Election 2016: Open Thread

What are your thoughts, hopes, fears, and predictions?

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  • Rigged. Worth trying but its not a fair game. Smartmatic style Diebold type machines and software will count the votes and the corporate controlled media will announce the results. No mention of Election Fraud or the problems of the past. Long live Mike Connell, Clint Curtis, Bev Harris, Brad Friedman, RFK Jr. and other whistleblowers who have tried to fight for our democracy. Will only get worse from here it seems. Always hopeful though.

  • David S

    Government will win as always. Freedom will lose as always. The ruling elite control most elected officials and hundreds of thousands of government bureaucrats legislate unconstitutionally from their offices. We sit upon $20 Trillion in real debt and another $250+Trillion in unfunded liabilities. Trump wishes to increase military spending and Hillary never met a war she didn’t support (on behalf of her puppetmasters of course). Our medical system is nearly completely destroyed by over a century of government micromanagement and collusion with the AMA. We have more people incarcerated than nearly every other country on earth – mostly for non-violent drug offenses – and neither candidate looks to have the courage or the desire to truly allow freedom in this area (though Trump shows the greatest hope). Our government/CIA/other black ops groups, etc. are working tirelessly to undermine governments around the world, incite violence, and provoke armed conflict – maybe even nuclear – all for the benefit of the arms cartel and banksters who profit from every war. The people of America clearly have NO interest in restoring freedom, liberty, private property rights, business rights, sound money, etc. anymore. This “rebellion” that has gotten behind Trump still needs to bear fruit with regards to demanding REAL change at the federal and state levels. What will come of the following months is to be seen, but I suspect, as with so many previous “rebellions,” these folks will go back to their televisions, iPads, and Playstations and will forget about the fundamental corruption and crony capitalism that is destroying this country so long as they get a few bones thrown their way to pacify them. Let us hope something far more profound comes of it all. Time for a drink.

  • kimyo

    fwiw: a screencap of ‘final’ results displayed on 11/2 (apparently by accident) by nbc station wrcb-tv shows: popular vote: clinton 41,765,317 / trump 40,124,438, electoral college: clinton 343 / trump 195.

    although the early reporting showing trump with a commanding lead matches my take on american sentiment, my cynical side suspects that it is the msm’s way of getting out the later-voting clinton supporters

    if anonymous were a real thing, today’s show would be have been completely different. real hackers don’t waste their precious time defacing websites.

    ps: if trump does win, i picture zuesse as the dog, who, after years of chasing, has finally caught that darn UPS truck. growling, jowls full of brown bumper, but with a dawning comprehension on his brow, realizing ‘well, exactly what do i do now?’

  • Continuity of Gov’t plans have been implemented and in place. Dept of Homeland Security is now running our elections. The results will not be publicly available for review anymore according to Bev Harris. Similar to the results in California where the primary was announced for Hillary but Bernie may have actually ended up winning there. Welcome to the 1984 style Continuity of Government plan and Department of Homeland Security run elections thanks to the public’s refusal to emotionally or intellectually acknowledge the truth about 9/11 or the false flag anthrax attacks that followed.

    • TruthTime

      Especially agree with the comment about the Anthrax attack. The criminals are still at large for that blatantly, obvious state-sponsored crime. I laughed when Obama’s Administration decided to shut down any investigation into it.

      America is a Nation of subjects who are continually subjected to the lies and falsehoods of their elected leaders. We have state crimes going far back to the era of JFK. People that still think Corruption isn’t really that bad in Washington, that it’s all a “conspiracy theory.”

  • Carl_Herman

    Thank you for asking, GW. It’s not an “election” when it fails to meet that definition due to multiple methods for election fraud. It’s not for a “US president” therefore, but an appointed “leader.” And, it’s not reported by media, but the appointers’ propaganda minions.

    Of course, if we continue this argument with ~100 other points centered in lie-started Wars of Aggression, bankster-looting, and lying about near everything important, we can’t even call it the US as defined by our Constitution.

    So, where do we go from here?

    Start with truth. Then see what develops.

    • Charlie Primero

      Carl, this vote shows that all the people you have been trying to “wake up” to the corruption and graft are waking up.

      This is just the beginning. Be happy.

      • Carl_Herman

        I hope you’re right, Charlie.

        Of course, that would be a first in history for anything beyond a short burst.

        We’ll keep moving forward 🙂

  • MyWikiDisQus

    It does not matter what we think or do or say anymore. The republic has been overthrown by the plutocrats who remain in power as long as the citizenry believe in the concocted and fraudulent electoral system they fabricated that selects the candidate who serves them, not the people. Participation of the masses is necessary to grant them the mandate to ensure the continuity of their reign that has continually impoverished the majority of the nation.

    In the beginning representative government in America was a wonderful experiment that has since devolved, brick by brick, decade by decade into a shell of its former creation to become a bastion of despotism. The poor are still slaves, indentured to the government by onerous debt as Negros were to their 19 century plantations masters; only the title of ownership has changed. The middle class, once a foundation of prosperity has now become an economic ghost, relegated to the status of freemen of the peasant class.

