Twice As Many “Faithless” Electors Dump Clinton As Trump

While there was a lot of buzz about faithless Republican electors dumping Trump, it turns out that more Democratic electors dumped Clinton.

Specifically, two Republican Texas electors voted for candidates other than Trump:  one voted for John Kasich and one voted for Ron Paul.

But four Democratic electors voted for candidates other than Hillary Clinton:

Only eight of 12 Democratic electors in Washington cast their votes for Democrat Hillary Clinton, who won the state in November.

In an act of symbolic protest, three electors voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and one cast a vote for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American elder from South Dakota.

It’s the first time in four decades that any Washington electors have broken from the state’s popular vote for president.

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  • David S

    If anyone was to not vote for Trump (that was supposed to), the ONLY realistic alternative would have been Ron Paul. Glad to hear that he received at least one Electoral vote.

  • Charlie Primero

    Yea! Jill Stein can now sign the purchase contract on that $6 million dollar beach house in Malibu next to Cher. 🙂

    In other news, the head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde was convicted in criminal court of giving $430 MILLION taxpayer subsidized dollars to an associate.

    No jail. No probation. She won’t even lose her job. Score!

    I should have married one of these nice Jewish girls. They know how to rake in the cash!

    • USA_objector

      Charlie, great observation. I probably shouldn’t have been surprised when I read that shortly after he conceded to HRC, Bernie Sanders closed on a $2 million waterfront vacation home just before he started stumping for her. Man, and this guy ran against crony capitalism?

  • USA_objector

    Hey, WB, there were two other electors who flipped against Hillary, but they were immediately replaced/invalidated – Maine and one other state. Deep State is on a losing streak, but there are many cards up its sleeve.

    • USA_objector

      Oh yeah, and let’s not forget Colorado, where she may have lost 4 electors, but were forced by court order to stay the course for her.

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  • Forebearance

    Which just proves the lying fake-news corporate owned networks have truly been defanged and declawed. No one is listening to them anymore.

  • denis

    Perhaps a parliamentary system may be in the books for the USA. But it has a lot of drawbacks