When Did Democrats Turn Into McCarthyites?

It’s stunning how quickly the Democrats have morphed into Joe McCarthy … the right-wing nutcase who accused everyone of being a Communist.

Now, simply asking for evidence when the government is accusing the Russians of hacking the election will get one labeled a Ruskie:

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  • Jupiter34

    Why would anyone believe anything Obama says? Every word that comes out of Obama’s mouth is a lie.

    • David S

      Everything coming out of every government official (both major parties included) is likely a lie. Why give anyone the benefit of the doubt? History clearly does not support it.

      • Jupiter34

        I agree!

        • cityspeak

          More David S. on this site please:)
          I agree with jupiter34.

  • David S

    And the media focus as always remains on the messenger, NOT the message. What about the content of the emails? What about the crimes? They successfully have done what they do best – getting everyone distracted from what matters.

    • Jupiter34

      Agree again. I guess they would rather risk war than be outed for the criminals they really are.

      • Candicedanderson

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    • notlurking

      I agree, but not all…..there are some of us that have the BS radar fully locked in….

  • goingnowherefast

    Just goes to show people will believe anything if it serves their agenda. In the case of the Democrats, taking the heat off their corruption and electoral failures justifies making sh*t up about Russia hacking the election.

    It’s still quite stunning to see people I know who consider themselves progressives falling for the narrative. They have apparently forgotten about the CIA’s consistent undermining of leftist movements here and abroad and toppling leftist governments to replace them with fascist tyrants. Yet now we are to believe their assertions about Russian hacking without evidence.

  • Josh Stern

    We’ve see 8 years of this stunning contrast:

    Obama 2008 runs on anti-war, anti-intervention, pro-civil liberties platform.

    Obama as POTUS continues war in Afghanistan & Iraq, while greatly expanding the theaters of US operation to include Libya, Syria, Yemen (by proxy), Ukraine, Pakistan, and now a war of words with Russia. Obama by action and directive has been unprecedently repressive towards government whistleblowers. Obama has continued and defended CIA torture (though reportedly curtailed the most extreme & violent methods employed during the Bush years). Obama broke his pledge to close the Gitmo black site. Obama was best buddies with CIA director Brennan, an architect and defender of drone based assassination and a serial perjurer in the denial of torture.

    What accounts for this dramatic reversal??? The US faced no crisis during his presidency except for recovery from a self-inflicted, domestic banking crisis.

    Is the truth, as Wayne Madesen hypothesizes and provides multiple pieces of evidence for, that Obama was a lifelong CIA asset?

    After witnessing this extreme disregard for political platform over 2 terms in office, and the big Demo yawn about the revelations that the DNC corrupted and hacked their own primary in order to install, as their nominee, a military hawk interventionist, who turned out to be a very weak campaigner…. we shouldn’t be surprised by mass DNC led march to moonbat right in wake of a big election loss.

    Where is the new $$$ for Dem insiders going to come from next? Disenchanted liberals or military lobbyists sensing that Dem support can make a big difference in the size of their next budget? These insiders correctly sense that a willingness to bless every big defense appropriation bill is their best funding leverage at this point in time, and they are grabbing it with gusto.

  • cstahnke

    Addressing the question in the title I can answer that McCarthyism was always just below the surface with the left. I saw it in the 60s but it was not overt like it is now–there was a certain openness and intellectual courage among many of us back in the day that is almost totally absent today.

    I really saw it back in the GWB days when I was posting to DKOS. If you stepped outside the lines a horde of activists would hector you, curse at you, threaten you with expulsion and so on. I was banned twice under different IP addresses. This tendency has exploded on the left today such that it is impossible for truly honest people with some rational chops to stay on the left. As for the mainstream Democrats, most of them are conservatives in the old sense–Thomas Frank described them perfectly in *Listen, Liberal* except they are worse than what he described. I’m not in the least surprised at this drift into their current state–the left is dead for all intents and purposes–I see most of them buying up the anti-Russian cant and I know I’m done with this sort of left.

  • Stan Hankins

    Seems like to me if you believe ANYTHING Obama says you are crazy.