Monopolization Is the Problem BEHIND “Fake News”

This brilliant tweetstorm by Matt Stoller – who has been a top Congressional Democratic aide for many years – discusses how monopolization is the underlying problem driving the symptom of “fake news” …

(Twitter repeats the last tweet before each new tweet, so read the bottom half with white background and ignore the top portion with the blue background.)

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  • Josh Stern

    Here’s a test for Matt Stoller. Try to guess, without peaking, whether the following report is real or fake news.

    Famous Washington Post Newsman and Exec. Editor Ben Bradlee, reveals in his memoir, A Good Life, published in 1996, a charming personal antidote from 1964. It seems that the Bradlees were good friends and in the same social circle with CIA black ops chiefs James Angleton and Cord Meyer, and his ex-wife Mary Pinchot Meyer, who was the sister of Bradlee’s wife Toni. It seems that Mary was murder only a few weeks after the Warren Commission Report and was publicly criticizing the report. Shortly after she was murdered, Bradlee and wife go to Mary’s house to retrieve (i.e. hide) her personal diary, which contains an account of her significant love affair with JFK. While they are searching the murdered woman’s house, they meet Angleton who is trying to pick a lock to gain entry. They do not find the diary in the main house. So they go to look in a studio and again encounter Angleton trying to break in. Angleton leaves, but they find the diary, confirming the affair. They decide to give the diary to Angleton. Bradlee, of course, does not suspect that Mary’s murder could be related to her CIA connections or her affair with JFK, or her criticism of the (shamefully bogus Warren Report). They do not tell the police about the diary or Angleton’s behavior. In fact, at a trial for a patsy, charged with but not convicted of Mary’s never solved murder, Bradlee gives knowingly false testimony, failing to mention retrieval of the diary in response to direct connections of what he found at Mary’s home that day.

    Real or fake?

    • diogenes

      Or – in this context — red herring?

      Red herring gets my vote and Josh Stern is the fishmonger. I wonder why.

      • Josh Stern

        No red herring. I’m happy to be clear. It’s an example of a) a true story of significance that was not widely reported and sounds “fake” until checked out – Sex & Dying in High Society…, b) it’s telling that a key newsman of a key news organization would not only bottle that story from both the news public and law enforcement, but actually commit perjury at a murder trial in order to keep it bottled up, c) it’s interesting to speculate on Bradlee’s motives for finally including it in his memoir; my profile of him says that he is telling his CIA buddies “See, I’m one of you. Being your private club, deciding what the public should know/see and what it shouldn’t, is & was more important to me than being a newsman.”, d) He gave a nonsensical explanation for turning the diary over to the CIA rather than keeping it in the family with his wife or destroying it himself or turning it over to police as possible evidence in a murder case – which he would know, as a news guy, was the right thing to do; speculating as to why he did that is also interesting.

        So here we have a real news story from within and about the national news media which went hush hush, and has to be told on back channels, for the benefit of anyone who cares about the truth of these topics or the truth of the murder of Mary Pichot Meyer or even JFK.

  • Cletus Rothschild

    It would be really nice if adults could just communicate instead of “tweeting”.

    • Josh Stern

      I think the point was to satirize the implicit Twitter/Facebook “this is interesting & worth talking about filter” in relationship to the mainstream media version. This cuts both ways.

      The mainstream media takes govt. spew as gospel and is largely scared to accept or investigate sources that directly contradict the govt. story. The two phenomena are clearly related. The media blesses phony reporting by the govt. about the most major events of peoples lives – 9/11, War On Terror, 2008 financial crisis, Iraq War, Vietnam/Laos, JFK assassination, etc. (one can keep going back in time). So people become more willing to believe rumor mill things they haven’t seen blessed from a mainstream channel might be true.

      In an ideal world everyone would have sharp critical thinking skills and take time to investigate sources for themselves. The reality that they are not can be exploited by fake news, but is also being exploited by the mainstream media.

  • diogenes

    Let’s be real: we ARE dealing with a fake democracy.

  • cettel

    Another terrific news-report from George Washington, this one reporting the terrific research by Matt Stoller.

  • Globus Pallidus XI

    Kudos! Absolutely struck the spike clear and true.

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