged. The Japanese were after the Carriers and the Battleships.. The buildup of the Pacific Fleet started in 1938 with the expectation that Japan wanted to control the whole of the Pacific. It was also believed that the distance between Pearl and Japan to be too great for an attack and that it would come as a sea battle. My mother , sisters and I were there. Our residence was in Hickham Housing just a few hundred yards from the Submarine Base Gate.

  • toejam

    My son-in-law went to Annapolis. I’m quite sure they didn’t teach the truth about Pearl Dec. 7 1941.

  • Jerry

    I am 69 years old and have known the basics of this all my life. My Dad was in the Army and found out on December 8, 1941 that Roosevelt was involved in the attack. When I was young the war was recent history and people talked about it. Dad told everyone he could about the set up in Pearl Harbor and how the military alert was lifted on Hawaii just prior to the attack. He did not know the exact day the alert was lifted until about 15 years ago when he talked to another man whose father was in Pearl Harbor on that dreadful day.
    When that evil bastard said, “…December 7, 1941—a date which will live in infamy…” the American people did not know what he was talking about. It was FDR’s actions and involvement that was the infamy.

  • terryfho

    Whoever is credited with saying “all wars are banker’s wars” said it best because war could not happen without the banksters. It should give people pause to think before they send their children off to fight and possibly die.

    • Barbaracvm

      Eisenhower in his farewell speech warned American about the military industrial complex. Easy to see few if any listened to his warning.

    • It should also “give people pause to think before they” put or leave their money in a bank!

  • Barbaracvm

    My dad was stationed at Pearl Harbor during the last half of WWII. He happened into a conversation with a radio man who had been in the Navy prior to the bombing. He said that the men who were transmitting radio signals from Tokyo to Washington DC had broken the Japanese code. They were able to observe the movement of ships after codes were transmitted. They learned if certain words were used , certain actions took place.
    As far as the radio man was concerned FDR knew Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked and when.

  • Arizona Don

    In the age of false news from time to time we may need an example. So what is the difference between false news and propaganda?

  • Assume that the US did not start to get involved in WWII until — well 1943, or England had been invaded or … Make a pick. What would the world look like now? Based on what evidence? How much of Europe would have fallen under the influence of Russia if Russia beat Germany withour our help. Or would we be living with a Nuclear armed ger,many, and a Japanese Empire?

    think Atom bombs. The Germans have them — we do not. Do you speak German?

    Seriously — can anybody think in terms of a time frame greater than tomorrow?

  • diogenes

    These are the established facts. The commenter below (Doug Nusbaum) wants to change the subject. He should write his own article. The subject of this essay is the facts of what FDR did to American democracy.

    Nusbaum needs to read enough history to understand that in 1943 the Germans had their hands full with the Russians and were in no position to invade Britain, which their own high command already determined in 1940 was not a viable option anyways.

    But all that is hypothetical, and a subject of Nusbaum to develop once he acquaints himself with the facts of the matter.

    The facts concerning this essay are, as stated, what FDR did to America.

  • Ezra MacVie

    DANISH outposts in the Pacific? Never heard of one (and I AM pacific).

  • Pure BS. If you look at all the options available and what could and could not be done; if you were planning to provoke the Japanese you have have done it but at the same time dealt a severe and hard blow to Japan.

    They would have protected and drained the petroleum reserves at Pearl Harbor. They would have set up an ambush to really hurt the Japanese instead of letting them have free reign. You get hurt but you hurt them really bad as well and win a massive strategic victory such that Japan would not have the resources to exploit a victory.

    If the petroleum stores had been destroyed it would have taken 6-8 months longer to win the war and the “modern” elements of the fleet would have had to retreat to the West Coast. Perhaps they got the Japanese messages, recoded them and told them to leave those reserves alone.

    Also you have the issues with MacArthur who had very sizable forces; why were they not alerted immediately; why were they left to suffer? You accomplished your goal; there was no reason for what happened in the Philippines particularly with long term Pentagon planning and war plans sitting on the shelf that everyone knew about. (Plan Orange was the necessity to fight through the Pacific to relieve the Philippines).

    We were already in an undeclared war with Germany and already ramping up and supplying UK with massive amounts of materials. How did they get the Germans to declare war on us when it was in their strategic interests to keep things the way they were?

    This is all supposition piled on supposition.

    FDR was a total jackass without a doubt but not a single person in the Military Chain of Command would have ever participated in such an alleged plot. Most were close classmates from both the Naval Academy and West Point and they would have never sacrificed soldiers and sailors.

    Most damning is their classmates would have told Kimmel and Short no matter what.

    • Paul X

      I think you have a much too high opinion of the higher chain of command. These people after all, are perfectly capable of sending hundreds of thousands of men to their deaths. That is a major feature of their jobs.

    • This is all supposition piled on supposition.

      Your one line describes the rest of your entire post.