    The wealthy are richer in material possession, millionaires become billionaires and the government siphons off from the upper class to enrich itself by political favor, by statute and regulation, by ignoring the rule of equal justice under the law.

    How long will the people tolerate this abomination of corrupt authority? What will be the future event that triggers the entire country to say, “Enough!”? Will it be a complete economic breakdown of society or the devastation of nuclear war on our soil?

    “We the People” have the power, we have always possessed it. The time of reconciliation is upon us, we must balance the ledger of liberty back in our favor. The only way to peacefully do it is reject the system that oppresses us. Do not engage with them, do not obey them, tell them their lies carry no truth, we see through the veil of falsity and reject it and demand a new path to opportunity and happiness for all who are willing to work towards it.

  • TruthTime

    The U.S. is fucked.

    But it needs to collapse now or within 100 years for people to totally realize they were duped. It is the only way to start anew.

  • kimyo

    according to zh, trump has ohio, florida and north carolina.

    my top 3 questions:
    1) will there be a thorough investigation of the clinton foundation?
    2) what will he do if the next 9/11 happens on his watch?
    3) will he kill cop21 and defund global warming research?

    • David S

      Given that we do not know the complete truth about 9-11, but what we do know tells a very sordid tale, it is unlikely that such a thing will happen. I strongly doubt that 9-11 would have happened on Gore’s watch. These government false flags are part of a larger agenda. Hopefully Trump is not part of that agenda.

  • diogenes

    One thing is utterly clear: if Trump wins, the wholly Wall Street owned Democratic Party gave it to him by rigging primaries to put the Clinton criminal gang on the ballot.

    Because Bernie would have won — won with the votes not only of millions of nominally “Democratic” voters who rightly can’t stomach Clinton and didn’t vote for her (whether we voted Green, or Libertarian or Trump or stayed home) — but also with the votes of millions who are voting Trump because he appears to at least not be part of the Wall Street criminal gang of hereditary oligarchs.

  • Tim Chambers

    Looks like Trump will be President and free to do as he pleases. The Repug’s bet on Scalia’s seat has been made good. The Democrats will now have to rethink identity politics and third way neoliberalism. I wonder if Obama will try to ram through the trade agreements and a few other monstrosities now during the lame duck session.

    Bye, Bye, Hillary, bye bye. It’s the one silver lining to the overhanging clouds. What a disaster of a candidate! Such arrogant over-confidence. And what a comeuppance for the party and its big money backers! It is going to cost them a lot of money to into Trumps good graces.

    All we need now is for Trump to sell out his working class supporters for the Democrats to return to a sincere class-based politics that brings back the independent voters. They should have given Bernie his rightful chance.

    Unfortunately, what we are likely to see is another attempt by the Clintons 4 years from now against Warren. Two losses isn’t likely to dissuade that bitch in the least.

  • I told you back in April and again 2 weeks ago that Trump would win!! http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2016/10/donald-j-trump-will-win.html

  • Tim Chambers


  • Evil Genius

    Who knows the Clintons and Waltons better than Arkansas? My favorite part was Arkansas voted 2-1 against Clinton. Ha ha ha!

    (BTW GW: There’s an error in Robert Parry’s bio…the word “broke” is missing (i.e., “broke stories”).)

  • kimyo

    imagine if tomorrow trump says ‘yes, absolutely, we’re going to build that wall, but while we’re waiting for the check from mexico why don’t we find 500 out-of-work engineers and architects and 5,000 out-of-work construction folk and send them to flint to fix the water system. (costs him nothing, delivers grand justice)

    cnn had a bad day today, but they’d be totally f’d tomorrow.

    trump should hire some guy (me!) whose only job is to make cnn miserable, each day worse than the last.

    ps: arpaio gone is nice. cali cannabis is nice. why is this thread so inactive?

  • Jack

    It’s time to collapse this mess and start new.

  • Charlie Primero
  • I know why people want to believe one leader or person can save the U.S. Titanic from sinking. Not a reality folks! Jul 7, 2016 The Close Relationship Between Donald Trump and the Clintons

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  • ICFubar

    We have to know that the American people were fed up with the status quo, which was an attack on them by the elites through the political class as epitomized by Clinton. Trump’s far right wing ideologies may not be of much help here either. The globalists may be sidelined to some extent in moving their agenda forward by a Trump administration, the ‘tell’ will be with who becomes his advisers. Everything is a question mark for now as the gaseous cloud that is Trump condenses into definition. We can be sure that his enemies will be moving against him on all fronts so Trump would be advised to act first. Putin faced much the same adverse conditions as he took up the reins of power but acted to at least neutralize their attack before it could get underway. The Saker offered advise of how Putin did this and how in the American circumstances,differing from Russia’s, this might be done by Trump.