More “Fake News” Photos “From Aleppo” Proven False, Poorly Executed Propaganda

warBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post

The Fake News just keeps on coming as the NATO imperialists realize they are losing control in Syria and their plans to destroy the secular and democratically-elected government of Bashar al-Assad. From “Russia did it!!!” (whatever the “it” might be), to mass civilian suicide in East Aleppo, the mainstream corporate press is deconstructing right in front of our eyes. It doesn’t help the MSM’s case that every time one of their “journalists” tries to confront legitimate alt media researchers, activists, or journalists, they are humiliated on live television. Still, we have to give them credit for remaining committed no matter how embarrassing the fight gets for them.

This embarrassment includes the continued use of photographs alleging to show the “crimes against humanity” committed by the “brutal dictator” Bashar al-Assad that turn out to be photos of other countries, carefully clipped scenes, and even images from music videos. To a completely zombified and somnambulant public, the images show what they are purported to show. To anyone who can use the internet, however, they are simply fake photos and the last few nails in the coffin of mainstream media.

Take the most recent, posted on Twitter by a Muslim Brotherhood-aligned former employee of Al-Jazeera, Dr.Tareq Al-Suwaidan, allegedly showing a young girl, wearing tattered clothes, running through the streets of Aleppo. The picture allegedly shows the grueling conditions of children in Aleppo as a result of the disproven “brutality of Assad’s forces.” The reality, however, is the picture was nothing more than a still from a music video by Lebanese singer Hiba Tiwaji for her song “Al Rabih Al Arabi.” That did not stop the tweet from going viral, however. It was at least stopped before the mainstream media could make it a symbol worthy of World War Three. The origins of the use of this photo for propaganda purposes are unknown.

Source: “Al-Ribah Al-Arabi” Hiba Tiwaji

Miles away in Egypt, another faked propaganda photo was stopped before it could be used to incite America’s most gullible into supporting a wider war in Syria. According to Sputnik,

Egypt’s police detained a man for making staged “wounded children” photos, which he was planning to use to misrepresent on social media as photos of destruction and injured people in Syria’s Aleppo, the Egyptian Interior Ministry said on Monday.

“The shooting team, which included photographer’s assistants and parents of the children, was detained in the Egypt’s province of Port Said,” the Ministry said on Facebook.

According to the Ministry, the police witnessed the shooting process, which was taking place near the vestiges of a building destroyed as illegal under the decision of the local authorities. A girl standing in a white dress covered in “blood” that later proved to be paint drew attention of a police officer driving by. The girl held a teddy bear covered in the same “blood” and had her arm “bandaged”.

The photographer reportedly admitted that he was going to publish these photos on social media as pictures of Aleppo.

While one could argue the arbitrary nature of the detention, the fact is that the Egyptian authorities have managed to head off what could have been yet another major propaganda piece at the pass.

You may view the video of the camera crew staging the photo shoot here:

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  • Josh Stern

    Re “the secular and democratically-elected government of Bashar al-Assad”

    democratically-elected?? Too much of a stretch to call Syria any kind of legit Democracy, without caveat, in an article about media bias.

    • not as stern

      is there any country you would be happy to call a “legit democracy”? if so, which one(s)

      • Josh Stern

        There is a range of quality. In Syria there have not been regular elections, one party only has held power for a long, long time, it’s notably repressed and sometimes massacred opposition, etc. The fact that there was some kind of “election” organized where it won 88% of the vote doesn’t make the election fair or the govt. democractically elected. If the author had said just “elected”, then there would be no quibble. I’m happy to match other critics of things like Citizens vs. United or even the lack of instant runoff elections for the U.S. Question whether Ohio was thrown to Bush in 2004, etc. Still, there is a huge qualitative difference between the U.S. and Syria.

        • not as stern

          “Still, there is a huge qualitative difference between the U.S. and Syria.”

          yep, cant argue with you there, Syria doesnt go around illegally immorally invading other countries based on lies that result in the murders of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children who were never a threat to anyone, and the displacement, maiming, poisoning and orphaning of hundreds of thousands more…
          a huge qualitative difference indeed.

          • Josh Stern

            Criticisms of US foreign or domestic policy and calls for an end to US military adventurism ARE NOT strengthened by muting criticism of any other nation that is temporarily playing the role of ally, enemy, victim, antagonist or whatever. Assad has a long history of totalitarianism, mass murder, and human rights abuses. US wrongs don’t make any of his crimes “rights”. It just weakens one’s arguments to try and paper over them.

          • not as stern

            i wasnt papering over anything, I was agreeing with your point about the qualitative differences between Syria and the USA.

            “Criticisms of US foreign or domestic policy and calls for an end to US
            military adventurism ARE NOT strengthened by muting criticism of any
            other nation that is temporarily playing the role of ally, enemy,
            victim, antagonist or whatever.”

            You are the one that mentioned the USA.

            “Assad has a long history of totalitarianism, mass murder, and human rights abuses.”

            Many countries have such a history, yet they are not subjected to what you call “military adventurism” yet is more accurately described as illegal immoral warmongering on the back of fake news and proven false, poorly executed propaganda. aka .. lies.

