Great News On Trump Appointment

Preface:  I’ve slammed Trump when I thought he might appoint bad guys.  But there’s now cause for celebration.

Trump has purportedly offered General Michael Flynn a post as National Security Advisor.

This is GREAT news …

Flynn  – a 3-star general – is former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and director of Intelligence for the Joint Special Operations Command.

Why do we like Flynn?

Because he:

I am hopeful that Flynn will help overturn decades of Neocon and Neoliberal warmongering

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  • USA_objector

    Haha, WB — toldja. Give Trump a chance. What’s his current letter grade now?

  • Charlie Primero

    We narrowly avoided World War 3.

    I’m actually amazed we did. Very few Americans know the horrors and deprivations of war.

    It would actually be Just for TV-addled Americans to suffer destruction of half their infrastructure and half their families in payment for the last 50 years of American foreign policy, but I’m glad they didn’t.

  • sveltesvengali

    While Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has several commendable actions and statements to his name, acknowledging his positive attributes should not come at the expense of realizing that he is not as distanced from a neoconservative policy perspective as might be supposed from the activities listed here.

    For example, in his recently-released book “The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies” (which he collaborated on with notorious neoconservative Michael Ledeen), Flynn indulges in a considerable degree of “Axis-of-Evil” style rhetoric quite distanced from how he presents himself in some of the materials cited here. In the introduction of his book, Flynn states that “[Radical Islamists] are not alone, and are allied with countries and groups who, though not religious fanatics, share their hatred of the West, particularly the United States and Israel. Those allies include North Korea, Russia, China, Cuba, and Venezuela” (source: ).

    If nothing else, I do suspect that Michael Flynn is more pragmatic than your average neoconservative fellow-traveller, and willing to embrace less malign alternative policy approaches. He also appears to be somewhat principled and measured in even his superficially more inflammatory rhetoric. Nevertheless, it would be unfair of me to not point out Flynn’s flaws when more avowed neoconservatives have had similarly positive exceptions to their overall record. In the 1990s, James Woolsey similarly opposed an alliance of convenience with Iran whereby Iran violated a UNPROFOR arms embargo to help deliver weapons to al Qa’ida-aligned Bosnian mujahideen in the context of that conflict while the US State Department and Turkey simultaneously coordinated “black flights” that delivered weapons and supplies to these same groups (see here: ); that should not detract from our acknowledgment that Woolsey was later an ardent defender and advocate of the Iraq War and wanted Edward Snowden to be “hanged by the neck until he’s dead,” among other things.

  • Kevin Barrett

    “Has fought for prioritizing fighting radical Muslim jihadis above stirring up a war with Russia.” In other words, he is a genocidal moron.

    US strategic adversaries/competitors start with China, Russia, maybe India and the rest of BRICS. The Islamic world is America’s natural ally. Yet the Zionists (including brainwashed Christian Zionist morons like Flynn) have invented the phantasm of “Islamic extremist terrorism” via false flags to destroy America and aggrandize expansionist Israel. Three million Muslims have been murdered by the likes of Flynn in a “war” whose purpose is to destroy both America and Islam on behalf of Zionism.