5 Stunning Facts About the 2016 Election

Here are 5 stunning facts about the 2016 election …

(1) The Clinton Campaign Promoted Trump as a Republican Candidate

Team Clinton promoted Donald Trump as a Republican candidate … because they thought he’d be easy to beat:

(2) Sanders Had a Better Chance of Beating Trump … But the Democratic Establishment Sabotaged Him

Polls showed that Bernie Sanders might well have beaten Trump.  Not only did Sanders score much higher in likeability than Clinton, but many moderate voters actually preferred Sanders.

Remember, Sanders (like Trump) created a tremendous amount of excitement, with massive turnout at his rallies.  Clinton didn’t.

Clinton lost because Democrats stayed home … because they weren’t excited about her.

But leaked emails show that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) did everything it could to help Clinton and  sabotage Sanders.  After the leaks, the DNC was forced to issue a formal apology:

On behalf of everyone at the DNC, we want to offer a deep and sincere apology to Senator Sanders, his supporters, and the entire Democratic Party for the inexcusable remarks made over email.

The Hill notes:

Progressives believe the Democratic establishment is responsible for inflicting Donald Trump upon the nation, blaming a staid corporate wing of the party for nominating Hillary Clinton and ignoring the Working Class voters that propelled Trump to victory.

Liberals interviewed by The Hill want to see establishment Democrats targeted in primaries, and the “Clinton-corporate wing” of the party rooted out for good.


There is talk among some progressives, like Bill Clinton’s former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, about splitting from the Democratic Party entirely if they don’t get the changes they seek.

“The Democratic Party can no longer be the same, it has been repudiated,” Reich said on a conference call with members from the progressive grassroots group Democracy for America.

“This has been a huge refutation of establishment politics and the political organization has got to be changed…if the Democratic Party can’t do it, we’ll do it through a third party.”

(3)  Trump Took the Overwhelming Majority of U.S. Counties

As shown in this map (click on “Results By County”) from the San Francisco Chronicle, Trump won the overwhelming majority of American counties:

election-2016-results-by-county-closeupIslands of Blue In a Sea of Red

So while Clinton won the popular vote – since the Northeast, California and a couple of other large metropolitan districts went for  Clinton – most areas of America did not.

(4) The Numbers Show that Trump Did NOT Win Because of Racism and Sexism

While Clinton supporters frequently assume that Trump supporters are all racists and sexists, the numbers show that this is NOT TRUE.

(5) So Why DID Trump Win?

So why did voters elect Trump?

Because – just like the Brexit voters – they’ve rejected globalism.

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  • wunsacon

    I LOVE the fact that the “Pied Piper strategy” backfired. Hoisted on her own petard.

    Congratulations, Hillary! Congratulations, DWS!

    • Eric Zuesse

      And that’s a fact!

  • wunsacon

    Do you know this is the second time a Clinton has caused the Democratic Party to lose power?

    – Gore lost because Bill perjured himself and Democrats made excuses for it.
    – Hillary lost because she’s a horrible, destructive person and Democrats made excuses for it.

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  • wunsacon

    >> So why did voters elect Trump?
    >> Because – just like the Brexit voters – they’ve rejected globalism.

    In part, yes.

    In part, because voters rejected a “candidate” with a record of corruption and destruction on everything she and her pig husband touch. At the very least, the Clinton Gang Inc. (CGI) should be charged with racketeering. But, I hope they’re charged with much, much more.


  • diogenes

    There is abundant evidence that the Democratic party’s efforts to “sabotage” Sanders included criminal rigging of primaries in over 20 states. Why does washingtonsblog collaborate in the media-wide coverup of this? This is discreditable. It casts a pall of stink over washingtonsblog’s editors and the site itself.

  • dayanmao

    I’ll add fact number 6. The DNC, it’s professional politicians and it’s mouthpieces refuse to learn anything from the debacle that was a Clinton candidacy.

    There will be no moving forward while DNC flacks speak and write about misogyny, racism, popular vote, the electoral college, etc…without prefacing their clueless diatribes with ‘We shouldn’t have….’. I’m not asking for a full mea culpa though that would be nice, but without introspection, admittance, and acceptance of Everything the DNC did wrong – and I won’t list it because we all know what they are, there is No Moving Forward.

    If the DNC, the MSM, and it’s Brock puppets keep with the party line that Hillary was fine and it was just a bunch of racist, inbreds, who live in the rust belt that kept her out of office then I sincerely hope the democratic party dies a quick and painful death.

    It’s better it goes away entirely than trying to foist it’s war first, globalist, candidates on us.

  • Steven

    Does anyone know anything about the person Sanders recommended for DNC head? After he endorsed Clinton, I wrote Sanders off. But I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in wanting to prevent a Trump presidency – presumably in the hope HRC could be prevented from starting WWIII! (Is this a mistake?) I’ve heard from credible sources the Clinton / Obama / Soros powers that be want Howard Dean. What’s the deal here? That used to be a ‘good’ thing (presumably).

    Has Dean sold out? Was he always bought and paid for?

  • LeseMajeste

    Both the MSM and the Democratic Party are whimpering like a dog chained to a tree during a rainstorm, wondering what in the Hell happened, gnashing their teeth and wailing, “Who is this electorate?”

    This electorate are the ones whose sons and daughters you’ve been sending off to fight and die in the ME and Africa in nations that were NO threat to the USA, but which Wall Street wanted to loot and Israel wanted destroyed.

    This electorate are the ones who you abandoned to the Wall Street wolf pack, who tore into us like a lost lamb.

    This electorate are the ones who saw thru the MSM lies, BS, fear mongering, propaganda and disinfo you pushed into our veins, but instead of becoming fear junkies, we turned to alternative news sources and blogs.

    The Clinton Mob and the DNC sabotaged Sanders, perverting Democracy, so why didn’t the snowflakes march and raise hell then?