At each of these great gates of history, eighty to a hundred years apart, a similar generational drama unfolded. Four archetypes, aligned in the same order – elder Prophet, midlife Nomad, young adult Hero, child Artist – together produced the most enduring legends in our history. Each time the Grey Champion appeared marked the arrival of a moment of “darkness, and adversity, and peril,” the climax of the Fourth Turning of the saeculum.The Fourth TurningStrauss & Howe

In September 2015 I wrote a five part article called Fourth Turning: Crisis of Trust. In Part 2 of that article I pondered who might emerge as the Grey Champion, leading the country during the second half of this Fourth Turning Crisis. I had the above pictures of Franklin, Lincoln, and FDR, along with a flaming question mark. The question has been answered. Donald J. Trump is the Grey Champion.


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  • Nov 20, 2016 – Crisis at the Federal Reserve. The End of the Washington Consensus? Nomi Prins on GRTV

    In the multipolar world of the 21st century, the locus of economic attention is shifting toward Eurasia. And as journalist and author Nomi Prins notes, in this changing economic landscape, the dominance of the Federal Reserve and the Washington consensus is coming into question for the first time since the end of the Second World War. This is the GRTV Feature Interview with your host, James Corbett, and our special guest, Nomi Prins.

  • Richardboomer

    From the book “The Fourth Turning” the Grey Champion is first a fictional character, second a personification of a Prophet Generation. Worshiping an individual as a Grey Champion misses the point being made by Strauss and Howe when they wrote about Generations and the 4T. Trump does not communicate (tweet) morals, ethics or ideals and therefore is not a valid representation of a Grey Champion from a Prophet Generation in Elderhood as defined by Strauss and Howe.
    A valid example of the Grey Champion would be the:
    1. Water Protectors standing in the path of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
    2. Standing in the path of coal and oil trains.
    3. Standing up in court suing the Federal Gov. for Due Process to protect life and liberty of today’s children threatened by consequences of climate change.
    Presidents are not Grey Champions.

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