Politics As Usual Is Dead

Hillary and Trump are symptoms of a fatal condition: politics as it has been practiced for 70 years is dead.

As my friend G.F.B. observed, the key development was not the nomination of insider-Hillary or outsider-Trump–it was the enormous success of Bernie Sanders’ campaign, a campaign that arose outside a Democratic Party establishment that tried to suppress or destroy Sanders’ campaign at every turn, a campaign funded not by the Goldman Sachs of the world that funded Hillary but by tens of thousands of small donations from the citizenry.

Who drew the mass crowds of enthusiastic supporters? Bernie, not Hillary. Who inspired thousands to donate small sums that quickly accumulated into millions of dollars? Bernie, not Hillary. Who won primary after primary despite a virtual Mainstream Media blackout and a Democratic Party establishment that relished plunging a poisoned blade into Bernie’s campaign at every opportunity? Bernie Sanders, not Hillary.

Many observers believe an accurate accounting of votes would have revealed Bernie received more votes than Hillary did in aggregate. In terms of mass crowds and voter enthusiasm, there was no contest at all: Bernie won hands-down.

In a parallel fashion, Donald Trump’s campaign succeeded despite the active resistance of the Republican Party establishment. By some accounts, Trump’s campaign has received more small donations than any other recent Republican candidate.

As for Mainstream Media bias: Bernie was fortunate to only be blacked out, Soviet style; Trump has zero MSM newspaper endorsements and has been subjected to MSM bias that is laughably ham-handed, reminiscent of old-style Communist “running dogs of Imperialism” propaganda.

By the established rules of politics as usual, it wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Hillary went out early and raised millions of dollars, the acme of campaigning success in politics as usual. Having banked millions for advertising, she was supposed to cruise to victory.

Instead, Bernie happened.

A mainstream blah-blah-blah Republican candidate was supposed to emerge from a bloodless primary, and the two Party insiders were supposed to engage in the usual polite jousting of an election that was pre-ordained to change nothing in the political, economic and social orders.

Instead, Trump happened.

Hillary’s disdain for average Americans of all genders and ethnicities is not an outlier; it’s the unspoken norm of the Ruling Elite. In politics as usual, Party bosses (backed by big-money contributors) ordain the candidate and then send down the order to the little people to support the candidate.

Accustomed to passive, unthinking obedience, the Party Establishments are recoiling in enraged horror that the little people are refusing to follow their orders. The Ruling Elite considers themselves the betters of the the little people, and their disdain for the “deplorables” (i.e. the bottom 95%) has sunk from mere loathing to barely-concealed hatred. How dare they reject Hillary and Jeb in favor of Bernie and Trump!

As G.F.B. observed, technology has leapfrogged the parties’ reason to exist and the Mainstream Media’s role of coronating the parties’ candidates and policies.The political parties arose to fill critical financial and communications needs: a mechanism was needed to aggregate campaign contributions and to distribute party platforms and narratives to far-flung voters.

The parties took on a larger role after World War II, which transformed the U.S. from an industrial trading nation wary of foreign entanglements into an interventionist global empire. The foreign-policy differences between the Democratic and Republican parties shrank to semantics, as both party Establishments embraced the globalist agenda and narrative.

In the postwar era, the Mainstream Media of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV broadcast the Ruling Elite’s narratives and agenda. Broadcast blanketed the nation, and dissenting views were relegated to the margins: I.F. Stone, Ramparts magazine, etc.

With the rise of the Internet and social media, broadcast propaganda is now competing with narrowcast: blogs, Twitter and Facebook enable self-organizing tacit tribes (G.F.B.’s term) with their own networks of communication, narratives and agendas.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign showed that candidates no longer need the Party Establishment to raise substantial sums of cash. Stripped of the power to control the flow of contributions from millions of individuals, the parties have been reduced to bastions of everything that is corrupt, venal and backward-looking about politics as usual: big-money contributions from the likes of Goldman Sachs, Big Pharma, Saudi princes, etc.

Tens of millions of Americans are rejecting both the parties’ Ruling Elites and their globalist, interventionist consensus. The technology of micro-payments has leapfrogged the party Establishments, and the Internet has leapfrogged the MSM and parties’ control of narratives and agendas.

