Talk Nation Radio: Greg Palast on Stripping 7 Million Voters from Rolls, Swinging Election

Greg Palast is an investigative reporter, whose news-breaking stories appear on BBC Television and in The Guardian and Rolling Stone Magazine. Palast has released a new movie: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits, based on his books. Palast says that the recent U.S. election was in fact rigged. We discuss how.


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Host: David Swanson.
Producer: David Swanson.
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  • diogenes

    The 2016 election was rigged in the first place by the Democratic Party which tampered with over 20 primaries in insure the defeat of the candidate favored by the majority, Bernie Sanders, whom the polls shows as have better odds of winning against Trump than Clinton. This was the system working as it has always worked since 1900, to eliminate genuine choices and specifically to eliminate candidates favoring the interests of 90% of Americans over the interests of the Wall Street oligarchs and their hirelings, hired liars, thugs and thieves. Palast is part of the coverup, distracting attention from this fundamental, crucial and determining reality to the entirely phony “combat” between the two puppet parties, both operated by the same mass-murdering greed-drunk democracy poisoning oligarchs. Shame on Palast. Is he an idiot, a dupe, or a mole? And since the result is the same — deception, and more poison for American democracy — does it matter?

    • justquitnow

      It doesn’t take much to turn you against someone. Palast has been doing excellent investigative journalism for years. Oh something you don’t want to hear…he’s an idiot, a dupe, a mole….jesus man.

      • diogenes

        I like plenty of what Palast does, on the surface, but as soon as I consider it in light of the context and the realities of the context, his approach appears hopelessly misguided, if not worse. Until we address reality, we’re just chasing our tails (the tales concocted for us by hired liars). It doesn’t matter one bit whether Palast is sincere or not. He’s still essentially barking up the wrong tree. Now do you understand what I’m getting at? Whether the Demonazitraitors cheated more than the Republicanazitraitors is a STUPID QUESTION. And not only is it STUPID, it distracts attention, thought, and energy from USEFUL PURSUITS and wastes and dissipates it in the SAME OLD HOAX. Which stupid ass puppet party are YOU rooting for. Ozzy or Harriet? Laurel or Hardy? Jeckel or Hyde? Palast is just one more hand in the same futile toxic game. Try to think a little using adult intelligence. Reality is not a cartoon, you know? Puppet shows are for children and idiots.

        • justquitnow

          Oh…well…go get your gun ready? wtf are you saying. If the election was rigged, who cares because Hillary is just as bad as Trump who is just as bad as everyone else and who system is justmessedupajwo9jihfqofj! Maybe…just maybe, you’re a cynical dick who thinks he has secret knowledge. You’ve warped concerns about the deep-state into an unactionable and cynical mess. Go get your gun then, why are you wasting time talking to me…clearly none of our institutions will ever be able to do anything good. Please reply, I haven’t gotten my daily allowance of condescension today.

          • diogenes

            Until we focus on finding ways to go around the fake Two Party roadblock, American democracy will continue to be blocked and shoved backwards as it has been since November 22, 1963, to pick a symbolic date. If we don’t face that reality, it won’t go away, it will just get worse, as it has for over 50 years now. We need to face it and start thinking and acting like adults doing so, and figure out a way around it. Continuing the puppet show fight between the Donkey and the Elephant just perpetuates the same old same old. How hard is it to see this?

  • NancyBrown

    diogenes, hate to say it but Bernie has been in US politics for lifetime and is just as corrupt as all others running for federal, state, and local offices…their tickets stamped by local powers-that-be. Local powers-that-be decide who gets on the ballot according to what favors or “jobs” local powers want done. That’s the true picture of getting elected everywhere. Bernie has done his share of favors but his constituency of powers-that-be was smaller than the others awaiting ascension.

    • diogenes

      Whether this is true or not doesn’t address a single point in my comment. It sidesteps it. Why is that, I wonder?

  • Aug 24, 2016 If Voting Made Any Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that the only road to reform is through the ballot box. Whether you vote or don’t vote doesn’t really matter. What matters is what else you’re doing to push back against government incompetence, abuse, corruption, graft, fraud and cronyism. After all, argues John W. Whitehead, there is more to citizenship than the act of voting for someone who, once elected, will march in lockstep with the dictates of the powers-that-be.