            Your attempts at defending the indefensible by suggesting Assads government is not a “legit” democracy, can do nothing but weaken whatever credibility you may have had prior to such an embarrassment.

          • Josh Stern

            I have not made any attempt to defend the long history of US covert action in Syria – I have pointed it out and criticized it. I also criticize Russia’s long support for the brutal, totalitarian Assad regime and its attacks on civilians. In that sense, I am being kind of even-handed in my denouncement of killers. Where is your beef with that?

          • not as stern

            “I have not made any attempt to defend the long history of US covert
            action in Syria – I have pointed it out and criticized it. I also
            criticize Russia’s long support for the brutal, totalitarian Assad
            regime and its attacks on civilians.”

            Well.. if you want we can also be critical of the USAs long support for the brutal “regimes” in Saudi Arabia, and Israel, among many others others..

            My “beef..” is on the barbie..

            your original criticism of this article, that Assads government is not “legit”, and to include a wikileaks article to support such an assertion, ( while not ignoring you did provide another link as well ) – as some sort of valid critique of this article concerning the lies the west tells about Syria – when you have still not named any democracy you would define as “legit” – as per my original question to you, but have only wanted to reguritate the lies the west tells about the western sponsored terrorists actions being some sort of civil war, and simply refering to the wests actions as “covert”, and how “evil” Assad is, by refering to “brutal, totalitarian Assad
            regime and its attacks on civilians”, and indeed, even refering to the Assad government as a “regime”, as per the prefered MSM description as a way to “delegitimise” it.. is not what I would call even handed.

            I believe the Syrian people are more than capable of determining their own future, without the interference of countries like the USA, in their quest for yet another “regime change” or illegal coup.. that seem incapable of doing anything but, interfere with other countries to that are no threat to anyone, and in the process, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands more that would not have died.

            If there is a question of legitimacy, it should be directed at the USA first, and not countries like Syria, or Russia.

            bon appétit 🙂

          • Josh Stern

            I was not an overall “critic” of the parent article. I made a “criticism” about a specific point. Surely, you can grasp that distinction, and allow that criticism of small but important points is a legtimate activity, which can carry on without your approval or disapproval.

            You keep asking me for a ranking of countries on some kind of a “democracy” scale, while arguing that criticism of Syria is wrong because the US is worse. My reply to that is a) it is okay to criticize any that are bad in some important respect without getting into who might be worse, b) it is better to divide these issues into two distinct categories:

            Category 1 is Offensive fouls of aggression against other countries – here we agree that USA is No. 1 offender, and in fact, no other country has come close since Britain prior to WWII.

            Category 2 – is something like a freedom or Democracy index – c.f. Here, we can judge countries like Sweden, Finland, Denmark to be at the top while Syria is very poor, closer to the bottom. The USA is closer to the top end than the bottom end in this category. There is plenty to criticize about the USA in this category. In fact, there is plent to criticize about even the leaders. But there is more to criticize about Syria in the category of poor freedom and poor democracy.

            Talking about Category 2 is, in no way, shape, or form, a dismissal or distraction from the issues in Category 1.

            Hopefully that clarifies my views on the issues you raise.

    • DonNeedNoStinkinUserName

      Wikipedia If ur trying to win an argument on virtually anything, using Wikipedia as a source of information is like using Snopes to adjudicate a true or false dispute. last time I looked Jerusalem was the capital of Israel according to wikipedia. It’s not, Tel Aviv is .

      • Josh Stern

        IMO Wikipedia is more accurate than most sources. It is typically a good starting point for discussion, and in this case it agrees with many others. Which specific point are you interested in disputing? Surely, you didn’t enter a random thread only to vacuously bash Wikipedia, minus specifics. Please speak up for whatever it is that actually wish to say.

        • not as stern

          “IMO Wikipedia is more accurate than most sources.”

          really? you need a second opinion, IMO.

          “There is a civil war going on in Syria since 2011 following a period of
          demonstrations and unrest in 2011, which was part of the international
          wave of protest known as the Arab Spring.”

          civil war? let me put this politely. Bullshit.

          that specific point at the top of the wikipedia page you linked to is a perfect example of this articles topic of “Proven False, Poorly Executed Propaganda”, linking to anything at this point to support that argument is about as necessary as linking to an article to support the argument that “water is wet”, because at this point in time, it is simply common knowledge, or should be, to anyone who pretends to have an interest in the state of affairs in Syria.

          • Josh Stern

            This sub-thread is about you criticizing me for objecting to the characterization of Assad’s regime as a “democratically elected government”. In the process of pointing out that Assad has ruled Syria as a de facto dictator for a long time, and also that his one recent election was widely critized as somewhat of a show exercise, I linked to Wikipedia. You are not addressing those points above. And your point above is unclear.

            But if what you mean is this – “The Wikipedia article would be stronger if it had included a caveat like the following ‘Some critics charge that the ongoing Civil War in Syria was not dominated by spontaneous uprising but was rather dominated by intervention of CIA and other outside intelligence sources.” – then we are in agreement on that point.

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