The MSM and the parties’ raison d’etre has been dismantled by technology. As ownership of the media and the control of party insiders have become increasingly concentrated in the hands of the few, competition from the many (narrowcast) has exploded.

In terms of finance and communications, politics as usual–political candidates and narratives mandated by the parties’ Ruling Elites and the MSM–is dead. We will all look back in 2026 and wonder why the recognition of this reality took so long.

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  • Gary Youree

    It is very clear to me that Sanders was replaced with Trump by the corporate media. I dont know what no one else can see this.
    We know who rigged this election, from primary to the predictable nomination, and then the turn on Trump, the pawn, in the general election. I just watched, and tried to share on social media the truth about what had happened, but everyone was lining up with the staus quo account of what was happening – Trump was an out of control idiot, well duh, but yes, be angry at Trump – but be truly angry about those who made him the only choice against Hillary.
    It is about the corruption and propaganda in the corporate media, the unwillingness to the public media, and the entertainment media to discuss the elephant in the room – and I sure dont mean the republican elephant – I am talking about the unmentionable oligarchy that is the root of everything that we, the people, find deplorable in our government.
    If you use only television to try and understand our world you will be lost in a matrix (urban dictionary) of misdirections, propaganda, and cheerleading for the direction they want us to think. I dont even know why they bother.
    Information like that which came from WiliLeaks is the last vestige, unless you are a fly on the wall, that will even get you close to being able to form an opinion from unbiased material. Other than that information it takes a talent to read between the lines, collect from what is omitted, a see just how far the public news media is willing to push the envelope. Beyond that you have to look at what is being censured by all forms of media; the A&E 9-11 Truth Movement, and from beyond the border, the works of Professor John McMurtry.
    I am beginning to see among those who have the intellect to see this massive misdirection, the obvious rigging of our 2016 election, the impending end out our species due to the dominate economic system; an unwillingness to do the work to deconstruct the truth. The best of us are giving up and would rather remain in denial of what is happening.
    When I have gone to the effort to try and explain on social media how all this created misdirection of anger towards Trump, who is an idiot, should actually be against the corporate media and the powers who control them. The destroyed our chance to elect a qualified actual anti status quo candidate by blacking out the coverage of Bernie Sanders while at the same time giving Trump, and unqualified idiot, unprecedented, unquestioned, airtime. This in effect replaced Sanders with Trump. To me it was so obvious. I knew and posted that the corporate media, after the nomination, would eviscerate Trump, using information they already had in the hole to counter what ever October surprise would be coming out against Hillary. Hillary needed to be pitted against an idiot pawn, like the predictable Trump, to ensure a win of another insider in the executive branch.
    I have watch as the Bill Mahers and the Michael Moores have become part of the subset of the 1%, who have crossed that line into the area of comfortability and security, which they are unwilling to sacrifice, this becoming part of those who are unwilling to truly push the envelope into any are resembling the truth of what is truly happening. Mahers and Moore have become part of the establishment propaganda machine. The same is happening of non profit news media, like DemocracyNow. While not so much helping the establishment push their agenda they have either been corrupted by the corporate powers, as with NPR and the Guardian, or they do not have the financial stability to risk telling us the full truth.
    Only as individuals in such online rags as the Washington Blog, and what pitifully little someone like me can contribute, do we see what a few of us are still willing to say what we think. There are many more I am afraid who are unorganized, in denial, or have just given up.
    The hopefulness of the Internet to keep the avenues of truth open, through the works of WikiLeaks and the social philosophers beyond the border, like Prof. John McMurtry, are we catching the last glimpse of the light of truth. The NSA is quickly surpassing this last exposure to the light.
    From the dark, the perception of light becomes brighter as the door dividing them begins to close.
    If the search for truth is difficult, the telling of truth, a crime, and the speaking of truth an insurrection, then we are correct in our assertion that a new truth is needed – or an old truth rediscovered. To find and reopen this door, to let back in the light, will be far more difficult once the darkness prevails.

  • Lynn Walker

    Politics, as we knew it, is certainly dead, but politics has always been the realm of scumbags, so any pretention that what we knew was good is a fantasy of fools. Politics has always been the realm of the cheaters and the cheated and if you’re not a politician or his biggest sponsor, you’re cheated.