  • Bev

    Greg Palast is an amazing journalist, and we should help him.
    Here’s what we do now
    A personal note by Greg Palast

    But the horror we face is countered by this one hard and hopeful fact: Donald Trump did NOT win this election.

    Trump not only lost the popular vote by millions — he did not legitimately win the swing states of the Electoral College.

    Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Ohio: every one was stolen through sophisticated, and sickeningly racist vote suppression tactics.

    What can we do now?
    I have been INUNDATED with requests for my factual reports and findings by media and, most important, the front-line activist groups preparing for the fierce fight to protect our votes. Some examples:

    Rev. William Barber of the NAACP filed a suit based in North Carolina, hoping to overturn the Trump “victory” — and protect the tiny margin of the Democrat’s win of the Governor’s mansion. The NAACP cites my discovery of “Crosscheck” — in which North Carolina removed upwards of 190,000 voters on false charges they voted twice.

    They now need my facts.

    Congressmen Keith Ellison and Alcee Hastings of the Congressional Black Caucus, personally presented Attorney General Loretta Lynch with my investigative reports and demanded investigation — “and indictments.” That investigation must kick off immediately.

    They now need my facts.

    The Asian-American civil rights group 18 Million Rising has gathered 50,000 signatures to push the Justice Department to investigate my evidence of a massive attack on the Asian-American vote.

    They now need my facts.

    In Michigan, the ACLU is ready to take action on the purge scheme I uncovered, “Crosscheck,” that wrongly gave the state to Trump. In Ohio, voting rights attorney Robert Fitrakis is going into court with evidence, much that I uncovered, of racist voting games — from 5-hour-long lines in Black precincts to shutting off ballot security measures on the voting machines.

    The team need my facts.

    I expect to be in Washington at the Justice Dept and meeting with civil rights groups in December before the Electoral College meets.

    Information—plus film, video, investigative reports

    And beyond the voluminous files and confidential documents my team has uncovered that is sought by activists, we are deluged with requests for our film, videos, writings and more.

    And now we have US networks, even major comedy shows, asking for our material and, of course, new investigative findings.

    Information and facts make a difference

    With our investigative reports, with our hard and unassailable evidence,
    we can challenge the legitimacy of the Trump “election.” Most
    important, we must begin the difficult but necessary work of protecting and restoring voting rights. The 2018 Election — and the threat of more stolen elections — is upon us.

    What we need to keep going…

    Your extraordinary support and faith in our work funded my film The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, which is now more relevant than ever and being seen by ever more audiences.

    Now we need your financial support
    again to keep this fight going. We just did not budget for the GOP’s
    in-your-face steal of the Congress and White House. All our resources
    went into raising the alarm before the election.

    So, now, I have to re-hire the staff, hit the road again. Ohio, North
    Carolina, Washington DC and who knows where, retain attorneys—and
    retain our team of technicians from cameramen to outreach organizers.

    Can this new work be done?

    Is there any choice?

    Honestly and personally, I was hoping for some rest and time off.

    But a lifetime of your work and mine is now in the balance.

    ● PLEASE, say, “Count me in to count the votes” by supporting the 2016 Stolen Election Investigation for a donation of any size no matter how small or large

    ● Be listed as a producer ($1,000) or co-producer ($500) in the credits of the broadcast version of my film The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

    ● Stay informed and get a signed DVD of my film The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, a signed copy of the book with the same title or better still – get the Book & DVD combo.

    And does an angel have the $8K needed for our Washington work and filming? If so, flap your wings.

    I can’t thank you enough for all the years of support. Alas… our work is not done.

    Greg Palast
    and the Palast Investigations Team

  • Marko Djelic

    Greg Palast is an investigative reporter, whose news-breaking stories appear on BBC Television and in The Guardian and Rolling Stone Magazine. Palast has released a new movie: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits, based on his books. Palast says that the recent U.S. election was in fact rigged. We discuss how.