Talk Nation Radio: Sonia Kennebeck on the Drone as National Bird

Sonia Kennebeck is director and producwer of National Bird, an amazing new documentary about drones. Kennebeck is an independent documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist with more than 15 years of directing and producing experience. She has directed eight television documentaries and more than 50 investigative reports. She lives in New York where she runs her own production company (Ten Forward Films) that makes films about international politics and human rights. Filmmaker Magazine recently selected her as one of the “25 New Faces of Independent Film 2016.” Sonia Kennebeck received a Master’s degree in International Affairs from American University in Washington, D.C. and was born in Malacca, Malaysia. National Bird is her first feature-length documentary film.

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Total run time: 29:00

Host: David Swanson.
Producer: David Swanson.
Music by Duke Ellington.

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  • johnquindell

    One guy had the idea of standing in a public place holding up this sign:


    Ironically, by declaring yourself the potential target of a drone attack, you may very well be making yourself into the potential target of a drone attack. If the authorities interpret the sign as a threat to the safety of others “made with the intent of influencing the policy of the government by intimidation or coercion,” the Department of Homeland Security might classify you as a terrorist, and order a drone strike…

  • madrino

    Drones will be one of several ways to attack anyone, anywhere in a global surveillance culture of death. What is coming has been written about by many in the past. Some of the past has rarely been seen by the American public. The USSR was created by moneyed interests in the west. Read “The World Conquorors” by L Marschalko written in 1958 and “Slave Labor in Soviet Russia” by Dr. Hermann Grief written in 1937. A new documentary by the name of “Obsolete” at just may be our future. Action is very important, as Mr. Swanson is trying to do, wage peace, war has been by design and it’s creators don’t seem to care about the future of the planet and all that lives on it.