MOST Voters Now Think Clinton Broke the Law … TWICE As Many As Think that Trump Did

McClatchy reports:

A total of 83 percent of likely voters believe that Clinton did something wrong – 51 percent saying she did something illegal and 32 percent saying she something unethical but not illegal.  Just 14 percent said she’s done nothing wrong.

By comparison, 79 percent think Donald Trump did something wrong, though not nearly as many think he did something illegal. Just 26 percent think he’s done something illegal, while 53 percent think he’s dome something unethical but not illegal. Just 17 percent think he’s done nothing wrong.

The difference between 17% and 14% thinking that Trump and Clinton, respectively, did nothing wrong is trivial.

The real difference is that twice as many voters think Clinton broke the law as think that Trump did.

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  • Brabantian

    Per the Law Newz website – which disgustingly seems to approve of the threat – it seems that an act of extortion was committed to force the dropping of the legal case by the woman who said she was raped by Donald Trump at age 13. (Yes, Clintons are deeply involved in rape & child violation too.)

    Patent lawyer Thomas Francis Meagher, who stepped up to represent Katie Johnson – who continues to say she was raped by Donald Trump as a teen – but Meagher was threatened with legal ‘sanctions’, i.e., potential lifetime disbarment & personal bankruptcy, if he didn’t abandon the victim … and the same threat applies to any other lawyer, hence the case was ‘dropped’. The snide ‘Law Newz’ approvingly reports this threat as being made by Trump’s lawyer Alan Garten, able to brag about how ‘procedural rules’ will serve insider Trump.

    Donald Trump’s 79-year-old older sister (born 1937), United States Federal (national) Appeals Court Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, right below the Supreme Court, holds a high position in the USA judge-&-law-firm bribery apparatus, & can help ensure the ‘legal procedure’ rules are twisted against anyone.

    The reality is that lawyers in the US are regularly dis-barred & bankrupted, even jailed, for bringing a case opposing major US political figures, or especially judge bribery (e.g., senior lawyer Richard Fine of Los Angeles, dis-barred & even jailed) … facts & truth & law do not matter, when such extortion is serving top political figures.

    The world is deceived about the US legal system because of the impression conveyed by Hollywood movies & the ubiquitous US television shows. People also trust in fraudulent organisations such as the USA ‘American Civil Liberties Union’ – ACLU, which represents CIA fakers Snowden & Assange, and also the paedophilic ‘Man – Boy Love Association’ … whilst refusing to assist most actual US legal system victims, de-legitimising them ‘because even the ACLU is not interested’.

    Katie Johnson cannot turn to the Clinton campaign – as the Clintons are also involved in such legal system extortion – or the CIA & Mossad agent Julian Assange – who is as quiet about USA legal corruption as he is quiet about Israel, even though Assange has files on corruption of US national-federal judges whom Assange claims to fear would put him on trial.

  • Charlie Primero

    Any who would even consider voting for a known war criminal and multi-BILLION-dollar fraudster like Hillary Clinton is so stupid the deserve to be expelled from the United States.

    • Barbarablewis4

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  • cityspeak

    60% of the population loathe both HRC and DT. Democracy in the USA is utterly broken.
    These are our choices:
    The “successful multi-millionaire” that has declared bankruptcy three times, an act that would have driven 99% of us into the streets if not directly into jail.
    HRC that failed in her duties as the Secretary of State, ignoring and breaking security protocols and laws while turning the department in a get richer quick scheme for the Clinton Foundation.

    The international community must be seeing Russia and China as viable options to the Organized Criminal Enterprise the USA has become. If not they are equally as doomed as we US citizens are.

    Some Brits wised up and knew to jump out of the EU, better know as “our lapdog”.
    African countries have wised up and have pulled away and out of the IMF and War Crime Treaties as both proved to be a system of further abuse and by their “Western friends”.
    South and Central Americans for the most part know what we’ve been doing to them for decades now.

    When will the 99.9% of US citizens wake up to what is really going on?

    It isn’t right/left, black /white, male/ female, gay/ straight, immigration/ native born, Christian/non Christian, gun advocates/ gun control or any other utter nonsense they parade in front of you.
    It is 99.9% against the .01%.
    Look behind the curtain, it is a big fat desperate old guy who fears that the ruse will come to an end and he will be held accountable for all the suffering he has caused and the “good life” will be extended out and include all of us.
    A life were a quality education is accessible to all children.
    A life were life saving medicine and treatments will be accessed by all citizens.
    A life were the majority of the collective treasure will be used to maintain a strong infrastructure.
    A life were international relations will be based on a “good neighbor policy”.
    A life were all people will have access to a fair judicial system.
    A life were the judicial system isn’t wielded like a club towards the weakest and poorest people.

    The current system is so broken. I imagine this is what the Russian felt like a the end of their utterly corrupt Soviet system. They were able to change their system without getting killed by their military.
    I wish us the same good fortune.